Harish B V – A Man who Paved the Way for Cryptocurrency in India

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Harish B V – A Man who Paved the Way for Cryptocurrency in India – Unocoin

Amid the Corona crisis, the demand and price of cryptocurrency – a virtual currency, have gained in India. The virtual currency originated after the 2008 global financial crisis. In the last few months, the prices of virtual currencies like bitcoin, ether, and Ripple have risen sharply. Numerous large companies around the world have decided to put a portion of their funds in cryptocurrencies following reports of a surge in virtual currency prices.

Despite the pandemic disrupting the world’s economy on a larger scale, India seems to have gained higher crypto-user traffic since last year. The price of bitcoin is growing day by day and according to the experts, it will grow more in the future. If one ever wanted to invest in them, now is a good time to do so.

With the tremendous potential of growth in the future, and with its worldwide hassle-free transaction processes, bitcoin is getting more popular in India. Today around 7 to 11 million Indian users own about one billion dollars worth of crypto assets.

The use of bitcoin or ether is simple & safe and it provides higher returns as well. The price of bitcoin has risen over four times and ether by over ten times in the last year. One can use cryptocurrency to buy goods or services, although most people worldwide use it as a store of money. Meaning, it is used as an investment tool just like stocks, bonds, gold, etc.

The boost in such a digital economy attracted many first-time investors and many small business owners to invest in cryptocurrency. With increasing demand, there was a need for a platform that could help users to streamline and smoothen their crypto transactions. Having this need of the hour in mind, a leader with a futuristic vision, a role model to many budding entrepreneurs, Harish B V, in 2013 co-founded Unocoin along with Abhinand Kaseti, Sathvik Vishwanath, and Sunny Ray.

Today, Unocoin is one of India’s leading bitcoin companies that enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use & accept bitcoin. Let’s dwell more on the most innovative and easy-to-use crypto assets’ platform, the company’s story, and most of all the iconic entrepreneur’s journey!

I like the fact that the citizens of my country are having control over their money. Once they know what works best for them, they invest their funds at the right time, on the right asset, over our platform, to make better investment decisions for themselves. This gives me a feeling of empowerment. This is the empowerment and independence that I want my countrymen to have.

Harish B V

The Company

Unocoin truly dominates the industry with its position as a leader in the cryptocurrency space. Its sole aim is to provide services that are unique & differentiated and stand up to its legacy in the technology domain by offering new-age technology-powered security. 

Its platform has one-of-a-kind user engagement and experience, as its unwavering focus is on emerging as a top global player in the crypto assets arena and contributing to the Indian as well as the global economy. Unocoin has transformed into one of the most popular bitcoin and ether platforms in recent times.

To provide better services, numerous other components have been added to its ecosystem. It believes that continuously supporting the best quality service is the choicest way to develop this industry. Unocoin will continue to improve its services, as it is committed to render the best. However, for Unocoin, this is far from enough.

Harish B V says, “Our customer is our topmost priority when it comes to being the best among the competitors. I also believe in having the perfect balance between innovations and maintaining the core values we have built our brand on. While innovations are happening day in and day out, based on the volatility of the market and crypto space, we also always make sure, the core agenda as to why Unocoin emerged in the first place is also maintained.”

The Journey 

The most formative and toughest time for a start-up is the initial days, as one has to take on a lot of steps. Right from setting up the start-up and the company right, down to handling almost everything. Then comes the marketing and sales along with the challenges to keep the start-up, the business afloat, and running to full capacity without any loss in enthusiasm, resilience, and hard work. Unocoin also tackled well with challenges it faced, like the legalization process, finding the cofounders, building a team, gaining the trust of the investors, expanding the customer base, marketing, etc in its early days.

Unocoin raised $2,50,000 from Bitcoin Opportunity Corp on 12th August 2014, and that’s when it experienced the accelerated growth. 

The Growth Timeline

Growth Timeline Unocoin

Unocoin 2020 in Graphs

Unocoin Growth Graph

The Platform

Unocoin’s unique and innovative platform is cognitively ahead, more advanced, sophisticated, and easier to use than any other platform in the market. Unocoin is more intuitive and proactively delivering the best-in-class experience to the users.

