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Planning a corporate trip? It is often a hassle planning corporate trips. And we can’t settle for just anything; we want the best deals on everything.

Easy Trip Planners Ltd (Ease My Trip) is an online travel company based in Delhi, founded in 2008 by the Pitti brothers. The company is one of the leading names in the Indian travel industry and is known for providing the best travel deals. At present, it has a qualified team of 477 well-trained staff who are contributing to the company in its constant growth.

After winning the trust of more than 8.81 million users, the company has made its presence through agent networks, offices, and franchises in every pin-code. It has a strong B2B network of 52,752 registered travel agent partners (& counting) and 10,477 corporate customers (as of September 30, 2019). In 11 years of its existence, the company has fully owned offices across key cities of India such as Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Its international offices (as subsidiary companies) are based in Singapore, UAE, and the UK.

The Journey Ease My Trip-

Ease My Trip is the dark-horse in the highly competitive online travel agency market with offices panned across various Indian and international cities. They have fully owned offices across key cities of India such as Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Our international offices (as subsidiary companies) are located in Singapore, UAE, and the UK).

During the establishment of Ease My Trip, the founders Mr. Rikant and Nishant Pitti faced many challenges. The very first challenge was that they wanted to target the B2B segment, and it was hard to convince the agents. Customers went to the companies with better brand recognition. It was also difficult and challenging to hire the right talent and train them. Due to being new, it was also difficult for them to decide on the company’s culture. These things were left behind with time.

“We had to keep our margins low to win their trust.”

Ease My Trip started with an objective to solve the problems of small B2B travel agents by providing them with a one-stop platform to manage all the bookings. The company strives to provide travelers with valuable services at competitive and transparent rates. Through their conscious efforts, the brand has not only created a lean & efficient culture but has successfully built a unique business model that effectively targets both online and offline customers. Their unique marketing strategy allows them to tap into a large customer base while building customer loyalty.

“We @ EaseMyTrip.com strongly believe in the traditional Indian ethos of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ while keeping its professional approach intact.”

Their Services-

Products and services offered by all travel companies are the same and include flights, hotels, holiday packages, bus booking, and car rental, and railway tickets. Ease My Trip also deals in corporate travel planning, B2B & B2C white label services, and MICE. Their dedicated services make them different. They don’t charge convenience fees from customers as it burdens them and also for the same the customers get a benefit of 200-300 Rs.

They have their in-house call center so when a customer is calling, he is not talking to a call agent, they are talking to an Ease My Trip’ direct employee. It is also the reason why their customers get the exact details and information without any frills. And last and most important part is the transparency in transactions, interactions, and maintaining a relationship is that what has helped Ease My Trip to reach where they are today.

 “We keep customer satisfaction at the core of our business decisions”

The unique business model has maintained complete transparency in terms of pricing and has remained their USP. The company has not spent much on marketing. They have focused on giving special deals to the customers to acquire them at low prices. Their expenditure on advertisements is also very focused and targeted that directly reaches the potential customers.

The company has rather saved on marketing activities and hasn’t hired expensive resources. We believe that it is not necessary that you can get good manpower from high-class colleges only. We don’t deny the importance of academic education but always believe that real-life experiences come from working in the industry. This is the secret of our long-standing success. 

The company is now working towards technological advancements and will be coming up with the latest additions in their technology to make the booking experience better for customers. They have introduced activities on their platform, which is going to be a completely different product. The company will also be planning on adding destination weddings to its list of services.

The Team-

“We are led by a team of experienced professionals who understand the nerve of the Indian travel industry.”

As the co-founders of Ease My Trip, Mr. Rikant Pitti & Mr. Nishant Pitti’s primary focus was to look after the different aspects of financial growth for the company. Their primary role for the company is to expand its B2B and B2C services throughout the country. Mr. Prashant Pitti, who is also a director of EaseMyTrip, has been responsible for technology, infrastructure, and branding, and media management. They organize regular meetings with employees to hear their points of view, suggestions, and feedback. Ease My Trip has a team of around 500 employees sitting at different branch offices.

There are different departments, including IT, Support, Marketing, Holiday, Hotel, Product, Operations, Ticketing, and many others. IT team is comprised of Technology, Web Designing, SEO, and Content Writers who solely work for the website. The marketing team has brand communicators, graphic designers, copyrighters, and others who work for the branding of Ease My Trip along with handling its various marketing activities, social media platforms, and e-mailers. The functions of other teams are to provide support and services to the customers.

The company has earned a worthy reputation by offering flawless services at the lowest rates. Not just the management but even the staff at every level is committed to providing the clients with personalized services. The company has earned a top name in the travel aggregator’s sector owing to the continuous technological innovations to match the ever-changing demands of the quickly developing global business travel market.

The team does its work with honesty and they try to remain updated in terms of technological advancements. Ease My Trip believes in creating experiences and make sure that their customers don’t feel uneasy while making their bookings with us.

   “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

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