What Makes Cales de Mallorca A Perfect Getaway Destination?

What Makes Cales de Mallorca A Perfect Getaway Destination? | The Enterprise World

Cales de Mallorca is a secluded island known for its tranquil beaches, stunning landscapes, architectural beauty, Festival Park, and welcoming culture. The largest island of Spain, Mallorca got its name from the Latin phrase ‘insula maior,’ which translates to ‘larger island’ or ‘Bigger Island.’

Tourists around the globe have visited the island for years, with major tourism taking a surge from the 1950s. Furthermore, Mallorca has attracted many celebrities, writers, and poets due to its calming and lush beauty that helps bring more creativity to life. However, there is a lot more to this island than its scenic beauty. If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, here are some things that will help you explore the island more intricately.

Top 6 All-Inclusive Resorts in Cales de Mallorca:

While there are many hotels and resorts on the island, here are the best places in Mallorca to stay for you:

1. Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites

The Iberostar Selection Suites Jardín del Sol hotel resides over the beautiful Costa de la Calma beach. Its 261 hotel rooms include services such as SPA, Free WiFi, an optional all-inclusive accommodation type, a whirlpool bath, and a private pool with many rooms offering a fabulous sea view. 

In addition, the hotel has an exclusive VIP zone, where one can access the bar, solarium with sun loungers, Balinese beds, and direct access to the beach where you can enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunsets.

The hotel is doing its bit for a better future with initiatives to reduce plastic use and responsible seafood consumption for a better coastal environment.

2. VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa

Whether you are traveling as a couple, with friends, family, or kids, VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa caters to all. The hotel offers a range of exclusive services as the selection club, allowing you to customize your whole resort experience.

What Makes Cales de Mallorca A Perfect Getaway Destination? | The Enterprise World


In terms of cuisine, the hotel offers various types of dishes at their buffet through their Italian and Mexican hotels and their beach restaurant Mirablau. Overall, the experience at the VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa makes for a relaxing stay.

3. Iberostar Playa de Muro

Enjoy the Mediterranean culture at Iberostar Playa de Muro. The uniquely designed rooms are spacious and sufficiently accommodate families, couples, or children. In addition, the hotel provides sports facilities for those into Cycling and Tennis.

Moreover, The Star Camp program offers a variety of fun activities for kids, allowing the adults to relax on the beach or visit the spa to destress.

4. PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa

Between the bay of Pollença and the Albufereta Natural Park, PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa is a hotel amidst the natural beauty of Mallorca. 

The hotel provides numerous outdoor facilities and sports options for you to choose from. Additionally, there are also various programs for the enjoyment of kids. 

Other services include delicious food, a relaxing Spa, a Bar, and an adults-only pool. For sports fanatics, the hotel offers various sports like tennis, swimming, and a number of other watersports. 

5. Iberostar Selection Playa De Muro Village

The beaches of Mallorca are a major attraction among tourists. And Playa De Maro, where this hotel is located, is one of the top 3 beaches in Spain. The Iberostar Selection Playa De Muro Village has also won various TripAdvisor awards for its quality services, infrastructure, service, and gastronomy. 

Through its 3 restaurants and 4 bars, the resort offers an array of dishes and drinks for those looking to enhance their palette. To distress, there are water circuits at the spa along with Tennis courts.

Things to do in Cales de Mallorca

 If you were researching for your trip to Cales de Mallorca, you probably came across Cales de Mallorca. Resided on the southeast coast of Mallorca, the resort is widely known among global tourist communities, especially from Europe and the UK. 

The resort is a goldmine for tourists, and if you haven’t quite figured out what things to do in Cales de Mallorca, here are 8 things to help you:

1. Boat Trips

Explore the coastal beauty of Mallorca more closely by choosing from various boat trips available on the beaches. As you sail through the waters, bring along your favorite seafood dishes or drop by the many restaurants ready to satiate your taste buds.

2. Island Tour

What Makes Cales de Mallorca A Perfect Getaway Destination? | The Enterprise World

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The island is full of hidden natural beauty. After a relaxing time on the stunning beaches, start exploring the island for other attractive nearby places, restaurants, and other interesting local things that not many are aware of.

3. Visit Caves

What Makes Cales de Mallorca A Perfect Getaway Destination? | The Enterprise World


Cales de Mallorca is a hub for many caves, namely the Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves) and Cuevas dels Hams. These caves are major attractions among global tourists due to their stalagmites and stalactite formations. One can also witness classical music concerts on the way to cave discovery, performed by floating musicians. 

4. Water Sports

This one is for all you sports junkies out there. Various resorts and hotels of Cales de Mallorca allow you to enter water sports to enhance your experience. On the other hand, if you don’t want to indulge in water sports at the resort, plenty of other options are available.

5. Rafa Nadal Museum Mallorca

Rafael Nadal is a Mallorca-born Tennis legend, considered by many as the greatest player to play the game. A visit to this museum named after him will allow you to learn about some of his career-highlighting moments and help you know him better as a person and a player. Additionally, you can also buy merchandise and other products related to Rafael Nadal as well.

6. Hiking

Do you love Hiking? Then Cales de Mallorca will be a treat for you thanks to the mountains surrounding the resort, making it one of the most sought-after hiking spots among tourist hikers.

7. Local Cuisine

Mallorca is blessed with a delicious food heritage. Foodie or non-foodie, one should not miss out on an opportunity to taste local delicacies such as paella, sobrasada, ensaimada, and other seafood dishes.

8. The Nightlife

Nightlife is not what most people think of when planning a visiting Mallorca. However, that does not mean it doesn’t have a great nightlife scene. The resort offers a number of bars and pubs for anyone looking to experience the Cales de Mallorca nightlife.

Finally, Is Mallorca worth visiting?

The simple answer is— YES. No matter the time of the year, from the World Heritage Site Mountains of Tramuntana and Turquoise beaches that hold your attention to seafood specialties and historic sites, Mallorca is an island that secludes you away from hectic everyday life for a peaceful time. If that sounds like something you are seeking, which you probably are, then Mallorca is the place to be for you.

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