Cloudrise- Promoting Data Security for an Enhanced Future

Cloudrise- Promoting Data Security - Rob Eggebrecht | The Enterprise World

Every organization depends on data, and with that comes data proliferation, expanding the organization’s threat landscape and increasing the risk to their data. This has given rise to an imperative need for data protection, cloud security, and data privacy. With new technologies emerging to help secure data, organizations are now relying heavily on partnering with the right technology and services partners to devise a roadmap to protect their data. 

This issue of Enterprise World Magazine’s Most Trusted Cybersecurity Companies in 2022 features Cloudrise, a company dedicated to elevating your data protection. 

The Company-

“At Cloudrise, we are elevating data protection.”

Founded in 2019 by business and security entrepreneurs with experience in global markets, successful start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies, we had spent more than two decades delivering seamless and integrated data protection solutions to its customers, raising the bar for innovation, service delivery, and risk reduction. Prior to founding , the leadership team founded and built InteliSecure and grew to 200+ people with a successful exit, then were hired by Deloitte to build and scale their Cloud Cyber Risk and Managed Data Protection businesses.

This is a technology-enabled services firm, specializing in delivering data-centric services customized to meet your organization’s business needs. Drawing from 20+ years of experience in the field, the team has tailored its services to be focused on securing your data wherever it resides. we helps organizations elevate their data protection, cloud security, and privacy programs through our advisory, implementation, optimization, and managed services.

Overcoming the Challenges-

We conquered the seemingly impossible in 2020, launching a new company amidst a global pandemic and economic downturn. Customer and prospect budgets were locked down, travel came to a grinding halt, and finding and hiring talent cybersecurity talent became a greater challenge than it already was. 

“We were just five months old at this point and had to take a thoughtful approach to how we were going to survive – and grow the business.”

Despite those challenges, We reported a successful year one in business. The firm attracted top talent and customers through its long-standing relationships. They re-invented the delivery of services, providing more value to the customers with consistent, repeatable outcomes. Finally, with help of their strategic partnerships, We Were able to get creative to solve for increased risk to data in a remote workforce. 

Growing Stronger- 

After launching Cloudrise in October 2019, the team went on to secure capital investments through a network of seasoned cybersecurity investors, enabling them to deliver data protection services to their first 50 customers with an overriding focus and commitment to delivering value. 

Fueled by impactful partnerships and a relentless push for innovation, We partnered with Netskope and quickly became a preferred services partner – setting the stage for future growth. 

“After delivering 100s of projects globally, The Company was named the esteemed “Netskope Global Services Partner of the Year”.”

In 2021 the momentum continued to build as they raised additional capital to help to fund growth and innovation, with the Greater Colorado Venture Fund (“GCVF”) leading significant investment in The Company. 

2022 continues to see significant financial growth with the acquisition of UK-based CyberOrchard, and additional investments from Three Kings Capital – bringing Cloudrise’s total funding to date to $10 million. 

Many companies can tout their people as a reason for success, but at Cloudrise, they truly rise above the competition because of their reputation as data protection experts.

Starting at the top with the company’s leadership team and drawing from 20+ years of experience in the field, Cloudrise is steeped in data protection expertise. With an average of nine years of data protection experience across the team, Cloudrise’s success is built by its people.

Cloudrise has unrivaled experience planning your journey and guiding organizations down the path toward an optimized data protection platform and program. 

“We know pitfalls to look for, and how to deploy data protection technologies across multiple industries, geographies and organizational sizes – all with the expertise to navigate an ever-changing data compliance and regulatory landscape.”

Promising Statistics-

YOY revenue growth from 2020 to 2021 was 313%, and with half of 2022 behind them, We revenue is already 75% ahead of 2021. 

YOY customer base doubled from 2020 to 2021, and increased an additional 50% from 2021 to 2022 thus far.

Global expansion to new countries has quadrupled in the first three years of business

The company’s areas of expertise include data protection, privacy, and cloud security, and they utilize top-tier technologies to secure the customers’ data wherever it resides. Their technology portfolio has expanded from 4 to 12 vendors, all of which are leaders of their respective Gartner Magic Quadrants. 


Cloudrise’s service delivery team is the heartbeat of Cloudrise and we believe, one of their core differentiators in the industry. Every customer receives expertise from some of the best trained resources in the industry:

100% of The Company new hires participate in Cloudrise University, which is a twelve-week immersive and intensive training course.

As the Netskope Global Services Partner of the Year, The Company is required to maintain a high level of certifications. 60% of the Cloudrise Service Delivery team are certified Netskope Administrators, with another 30% certified as Netskope Integrators.

The Cloudrise team brings a plethora of additional certifications to the table, such as CISSP, CCSK, CEH, ISO 27001, as well as various cloud security, data protection, and privacy technologies.   

Their Suite of Products and Services-

“At Cloudrise, we advise, implement, optimize, and manage data security technologies, so that organizations can elevate their data protection, privacy, and cloud security programs.”

