ZeroMiles: Empowering Businesses with Most Simplified AV Collaboration Solutions

Pankaj Jha- ZeroMiles Technologies Services

The worldwide epidemic 2020 has shown us the times we never imagined of. Colossal gratitude to innovations that assisted us with running our businesses remotely! Web-based Audio-Video Communications have ascended as a saviour for organizations to run their everyday processes. Today, employees from various corners of the globe are working distantly utilizing their keen gadgets, attending meetings, and collaborating to complete their assignments. There is increasing interest of businesses in real-time AV communications that can add a push to their growth graph even in these difficult times.

Today, if a business is running its processes with traditional techniques, it might be facing a pause and keeping its growth down. In this context, to cater to the AV communication needs of businesses across the globe, ZeroMiles is offering comprehensive and most innovative AV solutions.

Under the innovative vision of Co-founder, Mr. Pankaj Jha, ZeroMiles’ team of passionate and multi-skilled professionals is striving smartly to empower their clients and make them future-ready. With dedication and strong will to deliver the utmost innovative solutions, ZeroMiles has marked its firm footing in the Indian as well as global AV landscape within a short span. 

ZeroMiles Journey to Becoming a Market Leader in the AV Industry:

ZeroMiles dominates the industry with its position as a flag bearer in AV space. Their solutions deliver an unparalleled user engagement and experience as they focus on enterprise development and growth. They provide Audio-Visual solutions, cloud-centric collaboration, and communication solutions that are state-of-the-art, user-friendly, and cost-effective, empowering their clients. Their services and work showcase their rich domain knowledge and a flexible & agile workflow.

Revolutionizing the AV industry with the emphasis on simplification aptly summarised by ZeroMiles design philosophy: Less is More.

ZeroMiles is a NASSCOM incubated company established in 2016, specializing in Audio-Visual solutions, cloud-centric collaboration, and communication solutions. Established by a team of experts with decades of experience in designing, engineering, deploying, integrating, and maintaining AV, Collaboration, and UC solutions, ZeroMiles brings to its customers the widest repertoire of solutions and services from the world’s best technologies.

ZeroMiles is passionate about offering the most suitable solution for every unique business requirement and adopts a brand-agnostic design approach without force-fitting off-the-shelf single OEM products. The primary inspiration to start ZeroMiles was probably the understanding that the AV industry was in a rut with design ideas and approaches which were out of tune with the latest needs of enterprises. The traditional solution providers were providing hardware-intensive, OEM-driven rigid solutions which overlooked the advantages that cloud technology, AI and

Machine Learning bring to the collaboration environment. Bringing simplicity without compromising on functionality formed the basis of the approach adopted by ZeroMiles. The new approach turned traditional design approaches on its head with ‘less’ meaning ‘more’ now. The ZeroMiles approach minimizes hardware footprint, lowers maintenance costs, and brings simplicity to board rooms and meeting rooms. In designing solutions, ZeroMiles ensures that the best of products and services are blended with maximum protection for existing investment.

ZeroMiles has the industry’s deepest expertise in integrating the complete range of premise-based solutions with cloud-based services enabling people to connect at any time, any place, and from any device. ZeroMiles services come with unmatched flexibility in scaling up or down in terms of the number of users, features, or functionalities in response to changing business needs.

ZeroMiles Customer Base

Series of Initial Hurdles:

ZeroMiles has its fair share of hurdles and achievements on the way to becoming a market leader in the AV industry. They aim to provide the best services to their clients and contribute to the AV Communications industry as a whole.

Initial challenges included multiple proofs of concept to showcase that blending new approaches based technological changes are more effective and less expensive.  Organizations that had huge legacy infrastructure had the highest level of inertia and took time to realize that discarding a part of their infrastructure would save money even in the short term.

Leveraging the deep expertise across old and new technologies and industry domain experience coupled with a partnership with a myriad of world leaders in AV technologies, ZeroMiles has designed, delivered, and maintained a variety of collaboration solutions ranging from huddle rooms to large board rooms and even auditoriums, training centres, classrooms, and home theatres.

ZeroMiles’ Diversified Plethora of Offerings

A: Collaboration Spaces- For Simple, User-Friendly, Effective Meetings

So that Meetings can focus on business and not the technology behind ZeroMiles is reimagining Collaboration Space design by leveraging innovations and deep expertise in AV solutions. The collaboration spaces designed by experts at ZeroMiles carry their signature combination of simplicity, minimal hardware footprint, affordability, reliability, and user-friendliness. The company believes for effective collaboration, less is better in terms of the number of devices in the room. Their designs undergo multiple simplification validations and corrections till every component is justified. From small huddle spaces to larger-than-life immersive multi-media collaboration experiences.