Unocoin offers a unique blend of customer-centric support and user-friendly features on its platform. It understands the relationship between crypto trading concepts and user’s issues. Hence it acts as a perfect bridge between these to help the Indians do trading and exchanges on its platform. The applications and website is designed in such a way that it gives services beyond the wants of the customers. The auto-sell, SBP, earn interest are some of the most unparalleled features of Unocoin, which makes it a pioneer in the Indian market’s trading platform. 

Unocoin, a platform made with the dedication to not let India lose out on the new economy and technology that is getting built based on crypto-assets markets.

Team Unocoin is working hard on making this platform more user-friendly and easy to use. It is revamping its applications’ and website’s layouts, increasing the visibility of the most underrated but very useful services, expanding its user base, boosting PR activities, publishing articles and blogs to educate crypto-enthusiasts, energizing social media content, and working on educational video content creation to make the whole process feel seamless for the users.

Harish B V – A leader on a mission to make Indians the decision-maker of their money

Unocoin’s status and respect in the next big cryptocurrency industry are exemplary with its plethora of unique, innovative, and custom-made services, which not only speak highly of its handpicked team of industry experts and masterminds but also its unmatched leader, Mr. Harish B V.

Harish B V, Co-Founder, Chief Financial and Compliance Officer at Unocoin has 15 years of experience in the financial and telecommunication industry. He is a Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineer from Siddaganga Institute of Technology.

He started his career as a Director for Dream Groups from January 2000 till April 2002. Thereafter, he held the same profile for Blaze Air Networks Pvt Ltd from May 2002 till July 2013. Since then, he is holding the position of co-founder and COO with Unocoin, till today. 

Winning the case against the RBIs plea at the Supreme court in opposition to banning cryptocurrency can be regarded as one of the major milestones in his entrepreneurial journey. The win has given Unocoin some great responsibilities to make sure it is the change many wish to see in India in terms of the loopholes in the economy and the financial sector of the country. “When no individual in India was willing to step up and file the case as an individual petitioner, I had to do it on my own and be there in the Supreme Court during every single hearing of the case and fight it to lead it towards victory,” Harish commented.

Somewhere out there, somebody is working harder than you.

The Quote That Impresses Harish

Also, in opposition to ring-fencing, the financial institutions and banks in dealing with the cryptocurrency industry or servicing the Cryptocurrency industry can be regarded as another landmark. He also has installed enough confidence in himself and the company aiming the law enforces where the departments like CCB and CID entrust Unocoin to custody the ceased crypto from multiple crypto and financial crimes. 

Harish admires Jim Harris the most, for his engaging keynotes, combined research, statistics, and great visuals to drive home messages around disruptive innovation, change, and leadership in an entertaining way. His thought-provoking presentations challenge Harish to reconsider how he thinks. He’s strategic and results-focused, with insightful business ideas customized to each group, his approach to working with partners is always a ‘win-win’.

The Team – The real asset of Unocoin

Unocoin Team- Group Photo

Unocoin is a group of many creative, highly-skilled, and passionate professionals. Talents from different social foundations with comparable interests and enthusiasm for innovation in cryptocurrency make the Unocoin group remarkable. Everyone in the team is excited and consistently looking for cutting-edge innovations to help users in running their crypto transaction processes easily. The solid obligation of companionship and common trust between individuals at Unocoin makes the workplace sound that mirrors the best outcomes. 

At Unocoin, people don’t compete with each other. As it is a diversified group of talents with various skillsets, it always shares knowledge among itself, which assists it in enhancing, pioneering, and preparing to stun the world out of the crate. A little thought or idea can have a gigantic effect. Thus, at Unocoin, there is respect for everybody’s view.

Everyone is enthusiastic about what they have to achieve as far as their roles and responsibilities are considered. Its employees are in the perfect space when it comes to learning about cryptocurrencies, trading, exchange, and the crypto market. The company’s work culture is output-driven and result-based, and its team works passionately to give the best user experience to its valuable customers. Unocoin has a flexible and employee-friendly work policy, a homely and comfortable workspace, and the top learning and growth opportunity ambiance.

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