Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ – Taste that Radiates, Taste that Stays!

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ

The Food and beverage industry has been one of the most looked upon and valued industries, as everyone loves food and everyone has to eat. Most foodies seek out popular food and beverage joints that encompass great food and great environment. The Food and beverage industry has seen rapid growth in past years ranging from cafés, fast-food joints, sit down and more. Since the pandemic has got them to shut down, the rising canned and other packed foods are serving as a good substitute for the taste that we all look for when going to these fast-food joints and cafes.

This industry has witnessed major ups and downs in the past two years but this has not stopped Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ nor their mission to provide mouth-watering dishes, with unique and fun dishes and environment’s. The pandemic has changed a lot of things, especially given the rise to hygiene and overall cleanliness of these places, which has not only boosted the popularity of these restaurants among the population who were hesitant before, but see the standards and procedures that were put in place.  The future of the Food and beverage industry is exciting and mouth-watering, keeping everyone on the edge of their tables eagerly waiting for the arrival of the next generation of tasty and new, exciting food.

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ is a Hot Dog and BBQ restaurant franchise, with some of the best dishes when looking for a Hot Dog or BBQ. They not only deliver one of the most exquisite BBQ and Hot Dog menus, but also their trademark taste and service is highly popular among their loyal customers and talked about highly whenever Hot Dogs and/or BBQ comes up in a conversation. Crave is rising to be one of the most popular and fast growing franchises in its category. They are offering various mouth-watering dishes as well as their most distinctive feature, a self-serve beer wall, featuring anywhere from 18-42 taps of local crafts.  This truly sets them apart as one of the best among the competition in the market. They are delivering greatness by adhering to the best of industry practices, utmost cleanliness levels, and not to forget their unforgettable taste, making them one of the most looked after Hot Dogs and BBQ franchises in the United States today.

The Company, The Journey

Crave Franchising Logo

Crave Hot dogs and BBQ is a Hot Dog and BBQ franchise that features a self-serve beer wall as well as its delicious BBQ dishes and grilled dogs. The defining factors of this company are not only their service and standards of quality but also their savoring, and never-ending taste of pulled chicken, pulled pork and smoked brisket and fun plays on BBQ dishes like BBQ tacos or Mac N’ Brisket sandwiches. Also featured are many classic sides to include favorites such as baked beans, loaded baked potatoes and of course, fries and tots. They provide all of this with an interior design that not only welcomes and embalms the aroma of the food, wrapping the customer into a modern rustic design that is warm and inviting while creating a sense of happiness, giving a vibrant and authentic ambiance to the customers.

A company entering into the Food and beverage industry has additional challenges in the beginning with this industry being ruthless to the newcomers but also the customers and acceptance of concept.  Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ has experienced ups and downs but managed to make a great impression with their taste in the hearts and minds of their customers. Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ has become one of the most looked after restaurant franchises in the Hot Dogs and BBQ genre.

Some of their initial challenges were to find the right franchise partners that could help see their vision of greatness for the future. They treat every Crave franchisee like family, so finding the right people who would believe in the brand and its success and growth was paramount to them. The goal has always been not to create just another fast-casual franchise, but to create a family, serving authentic and unmatched food to the nation.

The Services provided by Crave Franchise, New Additions, and How do These Services Cope with the Changing Time and Trends:

To provide the most satisfying unique experience, Crave has not only a customer-centric approach, but has also created multiple ways customers can enjoy and dine with Crave. They can dine in while ordering from a cashier or utilizing their self-order kiosks, order through their app for takeout, pickup, or use the curb side pickup option. They can also order online and pick a time to pickup. Their app allows customers to view the menu, collect loyalty points and earn rewards. They also receive alerts on their newest products, promotions, and specials. All these factors not only add to a more engaging experience for the customer but also allows the franchisee to better understand the needs of their customers, allowing them to provide a more effective and efficient service. By doing so they are ensuring both the company and the customers gain from their experiences.

