Bhawna Khanna – Inspiring the Better Living

Bhawna Khanna- Studio Astrid

Bhawna Khanna – Inspiring the Better Living

Becoming an entrepreneur is opting for a new life altogether, and living the life of an entrepreneur is living many lives packed in one where the troubles and challenges are always keeping one on the edge and demands a lot of sacrifices, discipline, and most of all an unwavering spirit to cross all the hurdles and always prepared to face more. We listed and respect life and journey of a successful entrepreneur because everyone understands the enormous hardships and sacrifice to attain that place in the hall of fame shared by successful entrepreneurs, businessmen/businesswomen alike.

Women entrepreneurs are often pulled down and often have more troubles when starting a business. But it is the spirit and audacity of some women that not only commands utmost respect but also applaud for their relentless efforts and making them one of the most inspiring dynamic women business leaders in 2021.

Bhawna Khanna is the Founder and Owner of one of the leading architecture studios, Studio Astrid India. She is not only a leading architecture designer but an entrepreneur providing immaculate and top-notch services to her customers, based on their demands and requirements with the latest industry trends and knowledge packed in a powerful combination of foolproof standards and practices.

Bhawna, with her relentless efforts and a never-giving-up attitude, has made her not only a successful entrepreneur but her story is not less than an answer to those who feel women cannot overcome critical situations and perform at their peak capability no matter the hurdle, no matter the stake. It’s not the success, it’s not the story, it’s the dynamic leading businesswomen, we are here to celebrate and tell the tale of, as inspiration is just the first flavor of this exemplary entrepreneur’s life.

How Studio Astrid Design came into existence and the initial challenges faced by the young woman entrepreneur.

Having no prior knowledge or connections, Bhawna set off to secure admission in one of the top colleges outside Delhi. She traveled 60 km one way to her college via public transport, showing up to learn, to gain all that she can, every single day and without any hesitation. Bhawna has proved that that where there is a will there’s always the way! Bhawna’s journey is a story of courage, resilience, and determination, dotted with numerous traits- truly worth emulating.

Bhawna’s break came dressed as midnight thought; she decided to start her venture by the name of Studio Astrid Design. Upon sharing her dream with her parents, she did not receive support as they had fear of rejection and she did not have experience and money. With no experience but immense willpower, Bhawna knew that it would be super hard. However, she also knew that it was always meant to be. With faith in herself and her God, Bhawna plodded ahead, and the rest is history.

Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

There were constant challenges and situations thrown at Bhawna even before her studio came into existence as being a young woman entrepreneur, it is challenging to leave a mark in society. Bhawana rode through thick and thin, proving to herself, her family, and everyone that she is no less than any other architect. The only difference is she is one of the leading women entrepreneurs and her design studio is very popular and the clients are more than eager to avail Studio Astrid Design’s services and products. Some of the initial challenges faced by Bhawna were getting leads via different platforms, coordination with labor, vendors, and clients, and synchronizing everyone on the same point.

The compelling factors leading to the much-deserved growth and success of Studio Astrid Design.

There is always one project that makes or breaks your dreams, aspirations, desires, and hope but most of all your entrepreneurial life and your company. For Bhawna it was their first interior project, which not only gained them recognition in the market but also propelled them to achieve this growth and success. Due to their immaculate work and pristine services, lifestyle magazine featured and awarded them in 2018.

Every assignment is vital to her team and most of all to Bhawna and they believe in carrying it with utmost dedication and sincerity. From installing a small book-shelf to a space crafted till perfection, there is no way they will not deliver their best and their utmost standards no matter how big or small the project is, which not only speaks a great deal about the engagement of the studio with their customer but also speaks of their goals and mission to provide no less than perfect products and services to their customers. 

Bhawna is a young entrepreneur who grabbed an entrepreneur award for her determination and leading an example of success by her actions. From being a one-woman army to managing a team of 10 people in her firm, she is paving the path for success each day, making sure that she not only enables her dream and providing exquisite products and services, leading business.

The unmatched services offered by Studio Astrid Design.

New offerings, and the reasons for the studio’s superiority in the competition in the market.

The services offered by Studio Astrid Design are:

  • Architecture and Interior Design consultation. 
  • Vastu Consultation.
  • Set Designing.
  • Furniture Designing and Turnkey solutions.
  • Paintings and wall arts.

They are planning to launch customized theme-based cutleries and crockeries for their project-based clients. Over the years, they have always seen their clients finding it difficult to pick interior-based products in the existing market, so they decided to customize different products for them.

No matter how much they do, they always find it less. The driving force of perfection takes them forward. They now do turnkey projects and everything, from structure to linen. Their team of experts handles these projects.

What makes them different is their belief- “Anything but Ordinary”. Each space is unique and important for them and they cater it with utmost dedication and sincerity. These are some of the reasons catapulting Studio Astrid Design to the hall of fame among the leading and most successful design studios.

The entrepreneurial trajectory of Bhawna Khanna.

Bhawna brings to the table more than 6 years of extensive Architectural experience across the Residential and Commercial sector. The experience has not only equipped her with strong Project and Design Management skills but also a complete and detailed understanding of how the work is to be carried out, to get the maximum efficiency and the best results in complete sync with the timeline of the project.

She defines herself as an experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Having strong deposition to challenge the status quo to make things work more effectively and efficiently make her not only a dynamic women business leader but also an expert in her field. This enables her to get the best results and projects delivered with an unmatched customer engagement and experience.

  • 2018: she received the title of young entrepreneur of the year by Spark Excellence awards.
  • In 2019, Fashion Wave magazine featured Studio Astrid Design’s project.
  • Next Year in 2021, featured her story and Delhi Magazine featured her article as well.

The exemplary team and the work culture of Studio Astrid Design.

They believe teamwork always leads to dream work. In the studio, the whole team is like one big family; accepting each other’s viewpoints and perspectives. Their trust and dedication towards each other make them strong and unique, giving a boost to the company’s pristine project deliverance and overall growth and development of the studio.

They have a plethora of experiences with every single client. But they always remember their first client, for whom they designed a bookshelf, and her words saying that keep up this dedication and work and you have a way to go. These words not only speak of the sincerity towards their work but also speak of the studio’s mission. To provide the best possible products and services, no matter what the customer wants, they will provide, but only the best.

The CEO’s views on the competition in the market and her take on how to promote woman entrepreneurship.

Bhawna believes she is not a part of any race or any competition in the market. She and the team of Studio Astrid Design believe in improving their work each day by learning from their success and failures.

Bhawna has a very unique and different approach and ideas for promoting women entrepreneurs. She believes instead of doing a baby shower for women, we should focus on the business shower. The occasion where we have these informal meets to get our friends started with networking and marketing their start-ups. 

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