CommandLink Named Best Global SD-WAN Provider

CommandLink Named Best Global SD-WAN Provider | The Enterprise World

IT departments globally continue to face a big headache caused by malfunctioning network and communication infrastructure. To solve the disruptions, merely implementing multiple vendors is no longer feasible—creating the need to dig deeper to find the underlying root cause of these issues.

CommandLink understands these issues beyond the superficiality and believes software solutions are the way forward, seamlessly integrating IT with businesses. The company aims to tackle the core infrastructure problems by making the whole process seamless through a single pane of glass software.

Leveraging this solution, global IT departments can save thousands of manual work hours and use technology as a profit center instead of a cost center. Mason Miles of CommandLink has been instrumental in helping businesses across the globe adopt the company’s proprietary ITSM platform to systematically transform their IT environment and eliminate vendor chaos.

Transforming Global Infrastructures

As both a software developer and a standalone partner for all the network, communication, and security needs of businesses, CommandLink is in a unique position to enable your core infrastructure to be the most transformational element of your business. Its mission is to eliminate IT chaos by consolidating vendors, support, and tools into a single platform and service, enabling IT departments to get a handle on their global infrastructure.

Its Next-Generation Software-Defined Hybrid Networks (SD-WAN) integrate managed security, unified with Cloud Communications and Collaboration software into the CommandLink SaaS Platform. Moreover, its support service workflow gets linked with monitoring and alerting, auto-support-case creation, and assignment to a dedicated Command POD team of certified tier-3 engineers backed by 100% uptime SLA options.

Efficiently Managing the IT Services

The company is the first and only solution provider to seamlessly integrate voice, data, and security into a proprietary ITSM platform and network for global organizations.

To help organizations scale, CommandLink has built an in-house technology platform that integrates voice, data, and security networks, enabling seamless and secure global access coupled with its proprietary ITSM.

As the only service provider globally to offer such an extensive integration, the organization proudly presents a solution that brings together over 4,200 different ISPs, SD-WAN, SASE, Cloud Phone Systems, Managed Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, and more. These are seamlessly unified directly into its ITSM platform, offering an unmatched synergy. 

Our platform gives global organizations a unified, streamlined, efficient approach to managing their IT services.

3-Factor Differentiation

  1. CommandLink’s mapping software is one of the hallmark features of its SD-WAN experience. By leveraging this software, organizations can easily visualize and monitor their entire technology stack globally in a single pane of glass, highlighting all aspects of their SD-WAN and the technology involved.
  1. The company has built comprehensive power and utility monitoring systems to quickly identify the source and cause without wasting time.
  1. CommandLink offers a superior integrated monitoring solution within its platform. Designed to provide a comprehensive IT and Telecom experience, this feature ensures real-time oversight of the company’s services and any additional IT assets. As the advanced monitoring platform continues to detect issues, they offer a unique IT automation solution with workflows, event-driven actions, and an intuitive user interface that reduces manual efforts and enhances operational efficiency, making it a valuable tool for any business.

Thriving Culture Producing Accolades

The teams at CommandLink are at the heart of everything the organization does. The organization has cultivated a culture that values innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. Leveraging the diversity of its professionals, it brings a wide range of expertise and perspectives to foster a dynamic and innovative environment where creativity thrives. Led by this prospering environment, the company was recognized as the “Best Global SD-WAN Provider” 

Over the last decade, CommandLink has seen its most significant achievements through the impact of its platform on the clients. Many of its clients have experienced seven-figure savings, along with thousands of IT hours recovered, and much more.

“We are incredibly honored and proud to receive the “Best Global SD-WAN Provider” accolade. This recognition is a testament to our entire Team’s hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit.”

Primary Impact Areas

CommandLink works with more than 4,000 ISPs across the globe, ensuring a seamless and ubiquitous experience regardless of the underlying provider or location. Moreover, the company works with 5,000+ global technicians to guarantee a local presence capable of providing hands-on technical assistance. Catering to its clients, CommandLink delivers the same or next-business-day hardware replacement with an SLA and the option to pay and receive bills in every major currency.

Achieving better interoperability with other technologies, The CommandLink ITSM can monitor and manage your network (SNMP), devices, servers, cloud resources, containers, software applications, and databases.

For CommandLink, listening to its customers is of utmost priority. This customer-centric approach is visible through the established feedback loops where the company gathers insights directly from its users— staying aligned with their evolving needs while foreseeing industry trends

What Does The Platform Include?

CommandLink Named Best Global SD-WAN Provider | The Enterprise World

Products and Solutions Offered by CommandLink

  • CommandLink provides SD-WAN, ITSM, security, UCaaS, CCaaS, firewalls, MPLS, Internet, switches, and IP phones for the entire globe.
  • Over the past decade, CommandLink has built the world’s most sophisticated technology management platform, enabling greater IT automation, information, and statistics, empowering IT departments to scale without complexity.
CommandLink Named Best Global SD-WAN Provider | The Enterprise World

Upcoming Features for the SD-WAN

The next evolution of SD-WAN and global technology management will incorporate more AI, smarter IT automation, and deeper technology integration. CommandLink is investing heavily in its software and AI departments, enabling its clients to scale and simplify their technology management.

Industry: Software Development
Company size: 201-500 employees
Headquarters: Bothell, WA
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2012
Specialties: SDWAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, Managed Security, SaaS, Bandwidth, Private WANs, IT Service Management, Engineer POD Support, SASE, Network Aggregation, Internet Aggregation, and Customer Experience

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