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Buzo Media Services

Buzo Media Services is a young, nimble, and one of the fastest-growing digital media agencies of Nagpur, India. From media planning to content strategy, web development to listing websites on top searches; Buzo does it all that too effectively! Buzo is a Google Partner Agency and the highest digital ad-buying firm from Central India.

The master brain behind the huge success of Buzo Media Services is Mr. Ankit Jaiswal – Partner & Digital Marketing Head.

The Inception

Being a first-generation entrepreneur, understanding ‘how the digital market works’ and ‘how to make space in this market’ was the challenge they faced at an initial level. Digital Media/Digital Marketing is working effectively for almost a decade now; carving a path in an already established market and standing out to be different was a new kind of challenge they dealt with.

Many instances resulted in the growth of the company and got them shifted to a new business orbit. To be specific, it was the period between October & November 2016, when Buzo Media Services received multiple development projects. With a team of mere four members, they pulled off the project well. The team’s combined efforts paid off and gave them all the much-needed confidence.

Initially, they started working from home and eventually shifted to co-working space and then to a proper office space. Since then, there was no looking back.

The Graph of Growth Since Inception

What started with a small team and a handful of projects, today Buzo Media Services has a team of 18 employees with 400+ projects.

Here’s the company graph for employees and projects:

Year Employee Project
2014 1 14
2015 4 70
2016 7 113
2017 11 190
2018 14 280
2019 18 400+

Buzo Media Services stays abreast of all that is trending. Apart from this, Mr. Jaiswal’s bond with his team members plays a huge role in Buzo’s long-standing success. They started with four members, and now they are a team of eighteen. The ones with whom he started this firm is still with him and together they look forward to forging ahead on this- successful business journey.

Mr. Ankit believes that it is important- to be able to believe in oneself and the team they are working with. Boosting your team’s confidence and motivating them is also a responsibility, which many times go unheard and unnoticed. At the same time, paying close attention to client satisfaction and happiness; one should make sure that there is a return on investment at the client’s end.

The Services Buzo Media Services

Here are the quality services offered by Buzo Media Services:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Content Marketing & Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Motion Graphics
  • E-learning Content

What sets Buzo Media Services apart, is the approach they follow. They have a unique style of working; they work hard and deliver client hassle-free working experience. Buzo also strikes a balance between employee work satisfaction and client satisfaction.

Buzo Media Services gauges the potential that lies ahead. With this, they see if they are resourceful and capable-enough to be in sync with it. Alluring offers are not what Buzo falls for. They understand their demands and needs and then look for their forte; only then, when it matches with their capabilities, they go ahead with the project.

In the year 2020, Buzo Media Services looks forward to doing more international projects, double their team by hiring new employees and extend the scope of business in one of the overseas countries.

In the year 2020, Buzo Media Services will be trying to focus and channelize their energy on 360-degree digital campaigns. They are planning to fetch turnkey projects and serve clients with a complete 360-degree user experience.

Professional Experience

Mr. Ankit Jaiswal is a Computer Engineer by education and one start-up old. His earlier start-up was a Local Food Discovery Application, which he made back in the year of 2011-12; at that time he was in his 3rd year of Engineering.

The earlier one could not take-off as much as he expected it to, and had to close it down by early 2014. After this, he started the Digital Marketing and Web Development journey and started Buzo Media Services at that very time. Starting from the one-man show, they kept growing year after year; with this, their clients also grew at a similar pace.

For him, it’s been over 8+ years in Digital Marketing and Front-end Development. During this period, he won multiple awards and recognitions at the Local and National level for Digital Marketing and Development. He has also been an open-source contributor at WordPress for a long time now.

Robert Kiyosaki and his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” made a tremendous impact on him and he suggests everyone to read that book out.

Key Achievements

To date, Ankit has delivered talks to multiple institutions and events. However, he marks his talk at IIM Indore to be the highlighted one. It was the year 2018 when he was called to deliver a 5-hour workshop at IIM Indore.

Also the same year he was awarded amongst the “Top 100 Digital Marketing Leaders of India”. In the year 2019, Buzo marked its presence amongst “Top 25 Most Effective Marketing Agencies in India 2019” by Business Connect Magazine.

The Team

Keeping employees happy is Ankit’s highest priority; with this, Buzo Media Services also helps the team members in striking the balance of Work-life & Personal-life. Over the course of time, they have implemented many policies to improve work culture, which includes- flexible timings, remote working, flexible holidays, retreats, conferences, etc. Buzo encourages entrepreneurship a lot and feel extremely proud to tell that four of their past employees are now running their organizations, and continue to share a close bond with them.

Overwhelming Client Experience 

Every client is special to Buzo Media Services; they believe they are a big contributor to their growth journey. When it comes to clients, they have numerous growth stories to share!

In December 2015, Buzo Media Services did a website revamp and planned a small campaign for a company named Global Education; its IPO was released in Jan 2016. They revamped their digital presence and worked tirelessly hard on it.

Although this was a very challenging short window, Buzo did their best and luckily the IPO became the highest subscribed IPO in NSE history ever. It was over-subscribed by 84 times at INR 820Cr.

“No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, whether here or in the world to come”

Buzo stays abreast of all that is happening around, digitally. He believes that this is the need of the hour because the digital arena is moving forward rapidly and Buzo, as a firm would never want to miss out on anything new and trending.

Buzo tries to engage itself by participating in conferences and encourage their employees to do the same. Mr. Ankit firmly believes that in this age of disruption, one has to learn to adopt the changes that come with it. To keep up with the pace, he also encourages their employees to explore new avenues, study trends, and case studies as per the marketing context of the client.

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