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Industrial development is the primary source of income generation. The era of the industrial revolution allowed for rapid developments and substantially increased the standard of living of the people. As we moved toward the technological era, innovation has been boundless. 

These rapidly changing dynamics need to be paired with effective sustainable growth to not hinder natural resources. Using these resources conservatively and efficiently will ensure a sustainable environment for industrial development. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Successful Business Leaders To Watch Out is Timothy R. McAuley, a revolutionary leader dedicated to CHANGE Environmental, LLC – delivering effective and sustainable global solutions. 

Timothy R. McAuley- Leading the Way-

“I’ve always believed that some of the core responsibilities of an entrepreneur are to set the beliefs and values and not wave from those. It’s to consistently and constantly seek direction through innovation and understanding the timing and pulse of the market to better adjust and provide consistent performance to your team and to your clients.”

With almost two decades of experience as a leader in the air quality human health exposure and risk arena, Timothy is a recognized environmental strategist and entrepreneur. Not just with education, but Timothy is also highly trained from the years of running and building an international environmental company. This company has been a resource through various market structures. And what has made a huge impact on its success is Timothy’s decorated background and insight into individual client needs. 

Dr. McAuley received his Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering and his MS in Chemistry from Clarkson University along with a BS in Biochemistry from The College of Saint Rose. He has directed, managed, and consulted on numerous domestic and global environmental consulting and research studies, has been invited to give several keynote speeches, and has become a global resource for environmental forward thinking.

Recently, Dr. McAuley has served on the prestigious Transportation Research Board, Committee on Transportation and Air Quality at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, the American Chemical Society Committee on Environmental Initiatives, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Advisory Board. In addition, he is also a peer-elected member of several subcommittees at the National Academies in the areas of aviation, transportation, air quality, indoor air quality, exposure assessment, and human health. He is also currently an elected member of the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization Research Committee, Vice Chair of Air & Waste Management Technical Advisory Committee, Air & Waste Management AB-1 Particulate Matter Committee, and Treasurer of the International Society for Exposure Science.

“The key achievements of my entrepreneurial journey and then to see the difference is that have been able to consistently see that our clients and team believe in our core values and strategy over the years. I am also very proud to have won several awards over the years for the work I have done.”

The Journey of CHANGE Environmental-

CHANGE Environmental, LLC is a multi-award-winning certified Veteran Owned Small Business that provides strategic top-tier professional environmental consulting and research services. 

CHANGE Environmental is a highly respected team focused mostly on the private sector with a number of clients across various environmental markets. 

“Our services include a wide array of specialized areas that deliver cutting-edge solutions to various technical issues while forming strategic relationships with our clients.”

Overcoming the Challenges-

Starting the company in an uncertain market in 2008 was the first major challenge. The housing market crisis of 2008 left people to make many decisions, but at the same time, it also helped shape Timothy his ideas of what kind of business he wanted. It was at the time he learned the kind of business had o be lean and with very little capital cost. 

“Making strategic and innovative decisions resulted in very few challenges.”

As an innovative thinker and one that focused strategically on outside-the-box approaches graphs and charts and other meaningless diagrams were not part of the everyday functionality of the company’s growth.  

“That has led me and the company to where it is today.”

It is through gut instinct and understanding of the critical needs of the company and clients that paved the path forward. 

The main reason behind the continued company success each year is the strict and unwavering path of following the core non-negotiable values that Timothy set at the inception of the company which include professionalism, accountability, transparency, and honesty.  

The Products and Services-

The company focuses on all levels of highly specialized and technical consulting in leadership services including air quality, acoustical engineering, and environmental epidemiology. This also includes infectious disease along with climate change and sustainability with environmental compliance. 

“Our services have set us apart from our competitors because of the high-level strategy and technical design that we provide to our clients that’s a result of our team all being highly trained and educated and leaders in the field that provides a cutting and top-notch service structure.”, says Timothy. 

A brief overview of CHANGE Environmental’s services- 

Air Quality
Environmental Compliance & Consulting

The team understands the very important mission behind the protection of the environment and public health. Their air quality services comprise a strict and experienced program that can assess all services around the air quality industry to ensure that each problem and need is addressed and solved through our use of state-of-the-art programs, models, experience, and expertise. 

Local, State & Federal
Environmental Compliance & Consulting

The CHANGE Environmental team works closely with other clients that include state governments, local municipalities, and federal agencies to help develop and set up fully environmental compliance protocols that will ensure their environmental programs will be in complete compliance with any global location where the client has environmental needs requiring expert solutions. 

Acoustics Engineering for Environmental Compliance

The team recognizes the importance of understanding acoustical impacts that arise from various environmental sources that can have a direct impact on environmental compliance. Their acoustical engineers are highly specialized and certified to provide top-tier acoustical support whether dealing with noise, or vibration for any source. They comprise a strict and experienced program that can assess all services around the acoustical industry to ensure that each assessment and need is addressed and solved through the use of state-of-the-art programs, models, experience, and expertise.

Environmental Engineering
Compliance & Consulting

CHANGE Environmental staff are experts in working across the vast areas within the practice of Environmental Engineering. Each client, whether in chemical or mechanical engineering, ecology, geology, hydraulics, or wastewater engineering they have the know-how to design, construct, and complete all aspects of solution-driven processes in the environmental engineering discipline.

Environmental Epidemiology

CHANGE Environmental understands the need for continuous monitoring of public and environmental disease issues that surround the local, national, and global communities. With infectious disease being at the core of world issues today understanding how to manage, support, and provide real-time information through the use of experience and expertise is paramount to the current clients and a requested service for new clients seeking resiliency strategies and preventative measures. 

“With every outbreak, it is our mission and priority to ensure that we provide top-tier solutions and response measures to minimize and mitigate impacts through the various tools, models, and tracking resources we deploy for any infectious disease outbreak that will yield short and long-term protection to clients and their global communities.”, says Timothy. 

Renewables & Energy Consulting

The company’s global resources are more important than ever to protect. The team works closely with all clients to ensure that their operations are conducted in the most energy-efficient way. This includes all the clients comprising renewables markets in wind, solar, hydro, and biomass.

Sustainability & Climate Change Consulting

With climate change being at the forefront of our global environmental needs for a sustainable future the team works with every client to ensure that their needs are met through a long-term program that will yield sustainable results for short and long protection of the environment through enhanced climate change reduction impact strategies.

“At the core of our world issues, today understanding sustainable approaches to environmental consciousness is the heart of any great environmental consulting company.”

Competition, a Necessity?

“As the leader of the company, it is often my responsibility that I take seriously to ensure that we are always moving on a path that’s positive and proactive to avoid lurking dangers or inconsistencies in our performance that could affect our clients and our reputation. Therefore, constant vigilance is neither a need nor a strategy, but simply part of what should be done all the time.”, says Timothy. 

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