Four Technology Trends Gaining Traction in Banking and Investment Services in 2023

4 Useful Technology Trend in Banking and Investment Services | The Enterprise World

Throughout its history, technology has been seen as a key factor in the success of business transformation initiatives. Due to its rapid ascent to challenging established markets, it can’t be ignored. As a fast-paced sector, the investment industry places a premium on timely data capture, processing, sharing, and storage. Technology Trend in Banking and Investment , A company’s quickness is an important asset in the investment business. Speed is of the essence, whether it’s beating the competition to the market with a report or an order. Here’s where technology’s competitive edge comes into play.

The increased capacity and freed-up human resources from banking and investment industry automation will allow for greater productivity and the completion of more valuable tasks. Many financial institutions are using cutting-edge automation technologies to bring about the next wave of cost savings, better customer experiences, and higher productivity.

Here are the top four Technology Trend in Banking and Investment 2023:

1. Using first-party data to hack growth

Early adoption of Technology Trend in Banking and Investment is commonplace at many investment banks. When a company has a handful of corporate finance and M&A managing directors actively sourcing business, the company starts to receive thousands of inquiries about potential deals each year. Almost immediately, it becomes difficult to keep track of so many companies and relationships, and the degree to which a company records its financial insights becomes a key differentiator in breaking into and eventually dominating specific markets.

First-party data collected by you is where the real power is.

4 Useful Technology Trend in Banking and Investment Services | The Enterprise World

Your most valuable piece of Technology Trend in Banking and Investment is the web of connections between your bank’s industry teams, product teams, and financial sponsor coverage groups because the right information allows for the intelligent and automatic creation of new relationships and contacts, as well as the analysis of calendar meetings, email traffic, social media connections, and other things to create a complex web of relationships.

2.  Increasing use of big data

Since their digital transformation initiatives began, many of our clients have included data lake or master data management (MDM) architecture. When Technology Trend in Banking and Investment bank can make use of the information it collects about its most valuable customers and business relationships; it can mine the mountain of data it creates for information about clients, market strategies, and chances to develop new products.

When third-party market data sources are integrated into Salesforce, bankers can find new deals while saving a significant amount of time on data entry and maintenance, which is essential in addition to having first- and second-party data integration ready.

We have worked with a wide variety of market data providers. Our experience with integrating with them spans from utilizing complex data lake infrastructures to using simple API integration utilities like Easy API, which aid in rapidly bringing market data onto the Salesforce platform.

The incorporation of such data sets as company demographics and financials, company and institutional hierarchies, contacts, relationships, board members, professional associations, funds, portfolio investments, M&A news and transaction history, and M&A allows bankers to better visualize their connections and deals in the context of the broader market.

3. Accelerate deals with the power of AI and predictive analytics.

A combination of the right artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics is what you need to make sense of all of this first-party, second-party, and third-party data (and the potential implications for the rest of your organization). Due to the rapid technological changes over the past ten years, investment banks are now using AI and machine learning to get alerts when their professional networks change.

Machines can’t take over for humans as managing directors or executives just yet. However, they can speed up the deal-making process and help your team access the data they need when they need it. Technology Trend in Banking and Investment banks can benefit greatly from using artificial intelligence and bots in various situations, including high-pressure deals; eliminating human error on complex contracts; automating the signature process; and ensuring meeting scheduling goes off without a hitch.

With the help of Salesforce tools like Einstein Prediction Builder, Einstein Discovery, and Tableau CRM, many of the banks we’ve worked with over the years have begun to use Salesforce data that spans more than a decade to analyze predictive bid ranges and spreads, guide deal team staffing to maximize success fees and minimize time to deal close, and reveal real-time trends about client and sponsor behavior.

4. Deal acceleration powered by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics

Investment banks’ goal of using AI and machine learning is to improve the transaction process. Technology Trend in Banking and Investment, While these developments cannot yet replace humans, they help move deals along more quickly by providing access to data in a much more timely fashion. Investment banks can greatly benefit from a swift and widespread adoption of this concept in terms of closing deals in today’s highly competitive market. In addition to facilitating greater productivity, these tools reduce the potential for human error in detailed documentation.

4 Useful Technology Trend in Banking and Investment Services | The Enterprise World

Investment banks can gain a great deal from using AI and bots. To maximize the success rate and minimize the time it takes to close deals, many banks have worked to compile and leverage decades’ worth of data on their CRM platforms, which is then used to study predictive bid ranges and spreads to assist deal teams in making informed decisions. Tools like Einstein Prediction Builder, Einstein Discovery, and Tableau CRM allow financial institutions to get real-time updates on the actions of their clients and sponsors.


The investment industry could function without technology, but with significant differences and inefficiencies. As a result, Technology Trend in Banking and Investment is now essential in the financial sector. It enables the dissemination of information to stakeholders, prospective and current customers, and the general public. Modern computing equipment has automated systems that simplify complex calculations and present consolidated data in a single view. Since there are so many factors at play when investing, data can vary. Bloomberg and other systems like it do this kind of analysis for the team and give them ready-to-use values. 

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