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Tego Cyber Inc.- Shannon Wilkinson

As the world is pushing towards the digital realm, and most of the work and functioning of companies, enterprises, etc. is taking the digital roadmap, the security and vulnerability of the data become a top priority for many. This data is not only highly valuable but also contains confidential personal information regarding the company, their clients, etc. which can not only be exploited but can also be used for other criminal activities by individuals with malicious intent, etc.

This not only calls for expert solutions but also highly specialized personnel who are not only aware of the latest tricks and methods used by hackers, etc. but can effectively manage any situation and provide measures to not only keep the integrity of the data and its valuable information, also prevent any future threats to the same and wear off any attacks with ease, keeping the systems and data intact.

Tego Cyber Inc. is one of the most sought-after companies when looking for solutions related to cyber threats and protection. They are not only of the most innovative and highly trained, experienced personnel with decades of combined experience, producing services that are not only efficient, foolproof, providing impeccable safety services and security net to their client’s data and systems.

Shannon Wilkinson, Director, CEO, and CFO of Tego Cyber Inc. is a visionary, a successful businesswoman, and a true inspiration to all those aspiring women entrepreneurs, showcasing her skills, dedication, and discipline that one can become a successful name in the world of business, all it takes is perseverance, confidence, and diligence towards one’s company, and to never look back. Shannon not only portrays the persona of a true leader but also projects how a woman can transform any industry with cutting-edge and breakthrough services.

About Tego Cyber Inc., and Its Journey.

Tego Cyber Inc. is a cyber threat intelligence company that focuses on filling the gaps in the cyber world, providing immaculate and unmatched services, that not only enable their clients to work without any worry and hesitation, in turn providing additional return-on-investment of existing cybersecurity tools. 

Their threat intelligence platform takes in vetted and curated threat data and through a proprietary process, they analyze, deduplicate, add additional context, and then send that information through from their platform to leading SIEM software platforms through their integrations. This not only ensures a heightened security cover to their clients but also makes sure that there are no loopholes in the security system that could be leveraged to cause any threat to their clients and their data. These are some of the few factors that not only make them one of the most dominant and strong players in the cybersecurity domain but also keeping them a step ahead of the competition in the market. 

As the company was founded in an up-and-comer in the threat intelligence space, they are constantly working hard to build brand awareness and highlight the differences in their platform compared to what companies may be used to up to this point, as they are not only keen on changing the way cybersecurity domain works but are dedicated to set a benchmark for all the companies in the domain with their revolutionary and innovative services. As their founding team and management team are highly experienced and well-respected within the cybersecurity industry, there has been a great deal of excitement about their upcoming product launch in Q3/2021. Tego Cyber Inc. is traded on the OTCQB as TGCB. 

Services offered by Tego Cyber Inc. and New Additions. Tego’s Plans to take these Services a step ahead: 

Tego is focused on the threat intelligence segment of the cybersecurity industry. Their product is a threat intelligence platform (TTIP.) The TTIP integrates with SIEM platforms to gather, analyze, then identify threats to an enterprise network. The threat intelligence provides additional context including specific details needed to identify and counteract threats so that security teams can spend less time searching for disparate information. The first version of the TTIP will integrate with the widely accepted SPLUNK platform to provide real-time threat intelligence to macro enterprises using the SPLUNK architecture.

At Tego Cyber Inc. they like to pride themselves on listening to the needs of their customers.

Differentiators to the TTIP versus competing solutions are the addition of the context and integration into SIEM platforms. The integration takes the idea of a “single pane of glass” but does not make the customer use Tego’s glass but instead allows the customer to continue to operate within the existing tools that they use daily for security operations. 

Their services are not only leading the innovation curve of the cybersecurity industry but also a key factor in unlocking the potential of these services that can not only benefit enterprises in a much more holistic way but also provide a whole new level of safety measure, ensuring the integrity and safety of valuable information.

