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Technology has changed the way of business a lot. A booming economy has created an endless opportunity to spread business wings. In that scenario, a rising technology with every new dawn has taken a charge to transform businesses. While there is n number of technology offering companies for businesses, Dimentrix has made a unique position in the market with its higher quality and comprehensive offerings.

Founded in 2007, Dimentrix Technologies is a privately held company that specializes in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, catering to multiple business segments. Dimentrix’s driven by passion team is making efforts to empower businesses digitally under the innovative vision of Mr. Vikram Roopchand, CTO. Let’s discover more about the company and Dimentrix’s quality offerings.

The early days

No one can prepare you for starting a business from the ground up. The initial hurdles make a smoother way ahead. Dimentrix also faced challenges while establishing, which helped them to be what it is today. There were four major challenges for Dimentrix.  Indian companies don’t buy Indian software, and it is a tough and competitive market.

Trusting their instinct because either they were surrounded by people who had a lot of advice to give, or there was a lack of good advisors. Hiring and having enough cash to pay a few employees and funding the operation on their own was another major challenge for them. Mr. Vikram says, “Coming across companies pretending to help us but then advised us to have their company buy our product and IP at marginal cost”.

And the growth started…

In recent years there has been a huge demand for business intelligence and analytics. DeepInsight hit the ground running as they are very few cloud-based applications that feed your need for holistic analytics.

Dimentrix has designed and built their powerful flagship platform, DeepInsight because they strongly felt that it was the right time to create a business intelligence solution that covered all cornerstones of a great analytics platform, right from ETL with in-built Data Quality Engine, In-built Data warehouse, vast zero code self-service visualization, extensive collaboration capabilities, and in-built predictive analytics engine. This all under one license and one deployment. Most of the products out there today comprise of many moving parts with each feature being served by either a different vendor or a different product line. 

In the last two years, DeepInsight has come to help a diverse set of organizations of all sizes and industries. With DeepInsight, they have been able to discover insights hidden in data for strategic opportunities or threats, predict and forecast patterns from their data with what-if scenario analysis, accelerate decision making, and instantly enable insights into actions with near real-time collaboration.

Mr. Vikram says, “Therefore, I don’t think there was a definite point at which we entered the growth phase – it was growth from the word ‘go.’ We grew organically from 2 founders to 65 people today. It’s been an arduous journey but well worth it, we can proudly say that we are self-funded with a strong IP at its core.”

The key factor behind the massive achievement of Dimentrix

The team. Behind the long-standing success of any business always there is a team. Dimentrix also has achieved a lot with the hard and smart efforts of its workforce.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer

Mr. Vikram says, “When I started my company, I built a team that shared my vision.” Like any other start-up, their start-up has a tremendous amount of work, long working hours, and the up-and-down roller coaster ride, which can only be achieved when the entire team pushes hard to accomplish deadlines or goals and reach milestones together. Their tenacity and persistence motivate him to do more.

Bringing innovation to the table

DeepInsight offers enterprise-class high-performance business analytics platform with built-in data preparation from heterogeneous sources, user-friendly advanced visuals catering to descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, embedded analytics, geo-analytics, across various industry verticals. DeepInsight was recently featured in CIO Review Magazine on “20 Most Promising BI Solution Providers”.


Product-Minded Leadership Team – They have built an organization entirely dedicated to delivering the best products! They have a strong, clearly communicated vision and focus on hiring people who value the product-first approach.


This is Dimentrix’s core competency, and they have the courage to push innovative ideas to the forefront.

A Product-Driven Team:

Dimentrix has the confidence in what they have built, and they continuously work at identifying and maximizing new feature cycles while keeping innovation alive. Working with Dimentrix is easy as their ingenuity, resourcefulness, and problem-solving abilities inspire out-of-the-box thinking, new ideas, and the ability to visualize all the possible ways to achieve what their customers or product desire.

Powerful Customer First Strategy:

Dimentrix takes customer feedback very seriously and continuously evolve their offerings to match customer needs. Their customer-centric team develops features that address customer needs. Their core engineering team can be contacted over Skype, Phone, Email, Hangout and can tailor their support to customer needs.

Turn Every Challenge Into An Opportunity – To stretch resources, they turn limited resources into opportunities. Each employee in the company wears many hats. They collaborate easily with less mess and minimal miscommunication and foster a strong sense of accountability which pushes their mission forward.

Purpose – Mission-driven organizations are much more successful. They are building a solution to solve a problem and not building a product.

What the future holds

Dimentrix will focus on building the team strength, adding speed to work, tapping into partner channels, mapping BI market boundaries, targeting new customer markets, and upping the ante on technological innovations in NLP, AI, and Big Data.

DeepInsight is currently their most exciting launch. In 2020, they want to work with companies and help them make data-driven decisions through DeepInsight. They want these organizations to exploit the power of their data, generate focused reports, to answer all their questions and needs.

The Smart Working Environment

While talking about the happening work environment at the Dimentrix, Mr. Vikram says, “It starts at the top. Because we’re the ones the rest of your company look to for guidance, so we have established teamwork and attention to detail as the norm. Everyone in the company is empowered to take decisions at their own level without any red-tape in between. Do whatever it takes to deliver high-quality software.”

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