Uses of Electronic Air Regulator in Pneumatic Control System

4 Best Uses of Electronic Air Regulator in Pneumatic Control System | The Enterprise World

In the mechanical industry, the pneumatic systems have a vital role. Electronic Air Regulator technology is also being used in automation. They use compress air instead of the hydraulic fluid that is used in the hydraulic systems. But both of these systems have many similarities.

Compressed air is used in pneumatic systems to transmit and control the energy so that the defined processes can be carried out precisely. Usually an air compressor is used to supply the compressed air. It is necessary to provide the compressed air without fluctuations and it can be done through a digital pressure regulator.

Uses: Electronic Air Regulator

Below we have defined some uses of Electronic Air Regulator in Pneumatic system:

1. To Control the Pressure in Airlines:

4 Best Uses of Electronic Air Regulator in Pneumatic Control System | The Enterprise World

Proportional pressure regulators in pneumatic systems control the pressure in the airlines. For having a consistency in the pressure they stabilize the fluctuations of the air supply and make adjustments according to the desired values provided by the user. Nowadays electronic air regulators are used in most of the applications where you need  a control over the air or gas supply to reduce and maintain constant pressure accurately.

2. For keeping the pneumatic cylinder safe:

Digital air pressure regulators are necessary to be used in pneumatic systems because they keep the pneumatic cylinders safe. In the absence of them, the rising pressure will harm the pneumatic cylinders or the less pressure will prevent the cylinder from doing its job properly. For instance, you have a pneumatic cylinder attached with a balance load and a fluctuation occurs in the pressure causing the cylinder to move speedily will disturb the load and hence, you will not get the expected output.

3. To Obtain Setpoint Accuracy:

Electronic air regulators provide a stable output pressure in the pneumatic system. With the help of them, users can obtain the exact pressure regulation as per the need. It is called set point accuracy. Getting the right pressure to perform the task makes it possible for you to have the expected results from the system, machine or equipment. And nowadays it’s not difficult to find a control parts supplier if some parts are out of service.

4 Best Uses of Electronic Air Regulator in Pneumatic Control System | The Enterprise World

For example, you have to make a food item that requires a constant flow of gas to maintain the precise temperature in the furnace but if fluctuations will occur then the final product will not meet the standard quality of the product.

4. To Prevent the waste of Air or Gas:

Nowadays, electronic air regulator regulators use sensors to measure the pressure and the flow passing through the valves. When the pressure reaches at the set value then it triggers a sensor that sends the signal to the electronic air pressure regulator to cut off the supply. Reluctantly, the pressure is kept constant when it reaches the actuator or other devices. In pneumatic systems they reduce the pressure and do not let the valve to waste the compressed air while meeting the pressure needs of the system.

Final Words:

If you want to maintain a safe working environment and want to increase the lifespan of your pneumatic system, tool or equipment then look no further than an electronic air regulator.

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