ENH iSecure: Making Technology Work for Everyone

ENH iSecure: Making Technology Work for Everyone | The Enterprise World

Forget the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary! In the business world, every company is trying to contribute by leveraging technological innovations and becoming extraordinary. However, very few companies manage to rise above the crowd, etching their names onto the coveted list of ‘Enterprising Companies of the Year’. Among these illustrious ranks, ENH iSecure stands tall, a testament to technological prowess, visionary leadership, and a great example in the market to exceed client expectations. In large manufacturing, ENH iSecure deployed smart manufacturing solutions, leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) devices and data analytics to optimize production processes. This resulted in improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and better resource utilization.

About ENH iSecure:Award-winning Cyber Security company based in IndiaExclusive focus on Identity-based securitySpecialized in identity governance, privileged identity management, access management, cloud infrastructure management, and email securityEstablished legacy of leadership and experience in Identity since 2000Track record of architecting solutions for worldwide banks and large-scale organizations 

20+ Years of Identity Security Excellence

ENH iSecure is a cybersecurity company based in Hyderabad, India. They started in 2015 and now have offices in Bangalore and the USA. They are experts in identity-based security services, which means they help keep people’s digital information safe.

The company has a lot of experience in identity security and works with big organizations like banks, financial institutions, e-commerce companies, and airlines all around the world. They have teamed up with top companies like SailPoint, CyberArk, Okta, and Proofpoint to provide the best security solutions.

ENH iSecure is proud to be a partner with SailPoint since 2015, and they have been recognized as the best delivery partner for SailPoint for four years in a row. The founder, Esesve Digumarthi, is a veteran in the industry and wants to connect the offerings of system integrators with the needs of different industries.

The main goal of the company is to deliver solutions that work well, can grow with technology changes, and give customers a good return on their investment.

You cannot fail unless you quit…!

In the initial stages, ENH iSecure encountered challenges in recruiting and training individuals with a deep understanding of the technology required for Identity and Access Management (IAM). Although the company successfully navigated initial hurdles and acquired the necessary skills, attracting skilled individuals for foundational tasks remained a persistent challenge. Esesve made a bold decision to leave well-paying jobs and pursue his dream of establishing an outstanding IAM organization in 2015. Despite facing obstacles and managing challenging situations, Esesve persevered, guided by the belief that “You cannot fail unless you quit.”

ENH iSecure owes its enduring success to a steadfast commitment to clients and a dynamic approach to tackling evolving threats. Its success is attributed to two key factors. Firstly, a dedication to innovation drives the continuous development of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Secondly, an exceptional team of skilled professionals remains vigilant in staying abreast of cybersecurity trends, ensuring nimble responses to emerging challenges. Additionally, ENH iSecure places paramount importance on client satisfaction, considering it a cornerstone of their achievements. By prioritizing understanding and meeting client needs, the company cultivates lasting relationships, showcasing its commitment to excellence and the consistent delivery of successful projects.

The team at ENH iSecure possesses exquisite expertise in identity-based security, encompassing identity governance, privileged identity management, access management, cloud infrastructure, entitlement management, and email security. ENH iSecure leveraged cutting-edge technologies to provide a seamless experience for its customers. In the banking sector, advanced security features and an efficient transaction processing system were implemented, ensuring not only a secure environment but also swift and hassle-free financial interactions. The board comprises Esesve and Prema Basetti. While Esesve takes care of the entire company as CEO, Prema plays a vital role in Business Operations and legal globally as Vice President of the group companies, which include Finance, Human Resources, Administration, and Account management.

ENH iSecure: Making Technology Work for Everyone | The Enterprise World
ENH iSecure Provides Solutions in the Areas of:Identity GovernancePrivilege Identity ManagementAccess ManagementSecurity Information and Event Management (SIEM)Cloud Infrastructure managementEmail Security 

Technological Odyssey in Smart Manufacturing Solutions 

ENH iSecure: Making Technology Work for Everyone | The Enterprise World

ENH iSecure embraces a fundamental principle: amidst technological changes, the core platform remains constant. Mastery of both the platform and the specific industry vertical enables the creation of impeccable solutions for customers. To achieve this, ENH iSecure instills a strong technical focus in all its employees during its early years of service. The teams excel in areas such as operating systems, processors, containers, databases, and programming languages. With these well-honed skills, the capability to achieve any business requirement becomes effortless, akin to realizing a dream.

Being a veteran in the information security domain, Esesve Digumarthi harbored a dream of establishing a technologically functional company focused on identity and access management. Recognizing a gap between industry requirements and system integrators’ offerings, he aimed to design and deploy solutions that were functionally impeccable, technically scalable and provided significant ROI for customers. Since 2015, he has dedicated efforts to building teams with in-depth knowledge about customers and solutions in this space, with the current expertise of the teams reflecting ENH iSecure’s credibility.

In the domain of extensive manufacturing, ENH iSecure has transformed operations through the adoption of intelligent manufacturing solutions. By harnessing the power of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and data analytics, the company has optimized production processes, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, minimized downtime, and optimal resource utilization. The company goes beyond mere transactions, prioritizing ongoing customer relationships through consistent technological support, regular updates, and customization tailored to evolving needs. ENH iSecure’s unwavering commitment to leveraging technology across diverse sectors reflects its dedication to simplifying processes and ensuring seamless experiences for all.

Amidst this success, ENH iSecure is on a trajectory of continuous growth, evident in its expanding customer base and strategic partnerships. The company’s focus extends to geographical expansion and a dedicated effort to fortify email security. Furthermore, it boldly ventures into the realm of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), showcasing its proactive approach to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Key achievements and milestones include:

  • Recognition: ENH iSecure was honored with the SailPoint Delivery Admiral 2023 APAC award.
  • Clientele Expansion: In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the company significantly increased its client base by onboarding 15 prominent names from diverse industries, including banking, e-commerce, large-scale manufacturing, airlines, financial, and learning sectors.
  • Successful Deliveries: ENH iSecure boasts a track record of successful project deliveries, fostering ongoing partnerships with valued clients.
  • Certifications: The Company achieved multiple additional certifications for SailPoint and CyberArk, showcasing its commitment to maintaining high standards of expertise.
  • Sponsorship: ENH iSecure demonstrated its industry presence through gold member sponsorships at events in the United States and Singapore.
  • Product Portfolio Expansion: New additions to the company’s product portfolio include Stack Identity and Proofpoint, broadening the range of solutions offered to clients.
  • Marketing Events: The company hosted several successful marketing events in the past year and has ambitious plans for hosting numerous events in the upcoming year.
  • Cloud Security Deals: ENH iSecure secured million-dollar cloud security deals in the ASEAN region, marking a significant milestone as a first for the company.

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