“Many people died because of WHO’s mistake” – Donald Trump

Donald Trump in Coronavirus press Conference

The whole world is in trouble due to a coronavirus outbreak. The United States has the highest impact of this dangerous virus that has been introduced from China. That’s why US President Donald Trump is taking a tough stand against the World Health Organization. Trump told media briefings on Tuesday(April 14) that the World Health Organization had been ordered to withhold funding from the United States.

In fact, since the inception of the Coronavirus, Donald Trump has taken an aggressive stance on the WHO. China is working intensively with the World Health Organization. He had also warned the WHO to withhold the funds. On Tuesday (April 14th) they announced the same. WHO is assisted by the US $ 400 to $ 500 million annually. This is where the aid is being withheld, Trump said.

Speaking to the media, US President Donald Trump said, “The WHO has been ordered to withhold funds.”

He also accused the WHO of hiding the seriousness of the coronavirus and not taking appropriate steps in this case.

The World Health Organization works on the health sector worldwide. Each country invests in the World Health Organization. The United States has been the largest fundraiser for many years. The US provided $ 400 million in funding to the World Health Organization last year, which is 15 percent of WHO’s total budget. Talking about China in comparison, their funds are in deficit before US funds. China had funded $ 76 million. In addition, $ 10 million was contributed.

The organization itself has said that if the US withholds the funds, then WHO will face a big hit. It is not time for the US to make such a decision, the WHO said.

In addition, the US had decided to ban travel to several countries, including China. But WHO said it was a very wrong and dangerous decision. Donald Trump alleged that “many people died because of WHO’s mistake.” He also said that the matter should be investigated.

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