Isle of Skye: The Fairy Land that Feels Like a Fairytale

Isle of Skye: The Fairy Land that Feels Like a Fairytale | The Enterprise World

Scotland’s Isle of Skye is a place straight out of a fantasy book. And no, it’s not because some Game of Thrones episodes were shot there. The charm of the island comes from its mesmerizing seashores, lush fields, fairy pools, mountain peaks, and fishing villages that captivate your attention almost instantaneously. As you cross the bridge to the Isle of Skye, no matter where your eyes go, all you will see is Skye basking in its glory.

Isle of Skye: The Fairy Land that Feels Like a Fairytale | The Enterprise World

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Scotland is home to many islands. Despite that, Skye is a notch above them all. So what is it that makes this Island so popular? Why do more than 60,000 tourists visit it every year? What’s so special about it? Let us spill it all for you.

However, one thing must be said before we begin: It is understandable if you feel the FOMO after reading this article. Skye is THAT beautiful. Don’t worry, this will only help you plan your trip better when all is said and done.

Isle of Skye: Things to Do

The first step after settling in your hotel in Isle of Skye is making a to-do list of things you are going to do and places you’re going to visit on your trip. What are those things? Here’s a list for you:

1. Fairy Pools

Fairy pools are one of, if not the most renowned attractions of the Skye. Resided between peaky mountains and rugged rocks, the pool water is as clear as it can get. One can take pictures of it, swim in it (brave choice), or even go for an adventurous hike around them. Not just that, lucky ones might even spot animals like red deer, rabbits, and sheep.

2. Castles

The Skye is home to many historic castles. While the Dunvegan Castle & Garden is a popular choice among tourists, the other castles such as Armadale, Duntulum, and Dunscaith are also worth a visit.

3. Distilleries

Scottish whiskey is a phenomenon known all over the world. One of the major distillery on Isle of Skye is Talisker, a highly regarded brand among whiskey connoisseurs. If you want to get a closer look at how their whiskey is made, or just get a general idea, then Talisker Distillery is the place to be.

4. Old Man of Storr

Isle of Skye: The Fairy Land that Feels Like a Fairytale | The Enterprise World

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This is one of the most picturesque landscapes of the Skye. The grassy mountain of Storr can be reached from the town of Portree with a hike that will ultimately lead you toward scenic views of the water and everything else that surrounds it.

5. The Magical Fairy Glen

The hidden gem of Skye, Fairy Glen is a miniature landscape that blends many ponds, waterfalls, lavish fields, and rocky formations together. One notable place on the Glen is on top of Castle Ewan, where you can witness and capture many magical views of the Skye.

6. Elgol

The city of Elgol is an underrated place ideal for those looking for beautiful coastal scenes. In addition to the scenery, one can also potentially spot some wild creatures minding their business along the coasts or on the green fields.

7. Quiraing

The path to Quiraing is filled with Scotland’s most visually stunning landscapes. Those feeling adventurous can opt for a 6.8km walk that ends at the carpark, the same point where you start your walking journey.

8. Neist Point

Neist Point is a famous lighthouse that was abandoned years ago. If you don’t mind the steep walk leading to it, you can witness the spectacular views of sea dolphins and sharks, tall cliffs, and a sunset that will make your day.

9. Explore the wildlife

More often than not, you’ll spot an animal roaming on the Skye. For those looking to delve deeper into the wildlife scene, the island offers various wildlife tours or boat trips designed specifically for this purpose of catering to wildlife enthusiasts.

10. Visit Local Pubs

Isle of Skye: The Fairy Land that Feels Like a Fairytale | The Enterprise World

credit – trip advisor

After a day filled with hikes, walks, and whatnot, it’s time to relax. And one way to do that is by visiting the local pubs for a chill time. If you are looking for new songs for your playlist, the pubs will treat you to Scottish music, a perfect way to end your hectic day.

Tours to the Isle of Skye

One of the best ways to explore the Skye is by opting for one of the tours. Here are the top 5 Tours to opt for to maximize your Skye trip:

The Skye & Eilean Donan Castle from Inverness

  • Company: Timberbush Tours
  • Price: $74.91/per adult
  • Age Limit: 4 to 99
  • Duration: 12 Hours

The Fairy Pools & Highland Castles

  • Company: Timberbush Tours
  • Price: $171.40/per adult
  • Age Limit: 4 to 99
  • Duration: 2 Days

8-Seater Bus Tour from Inverness

  • Company: Happy Tours
  • Price: $113.00/per adult
  • Age Limit: 6 to 99
  • Duration: 9 Hours

The Highlands and Loch Ness-Group Tour from Edinburgh

  • Company: Timberbush Tours (Day Tours)
  • Price: $221.89/per adult
  • Age Limit: 4-99
  • Duration: 3 Days

Day tour to Skye and Fairy Pools from Inverness

  • Company: Highland Experience Inverness – Day Tours
  • Price: $113.00/per adult
  • Age Limit: 3-99
  • Duration: 12 Hours

Best time to visit the Isle of Skye

As the majority of people across the globe gear up to visit the island, the tourist numbers reach ‘Skye high’ in July and August. If you are looking to avoid crowds (and get easy parking), then we’d suggest visiting the Skye somewhere between April and June.

However, when to visit the Isle of Skye also comes down to your weather preferences. Here’s why: If you like somewhat warmer weather, then July and August are the months for you. If you like your weather chilly, then the months of April to June are when you should plan your visit to Skye.

How to get to the Isle of Skye?

One of the most convenient ways to get to Skye is via tours, and there’s one advantage to it —it will take you through various corners of the beautiful island. However, you can also get to Skye by public transport or car. There is no train service on the Skye and because of that, your journey will have to be a combination of Train plus Bus or Taxi before you finally reach the Skye.

Skye is the Limit

Despite the saying, the beauty of the Isle of Skye is limitless. The island is every photographer’s dream with the kind of visual it produces. Even for those not into photography, there are plenty of things everyone can enjoy that do not require a camera. From historic castles and otherworldly landscapes to Scottish whiskey and local culture, no wonder Skye is the ace of Scotland.

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