B: Video Collaboration – Cloud-Based

ZeroMiles is India’s #1 Cloud Collaboration company offering the widest range of secure cloud technologies packaged and priced just right for India. Their solutions lab rigorously tests every solution in the local environment before they are offered to end-users. The company’s design team will help you select the best cloud suited to your unique needs.

Enabling easy collaboration sessions that anyone can join, from anywhere, on any device, technologies offered by ZeroMiles offer unparalleled interoperability, so our customers can connect with the widest possible audience sharing content with resolutions up to 4K.

C: Video Collaborations – Meeting Rooms for all scenarios

The company delivers customized collaboration solutions using building blocks from the world’s leading technologies, that simplify enterprise video communication between organizations, meeting rooms, people, and locations. Whether you are looking to provision small huddle rooms, large conference rooms, get more out of your Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex or Zoom subscriptions, they create tailor-made collaboration tools redeploying most of your existing video conferencing equipment. Whatever ZeroMiles solution you choose, you will benefit from their signature combination of simplicity, affordability, reliability, security, and total interoperability.

1000+ customers across India with reach to customers in the Middle East, Singapore and the UK.

D: Unified Communications: World-Class IP Telephony & UCaaS Solutions

The company offers customer-centric enterprise voice solutions for all business requirements. With deep expertise and experience across varied technology platforms, they understand and offer the right communication and collaboration solutions that suit varied business scenarios.

Whether you plan to expand your existing office, extend your office to remote locations including employee homes or even revamp your communication strategy completely, ZeroMiles is best equipped to partner with you for the smooth execution of your UC project. They deliver custom integrated Unified Communications solutions leveraging the world’s best technologies and can deliver it the way you need it—on-premises or private, public, or hybrid cloud

ZeroMiles has proven success in helping organizations transition to the cloud. By leveraging a cloud solution to modernize their business communications, customers can improve productivity, enjoy greater mobility, support a distributed workforce, and leverage emerging technologies like AI and IoT in blending communication with business processes. With greater choices, cost-effective pricing, and phased migration strategies, ZeroMiles can help you migrate to the cloud at your own pace with solutions that meet your unique business requirements.

E: Contact Centers: Great Customer Experiences – Through CaaS and On-Premise Solutions

ZeroMiles’ experience and innovation can help give your customers a smart, positive experience every time they interact with you. You can rely on our expertise to select the most appropriate solution for your business need from the wide range of award-winning and customer-preferred solutions.

ZeroMiles solutions ensure effortless, seamless, and context-driven omnichannel customer experiences with automation and AI-infused components. 

ZeroMiles is at the forefront of the revolution of moving customer experience management to the cloud. They understand the process and can help you migrate in the smoothest possible manner at your pace without disrupting customer relationships. Their cloud solutions include the latest self-service, routing, and agent tool coupled with amazing workforce engagement features and best-in-class tools for analytics, quality management, and legal compliances. Their solution portfolio includes an accurate & intuitive voice interface in Indian languages which is revolutionizing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for applications like voice search or speech transcription.

Key Differentiators of ZeroMiles Technologies

  • Unique ability to design video and audio collaboration solutions from the best of technologies blending them with the most user-friendly applications and UIs. These solutions are usually a combination of cloud and premise-based offerings relevant to the customer’s environment.
  • ZeroMiles does not ever force-fit solutions in customer business requirements as delivering the right solution is paramount to our philosophy.
  • Our ability to blend traditional premise-based solutions with cloud-based technologies creates unmatched flexibility and the best possible investment protection.

ZeroMiles Taking a Step Ahead with

It has a plethora of solutions and services launches planned in the new financial year ranging from simple, customized collaboration solutions for the education segment, subscription-based video intercom solution, advanced, secure recording solutions for board meetings as demanded legal and governance compliance, wire-free collaboration environment for meeting rooms and state of the art, two-way interactive smart displays.

In terms of geographies, they are focussing on improving their revenues from overseas markets like including a few SAARC countries, the Middle East, and the UK.