Their services include: 

  • Advisory: Assess if your people, processes, and tools achieve your desired state.
  • Implementation: Deploy technologies and programs to address your business needs.
  • Optimization: Maximize your data-centric programs and technologies to reduce risk.
  • Managed: Monitor, operate, and continuously improve your data-centric ecosystem.

Cloudrise’s supported technologies include Secure Service Edge, Data Loss Prevention, Privacy, Cloud Security, and Discovery & Classification. 

What Differentiates Cloudrise from Others- 

You can’t protect it all. 

Cloudrise can help you understand your most valuable data and prioritize your security program components accordingly. 

The big picture matters. 

A successful approach to data security meets the goals and priorities of your business. The Cloudrise team protects your reputation, your customers, and your value by addressing your unique business challenges.

Effective security requires people, too. 

Their tech-enabled services are a combination of unique software and outstanding humans. You can expect measurable, repeatable outcomes, and an innovative alternative to your talent acquisition and retention problems.

Your security needs are unique. 

An off-the-shelf approach can leave specific requirements unaddressed, and money wasted. Cloudrise’s deeply experienced team has the knowledge, talent, and agility to develop tailored solutions that address your specific business challenges. 

The Next Big Thing- 

The Cloudrise founding team has been cultivating talent across three different organizations for the past twenty years, and are fortunate that their extremely talented and experienced “family” has followed them to Cloudrise. Additionally, in April the team welcomed CyberOrchard to the Cloudrise family, which is a team steeped in data protection expertise and whose expertise complement their stateside talent.

That said, with global staffing shortages the pool of known talent is going to dry up. Throwing more resources at a project is also no longer cost-effective for Cloudrise or the customers. Enter, “Superhumans-as-a-Service”, where Cloudrise is combining software and humans to scale the number of customers they can serve. 

Cloudrise is integrating and automating to increase efficiencies, enable better collaboration, and reduce time needed to deliver high-value outcomes for its customers.

“Our technology ecosystem will take us from delivering services like every other firm out there, to a technology-enabled services firm, specializing in delivering data protection, privacy, and cloud security services”

By bundling software and humans, Cloudrise will deliver tech-enabled services to achieve desired results for the business. 

Rob Eggebrecht- Leading the Way

CEO/ Founder

“I firmly believe in providing my leadership team the following: guidance, air cover, and budget. If you’ve enabled your team with those three principles, then it is a game of change management and being ready to pivot when circumstances change.”

Rob Eggebrecht, Chief Executive Officer: 

With over 20 years of industry-leading expertise, Rob brings an intense drive and relentless entrepreneurial spirit to Cloudrise. As an innovative chief executive, Rob continues to transform cybersecurity and lead world-class technology management and product development teams. Prior to founding Cloudrise, Rob worked as the cloud cyber and data risk leader at Deloitte, was the founder and CEO of InteliSecure, and held numerous leadership positions at global start-ups.

Rob’s Views on Competition- 

“Vigilance is an absolute need. It is an operating cadence that includes balance and if done right, it steadies the ship. What makes Cloudrise successful is this even-keeled cadence, so when the noise gets loud the culture doesn’t allow it to become amplified. If you allow challenges to become amplified, that is when you start to have a hard time managing the business.”  

The Leadership Team-

Hillary Laird, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer: 

As a proven sales and marketing leader with over 15 years of experience, Hillary drives excellence through her customer and partner relationships. Prior to co-founding Cloudrise, Hillary worked as a special advisor for cloud, cyber, and data risk at Deloitte, and as the CMO and SVP of sales at InteliSecure.

Joe Infantino, Chief Operating Officer: 

A 15+ year cybersecurity professional, Joe serves a range of clients helping them to transform and evolve their cyber programs.  Prior to joining Cloudrise Joe worked as VP and chief of staff at Deloitte, VP of global operations at InteliSecure, and was a VP and business manager of investment banking at Citi.

Rob Zillioux, Chief Financial Officer: 

Rob brings more than two decades of global financial and operational experience to his role as Chief Financial Officer. He is a strategic and results-driven business executive with expertise in business development and sales, financial leadership, corporate development, M&A, and strategic planning. His passions involve growing revenue and profits, developing teams, and business development. Prior to joining Cloudrise, Zillioux spent nearly a decade at Western Union, where he was CFO and Vice President in a variety of locations, including The Americas, Asia/Pacific, and Europe/CIS. 

Jason Bird, Chief Technology Officer: 

Jason is a consummate professional with over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, managed services, data governance, and privacy. He founded CyberOrchard and as the CEO, Jason led his organization to a successful merger with Cloudrise, where he now serves as the CTO. He has also held leading positions at Dr Solomons, McAfee, Biocatch, HSBC, RSA Security, and CSG Invotas, a pioneer in Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) technology acquired by FireEye in 2016. Jason was a key member of numerous start-ups, each with successful exits. 

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