France Antitrust Agency fines Google $593 Million for copyright infringement

Google fine copyright infringement

The France government has slapped a 500 million euro i.e. $593 Million fine on Google. The French government has made it clear that it is taking action against Google for violating copyright infringement law in a dispute with a publisher. Google has expressed displeasure over the French government’s decision.

Copyright Infringement Law

Google used the news from one of the publishers on its website. The publishers concerned had filed a complaint with the Competition Regulatory Commission of France, alleging copyright infringement. The French government took the matter seriously. In the dispute, France’s Antitrust watchdog accused Google of violating copyright infringement laws. Google used information from news publishers without paying anything to it.

The government has also been asked to provide information on how Google will pay the fine to the company concerned within the next two months. If Google does not provide this information within two months, it will have to pay a fine of around 1 million per day.
Google has expressed outrage over a fine imposed. “We were in discussions with the agency, still the fine has been imposed” google authorities commented.

The French Antitrust Agency had earlier ordered Google to consult with publishers within three months. Google has now been fined for non-compliance.

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