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Science and technology have changed people’s lives in a big way. It has made life easier, simpler and faster. In the new era, the development of technology has made everything available with just a single click. Most of the businesses have a new address i.e. the internet.

On the vast canvas of the internet, it needs to let people know about your presence and your quality offerings to grow in the market. Digital marketing is the only way to do so. Rather the best and innovative digital marketing helps you to do so. Mr. Chaitanya Nadigam is such an innovative leader in digital marketing who is transforming businesses with out-of-the-box digital marketing solutions through Emblix Solutions.

Emblix Solutions is one of the topmost services-oriented digital marketing agencies of South India (Deccan Plateau) in Hyderabad in the State of Telangana – India. High profile technocrat and blogger – Mr. Chaitanya Nandigam, established Emblix Solutions in December 2012.

Emblix Solutions within two years of its operations got the distinction of being ranked as Top 5 Digital and Email Marketing Company in India by Silicon India. Emblix Solutions is showing its unraveled proficiency in the digital marketing arena.

A success story of Emblix Solutions

During the initial days, Emblix Solutions has to struggle hard in acquiring clients and building trust in the industry as enterprises at that time were hardly accustomed to the term digital marketing and it was so tough to break the preconceived thoughts and notions about digital marketing. In addition, digital marketing during the early decades of the 2000s was in its novice stage and companies were not eager to invest in digital marketing, as they believed more in traditional marketing concepts.

Emblix Solutions’ growth was triggered at a point when it implemented digital marketing strategies by devoting intense attention towards understanding the exact requirements or needs of its esteemed clients as per the current market dynamics. In the course of project implementation, the teamwork shown by the employees of Emblix Solutions is quite phenomenal with every employee or professional working within the office premises of this grand edifice (Emblix Solutions) striving hard for the benefit of the client and by keeping the active communication channels open always and at every cost.

Constant vigilance is a need rather than a strategy as in the case of digital marketing – constant vigilance involves keep tracking, experimenting, and always looking for newer ways to connect with your audience.

Emblix Solutions

Emblix Solutions through its unique offerings and different business model has succeeded in retaining its existing client base as well as in attracting new clients. It has also educated and still educates its clients first before jumping into a new client relationship. Emblix Solutions over time has built and documented processes and templates for everything it did to ensure that work is consistently flowing across teams and clients. In this process, it has grown beyond its founder’s (Mr. Chaitanya Nandigam’s) bandwidth.

The factors behind the long-standing success

The reasons behind the company’s long-standing success are due to the below-mentioned factors-

•    Ensuring consistent service delivery

•    Managing finances with promptness

•    Building new business development teams as and when required

•    Using small, core teams who serve the requirements of their specific group of clients

•    Workflow consistency among the teams and the clients

•    Retaining the top talent resulting in employee satisfaction and motivation

•    Recruiting the best and brightest apprentices or interns as future employees

Constant vigilance is a need rather than a strategy as in the case of digital marketing – constant vigilance involves keep track, experimenting, and always looking for newer ways to connect with your audience. It has been a backbone for the long-standing success of Emblix.

Their Offerings

Emblix Solutions, the quality digital marketing services provider focuses on

•    Search Engine Optimization

•    Web design & development

•    Mobile Applications

•    Digital Marketing services for industries across sectors

•    Social Media Marketing

•    Online reputation management

As a digital marketing service provider, their brand-building campaigns involve direct advertising campaigns, sponsorship, and creating killer portfolios. Last but not least, they use Artificial Intelligence or AI for instant brand building that brings to them a whole facet of creating relationships with the audience.

As and when required, they will add on new services to their digital marketing portfolio, as there is still a long way to go in the field of digital marketing with the evolution of new technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT.

The company taking a step further with

To take the company a step further in terms of its services, Emblix solutions believes in educating their clients or prospective customers about what their business process looks like, what results that they can expect and how soon they can accept these results. It has always educated them on how social networking platforms work and why a particular digital marketing strategy is the best for its clients. Further, they are in the process of using the services of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence as part of our digital marketing strategies.

Innovation is the key to the business as it helps in resolving the key issues being faced by the customers or clients and helps in staying ahead of your competitors in the market race to stay on top of your areas of expertise.

Chaitanya Nadigam

Mr. Chiatanya Nadigam – Empowering Innovations

He is a first-generation hands-on entrepreneur. After completing his Master’s Degree in Computer Science, he worked for Embedded Systems Solutions Ltd as an Embedded Linux Developer to get on hands experience and prove his mantle as a Linux Developer for embedded real-time systems market. He is responsible for growing the company from just two people to more than 50 people and into a profitable entity.

            As a founder of Emblix Solutions, he helped Emblix solutions during its seven years of journey in creating a history of sorts in delivering quality digital marketing services and other allied IT services such as web development, web designing, E-Commerce, Online Reputation Management, and Marketing Automation services and other latest technologies in the process of its digital marketing path. Mr. Chaitanya is also involved in getting the company in shape for future trends in Digital Marketing Industry and product development.

                  While talking about the need for innovation he says, “Innovation is the key to the business as it helps in resolving the key issues being faced by the customers or clients and helps in staying ahead of your competitors in the market race to stay on top of your areas of expertise. Innovation also helps in discovering new services, the invention of new products that help in exploring new markets.”

The founder of Apple, the late Steve Jobs’ success story inspires him a lot.

Words for rising entrepreneurs

The responsibilities of an entrepreneur rest on these five pillars especially in the field of digital marketing and these include

  • Building a sustainable, sellable and scalable business that means to ensure that my company will continue to grow at an exponential rate
  • Developing the best services that satisfy my customer or client needs and it also includes thinking about improvements on a day-to-day basis.
  • Continuous improvement of the business model resulting in continuous improvement and innovation in my business processes, services
  • Providing a healthy working environment at workplaces

The Workforce

Emblix Solutions follows or adheres to providing in-house training programs to its employees that help them learn new digital marketing trends and technologies. It also conducts training and internship programs to train new hires for their first or second jobs. In addition, Emblix Solutions provides a great working environment, gives its employees encouragement, salary packages as per current industry standards, and offers consistent opportunities to progress in terms of rewards and appraisals.

An overwhelming client experience

Emblix Solutions has until now has revamped the online presence of more than 3000 websites through their team of digital marketers, website designers, developers, and programmers. They have clients like Star Hospitals and Aliens Group among others have benefited from their digital marketing services and as such encouraged them through their positive comments, and reviews that resulted in the further expansion of their client base. 

To cope up with the rat race out there, Emblix as a provider of digital marketing services believes in building a brand on strong business fundamentals required for running a successful digital marketing firm or agency. They understand about developing a healthy relationship with their valuable customers by comprehending their needs.

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