The founders of Crave, Samantha and Salvatore Rincione,  have recently founded a non-profit organization, “Crave Saves INC”. Crave Saves is a non-profit organization that will aid the prevention of child trafficking through awareness. The company plans to collect donations through the restaurants as well as through its website, fundraisers, and events. This not only shows their commitment to their customers but also to their duties towards society, and desire to help others.

Crave is always ahead of the curve. They spend time watching the competition, other fast-casual brands, and knowing the market. Their market research has allowed them to be ahead of the game. They follow trends and move quickly and efficiently to innovate their company and model as they grow. This not only enables them to work in a calm and precise manner but also track the changing trends and tastes as the food and beverage industry grows and changes. Crave is extremely well organized and is able to handle innovations in both technology and menu. They are not only handling this complex task beautifully and efficiently, but also increasing the customers and sales by creating a loyal fan base among the people and respect amongst the competition in the market.

The company was started with an idea and a concept along with passion, hard work and a vision. All credit to the team’s perseverance, efforts and not to forget their addictive taste, within 30 days of becoming franchisable, they sold their first franchised unit. It hasn’t slowed down but in fact, is the opposite. Since its inception in 2018, every year the franchise sales numbers increase from the year before. They have a food truck model as well which took off this past year in 2020. 

While many other concepts faced insurmountable obstacles in 2020, Crave persevered and grew with its highest year in franchise sales yet. Having many of the key items in place was optimal to their success.

Professional experience of the CEO

The idea of setting foot in the food and beverage industry is indeed bold but entering and setting up a franchise company is a different ball game altogether. Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ has not only proved to be one of the fastest-growing BBQ and Hot Dog restaurant’s, but also its food has gotten them a loyal following and customers hooked, making them come back for more and more. Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ has been lucky to have an effervescent and bold leader, who not only took the idea of creating a fast-casual franchise but also made sure the common goal and vision are shared throughout all the franchisees. This not only requires excellent communication skills, but also effective handling of other areas where one step can lead to a chain of disastrous events for the company.

The woman climbing to the hall of fame of the food and beverage industry is Samantha Rincione, Co-Founder, CEO, and COO of Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ. 

Samantha & Sal- Crave Franchising

Samantha was the largest multi-unit franchisee for Red Mango Yogurt and Smoothies Café, owning and operating 10 locations on Long Island NY. Samantha’s stores were utilized for training locations, and testing of products due to their operational and cleanliness procedures. She also co-founded a franchise development company, Emerging Franchises. Emerging Franchises assisted new brands with development, construction, and innovation. They would re-configure kitchens, fix menus, create systems, and conduct their franchise sales piece to help these brands expand on a national level. She is currently the President and founder of Crave Saves Inc, a non-profit venture started by Samantha and her husband Sal.

Her experience in being a franchisee as well as a franchisor truly sets her apart as she understands both points of view and believes this reason to be one of the most driving reasons for her success.

Team and Work Culture of Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ

Craves employees all have experience in different fields of restaurants and franchising. They are all interchangeable and can all assist each franchisee with any issue. They all have their defined roles and stay their lane, but the fact they can all assist a franchisee in case of an emergency is truly a game-changer for the company, always keeping them one step ahead of the competition in the market. 

Crave is constantly innovating and have tight coordination as most of the team have worked together for 10+ years so they are nothing less than a close-knit family. This is not work for them, it’s a fun adventure that they are embarking on together. The members they have added along the way are truly an asset to their team, and they took a lot of time to find the right additions. 

Be the best, know what the market demands and be the best that you can be in that race.  

The Founder’s views on how she sees and copes with the competition in the market.

Samantha says: ” You need to be aware of what’s going on in the market, what are the trends, and be cautious of every decision you make. Your decisions don’t only affect you as a person but also the franchisees and other business partners that are on the ride with you.”

Samantha spends ample time researching trends and discussing innovative ideas with her team. “When we think we are the best, I push to become better.”

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