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You might be surprised to read the caption of this article.  Don’t get confused, this is a slightly different concept to interior design. Minimalistic, more minimalist design. This is a very important concept in modern times.

Even a small room can be designed very beautifully. Without wasting, in fact without ‘investing’ much amount. There are no such economic levels in the landscape of creativity. What creativity charges you is just a vision and dedication. Every raw and out-of-use thing also can be turned into a masterpiece with an innovative vision.

A small house colored with appropriate shades and suitable useful furniture can be a happier place to live than a luxurious bungalow. You might wonder how is it possible! We already have a solution for it.  The Minimalistic, more minimalist design.

The minimalist design concept started in the sixties and seventies. Before that, there was some sense of vast and costly interior decoration.

The concept of minimalist design began in the fashion world and then spread to other fields. The root of this concept is a cost-friendly design. In simple terms, identify your needs and design them accordingly.

According to this concept, one must first focus on the essentials of the home while designing the interiors. Doing so will automatically remove unnecessary items from your list. The effect of this concept is also reflected in the minimalist design of furniture in the home. In this concept of minimalism, curves, molding, old-fashioned or classical interior design have no say in it. Instead, the furniture is designed using vertical horizontal straight lines and simple geometric shapes. The thing about shapes is the same as colors, that’s what we call Minimalistic.

Long ago, when this concept was very new, a lot of emphases was placed on black and white colors when designing the concept. It also changed over time, with the use of a few more colors, without pushing the core of the concept as it is now. Now even though it has the potential to use different colors as new art, it is possible to use one or two colors at a time, depending on the concept. Even more important are the original colors. E.g. If a room is made entirely of grey and any part of the furniture is red or similar, then the red color is expected to be the original red color, which is probably best here.

Interior Minimalist Design is basically,

‘I can buy everything’. But I don’t want to fill my house with waste.’

Since the interior is intended to be used with very few items, it is important to have a wealth of ideas that will be used, and hence it is important to pass on both the quality and appearance of the items to be used. For this reason, if anyone wants to have a minimalistic interior, it is not as if they think of a big reduction in cost. But at the same time, it is also true that the concept of minimalism teaches us to live by our needs.

This is the concept that emphasizes design by separating unnecessary decoration in your home. We are now at such a point that there is no need to tell the differences between design and decoration to the wise reader.

In a nutshell, it is a concept that maintains high tastes, giving the house a clean and tidy even in simplicity. At least that means the interior is done by avoiding the need for furniture, even the use of cool colors and extra flare. These types of interiors are often seen in advertisements on TV, especially if you look at ads related to the bathroom.

Last but not least, interior minimalist design has the concept of minimalistic, just as there are classical, contemporary, and many other concepts and practices. It is important to know about this concept as it is current. Otherwise, there is nothing left-right in other concepts, methods, and minimalistic concepts. Every method is the best in its place!

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