Tego Cyber is always striving to provide its clients the best possible services and solutions to their needs and problems. Their dedication and sincerity are not only unparalleled but it is their drive to pursue excellence no matter what they do, which truly makes them one of the best-in-class cybersecurity service providers. Tego Cyber is constantly working on enhancing and improving its services along with creating new services that adhere to more complex and unattended yet critical problems. They are working on providing a Planned future version of the application include integration with other leading SIEM platforms including Elastic, Devo, IBM Radar, AT&T Cybersecurity (formerly AlienVault), LogRhythm, and Exabeam.

It was in hearing the frustrations of their fellow professionals in the security operations centers over having to look for disparate information when incidents arose that in part prompted their team to take a look at the threat intelligence market. They quickly realized the opportunity to create a platform that could easily give a security analyst the information they needed at their fingertips so they could make informed, timely decisions without having to leave the SIEM.

Their network continues to give them feedback and recommendations based on their daily activities of what things they would like to see in their products and what would make their jobs easier. This not only helps Tego Cyber in keeping their services up to date with the changing times and trends but also plays a key role in keeping their services flawless and always accurate to avert any threat at any point in time.

Leadership at Tego Cyber Inc.

For a company like Tego Cyber, which not only is present in highly technological and complex space, working 24×7 to maintain the integrity of highly important data and systems, it not only requires a team of highly skilled and expert personnel but moreover an effervescent and highly talented leader, who not only can handle the highly stressful environment, handle the company, clients, upholding the vision and goals of the company, while keeping the employee and clients in close-knit coordination, keeping the delivery and performance standards at their best, at all times.

Tego Cyber has been very fortunate to have been under the eloquent and charismatic leadership of Shannon Wilkinson, Director, CEO, and CFO at Tego Cyber Inc. She is not only a true inspiration but also a leader that not only is a key factor to the growth of Tego Cyber but also a key player in the overall development of the team of Tego Cyber. Also, She is not only a flagbearer of the company but also spearheading the Cybersecurity domain with her skills and highly effective leadership.

She started her career with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations as a software developer. She then moved up to manage development teams and into software architecture. It was in the peacekeeping mission that she met her husband, Troy Wilkinson. They decided to come back home to the US and she worked as the Director of Software Development for an eHealth company for a couple of years.

In 2015, she and Troy realized that there was a lack of trusted companies that focused on cybersecurity solutions and services for small-to-medium businesses and they co-founded Axiom Cyber Solutions. They sold to private equity in mid-2019. She wanted to continue the entrepreneurial journey. Applying their knowledge of the cybersecurity industry and the feedback of their network on needed solutions, they co-founded Tego Cyber Inc. in September 2019 with a focus on enterprise cyber threat intelligence solutions.

The work culture at Tego 

At Tego Cyber Inc. they pride themselves in a collaborative and diverse work environment. They believe in encouraging employees to provide feedback and suggestions. Working together and encouraging the creative processes of their employees simply makes their organization and products better. This inclusion and openness in their organization help them to avoid falling into the trap of homogeneous problem solving and brings about more creativity in their solution design.

These factors not only make the team of Tego Cyber unique, capable of handling any complex problem and task with perfect coordination and minimum delays, makes Tego Cyber Inc. and its team one of the most skilled specialists to provide the best-in-class cybersecurity services. 

Shannon’s views on the competition in the market and how she deals with it.

She doesn’t think that many organizations ever lack competition. They will always face questions about how one is different than this or that product. The challenge is explaining why your product offering and company are a better match for the customer and the benefits of working with your organization. At Tego Cyber Inc. they like to pride themselves on listening to the needs of their customers.

She has seen too often in product development, especially as a former developer herself, that product managers or designers will assume they know what the customer needs without ever asking the customer what problems they need solved, their current frustrations, or seeking to get their feedback during a product launch. What happens is that the customer ends up with systems that fulfill some of their needs but will often add to the existing frustration that they already have. They have taken the time during the development of their product to understand the problems, frustrations, and needs of their clients so that they can deliver a solution that checks all the boxes.

She feels having competition helps bring out the best in the company and solutions. They strive to set themselves apart from the competition by offering a better solution and taking the time to listen to the needs of their customers.

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