Coronavirus: Asian stock market collapsed, pressure on SGX NIFTY

Asian stock market collapsed, pressure on SGX NIFTY

Coronavirus: Asian Stock Market

Coronavirus, which has caused fatalities worldwide, is now beginning to wane. At the beginning of the week, Corona’s results were visible in the Asian Stock Market. SGX NIFTY saw 0.7 percent pressure. In the US, there is a 300-point pressure on the Dow market. Last week witnessed a weekly sales increase in the US market. The financial decisions made by the Fed Bank and the reduction of Corona’s spread saw a good chance in the market.

The US market closed on Friday last week. The Dow Market saw a drop of around 12 percent last week. The Nasdaq was up 10.6 percent since 2009, a good week. With the rise in unemployment figures in the United States, over six million people have become unemployed. Meanwhile, the Fed has announced a package of 2, 50, 00,000 Cr, lifting tough financial measures.

Asian Stock Market

Meanwhile, all the oil-exporting countries have decided to reduce oil production. From May 1, it has been decided to reduce the production of 9700000 barrels per day to gain control over prices. Mexico has agreed to reduce production by one million barrels. Gold prices also rose. Over the past seven years, gold prices have increased in the international market. Gold prices are rising due to the Fed’s financial support.

So far, over one hundred twenty-six thousand people have died due to the corona infection. According to data released by the website worldometer, the number of corona infections worldwide has reached over two million.

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