AV Sector and Its Future Across India

Failure of most AV strategies in enterprises happens on account of the complexity of the solution, problems in interoperability with new technologies, the constraints related to AV equipment being tied to specific rooms. In most traditional meeting rooms, it is unthinkable for most people to have a video conference without active IT intervention as the solution is complex to handle.  Furthermore, the ability to include ad-hoc audio participants from landline, office telephone systems, and mobile phones is also one of the major requirements which traditional approaches fail to fulfil. Lastly, most thriving organizations realize that the number of physical meeting and conference rooms cannot be increased to accommodate all demands for collaboration spaces.

The solution is to create meeting rooms in the cloud with people collaborating on the device of their choice from the location of their choice without bothering about the availability of meeting rooms. ZeroMiles Technologies brings solutions that can help overcome these constraints and help enterprises create a simple, easy-to-use collaboration environment integrating disparate systems into one homogeneous collaboration environment for the enterprise.

Enterprises are looking for simplicity as one of the primary features in AV solutions and increasingly looking away from the traditional hardware intensive, OEM locked solutions of yesteryears.

Serving customers across 50+ cities and towns of India.

Mr. Pankaj Jha says, “Solutions need to be designed such that it should be adaptable in terms of scale. Collaboration and communication between two organizations or two human minds must be agnostic of their physical locations meaning, it really should not matter whether one is communicating with a colleague across the office aisle or a supplier across the seven seas. Communication between people needs to be as if they were separated by zero distance (or as we say ‘ZeroMiles’) between them.  A ‘ZeroMiles’ communication enables an individual to easily and cost-effectively connect, communicate and collaborate with another individual or a group of individuals without any consideration to the physical distance or the device they use to communicate.”

Businesses are beginning to look for

  • Protecting their existing investment in traditional infrastructure in the best possible manner while blending cloud collaboration solutions.
  • Ability to extend the ability to collaborate to non-traditional devices like smartphones, smart displays, and tablets.
  • To extend effective collaboration to areas outside traditional conference rooms.
  • Ability to easily record and retrieve video and audio calls from the device of choice at any location.
  • Simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface requiring ‘zero’ learning for users.
  • Add video/audio participants from any location on any device as easily as making a telephone call.
  • Add audio-only participants when video connection may not be possible.
  • Video centric Web collaboration and annotation features.
  • Cost-effective town hall meetings on the same infrastructure without additional expense.

The Driving Force

The company was founded with one inspiration, one goal – The Pursuit of excellence. The team is in sync with the idea and mission behind the company’s foundation. This allows them to push past the barriers of normal and conventional methodologies and break the barriers of innovation and service standards. In pursuing excellence, no matter what the problems, situations, and circumstances, they feel compelled to provide the best and most dedicated services to their clients.

ZeroMiles App Interface

The company’s aim, goal, and the dexterity of the team combine to create one of the leading AV communication solutions provider companies i.e., ZeroMiles!

The company’s in-house team of engineers, designers, and developers has years of experience in designing and delivering collaboration solutions for modern enterprises stitching the existing investments with the most relevant collaboration approach blending the right mix of relevant technologies.

In all the three basic areas of design, delivery, and maintenance, ZeroMiles has the best-in-class manpower with the highest level of certifications and expertise across multiple technologies.

Mr. Pankaj Jha – A leader with a high-res futuristic vision

Mr. Pankaj Jha is the co-founder and the backbone behind ZeroMile’s vision to simplify the delivery of cloud-based audio, video, and web collaboration solutions. He passionately believes that ease of use and cost of ownership needs to be innovatively addressed through technology and right-packaging to make every communication complete through the inclusion of video.

He joined ZeroMiles from his position as Assistant Vice-President of UC & Networking Solutions at Enkay Technologies where he propelled the company to occupy a strong position in the Enterprise UC and collaboration space growing the business at a scorching pace.

Before joining Enkay, Pankaj held sales, market development, and senior management positions at GTL Limited, Tata Telecom, Avaya GlobalConnect, and AGC Networks. He has graduated in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering from Pune University.

Innovation is progress in the face of tradition.

Innovation is the fundamental approach to solution design has been the primary driver for ZeroMiles. They identified ‘Simplicity’ as a white space when it came to AV and collaboration solutions in the Industry and created their design philosophy on this key concept.  Innovation does not mean discarding the old but blending in new technologies to make existing experiences more efficient and comprehensive.

ZeroMiles innovates to simplify leveraging their strong domain knowledge, creating a win-win scenario where customers enjoy lower costs with better functionalities and ZeroMiles Tech earns higher revenues and profitability.

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