China launches the second phase clinical trial for Coronavirus Vaccine, experiments on humans

clinical trial for Coronavirus Vaccine

The horrific situation in the world against the coronavirus remains rising. More than 100,000 people have died due to this Corona Virus outbreak.  In such a situation, relief news is coming from China on the Corona Virus. As scientists around the world gather to find ways to combat the deadly coronavirus, China has started a clinical trial for coronavirus vaccine.

This is being said as the second phase of the trial for Coronavirus Vaccine. In fact, amidst the increasing prevalence of coronavirus, the race to find its medicines has been intensified. This vaccine is created by the Institute of Biotechnology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences of China. The second trial on the human body was started on Sunday. 500 Volunteers have been employed in this work.

Trial for Coronavirus Vaccine

According to China Daily, the oldest Volunteer is 84 years old and he is from Wuhan. He was vaccinated on Monday. The report states that the vaccine is made using genetic engineering methods and prevents the disease from coronavirus infection.

In the first phase of the clinical trial for Coronavirus Vaccine, the main focus was on its safety, but in the second phase, the focus is on its efficacy. Unlike the first phase, more people were added to the second and the campaign to connect the Volunteers was started on Thursday itself. The first phase was completed in March.

There is currently no effective drug to stop the deadly coronavirus. However, clinical trials of medicines have started in many countries. Scientists say that China has probably taken an early lead in the manufacture of the vaccine. The reason for this is that it has been mapping the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus and that is because the virus case came in the most worn Chinese city of Wuhan. China has since shared the genome sequence with the WHO, the US, and other countries.

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