Keep Calm and Think Out of the Box!

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When we say that someone is very creative, it often comes out that the person has a very good understanding and interest in art. But being creative is not just that. The definition of creativity or creativity is much larger than this. Actually being creative depends on our thinking and there can be many people around us with such out of the box thinking. 

No one can force anybody to be creative. If someone does so, that can ruin the entire creative thinking process. It is easy and affordable for everyone to be creative. What you need to be creative is just an innovative mind that think outside of the box.

Many people say without being messy no one can be creative. We don’t think so, there is no such frame for creative people.  What makes creative people attractive is their thought process and the final result, not their looks.

Albert Einstein ones said, “creativity is just an intelligence having fun!” And no one can deny that. Everyone is best in their own field, what makes people unique is their thought process.

Here we are bringing you some stages of the process creativity. You can easily relate to them.  

1. The Preparation Stage

This is the first step where people try to do something new and prepare their minds accordingly. For this, an attempt is made to gather as much information as possible and every possible thought is thought out. In this effort, knowledge is collected from different people and places from getting books.

Our goal in this step is to learn as much as possible so that this information can be helpful in bringing new things to the building.

2. The Incubation Stage

After gathering information to try something new, we go to the Incubation stage. During this time, we stop all the activities that we started. Here at times, we feel frustrated because success is still not seen.

During this period, many people try to divert their attention such as yoga, meditation, sports, walking or resting so that the mind can be relaxed but still the unconscious thought process keeps going in us, due to which our mind after some time Tries to think of something new. But still, we are far away from creativity.

3. The Illumination Stage

There is such a twist in our lives when we suddenly find a solution to a problem. This is the Illumination stage where the creative idea suddenly comes in our mind and we get the solution. It is also called “eureka experiences”.

These thoughts come from the toilet to sleep. Like Percy Spencer got the idea of the microwave oven while eating chocolate.

4. The Verification Stage

This is the time of action where we try to test our creative thoughts and work accordingly. If the idea is perfect, then everyone appreciates such a result which works as inspiration for other people.

Out of the box, thinking may take a lot of time but definitely, you will end up with some awesome results.

Think Once Before Rushing!

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