Vikram Akepati– An Expert in Barite Sourcing

Vikram Akepati Emprada Mines and Minerals

Mining has been prevalent since pre-historic times and over the years has evolved to contribute to the economy. Mining activities contribute to a major part of the global economy.

As traditional as it can be, the mining industry has undergone modernization. And what has played a significant role in the growth of the sector are the economic reforms of 1991 and the 1993 National Mining Policy. This has given rise to several mining companies.

Emprada Mines and Minerals is one such company that particularly deals in providing API Grade Barite Powder and Barite Ore. Founded in the year 2016, Emprada Mines and Minerals is breaking the traditional mining standards by incorporating technology that has significantly transformed the businesses. The company deals with quality barite products.  Their infrastructure and logistics solutions have helped the company to stand strong in the mining end product landscape.  Mr. Vikram Akepati, President and CEO at the company, and his multi-skilled team is transforming the businesses as well as contributing to a booming economy with hard and smart efforts.

To become a market leader and provide exceptional quality barite mineral to current and prospective customers by capitalizing on our Mutual Commitments, Loyalty, Integrity, and Respect for each other.

Emprada Mines and Minerals’ Vision

Emprada mines and minerals is an API Certified Company, Directly sourcing from the world’s single largest barite mine extended over 225 hectares with more than 50 million tons of reserves, they are specialized in providing high-quality Barite Powder (up to 96% BaSO4) without any toxic materials to their clients. It is of premium quality and purity, which makes it all the more appreciable.

They conduct strict quality tests in their state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure the delivery of high-quality Barite Powder as per the API 13A and other industrial standards. Incorporated in 2016 with Head Quarters in Austin, TX, and Production Plant in Andhra Pradesh, India with over 50 full-time resources, they have made exponential development in the exports of Barite starting with 7000 MTS in 2016 to 150000 MTS in 2019.

Journey since Inception

The initial hurdles make a beautiful journey ahead. Emprada Mines and Minerals also faced many initial challenges that helped them to learn, improve, and create a unique position in the market today. It needs guts to run a business in a landscape where many competitors are running their businesses for more than 40 years. With innovation and collective smart efforts, Emprada Mines and Minerals took baby steps in a market with a holistic vision to become the number one barite powder provider.

Initially, when they started they struggled to bag an order to produce 4000 MTS per year. But down the line after 3 years they can produce 1, 50,000 MTS per Year. Being in a stagnated market this growth itself tells the story behind it. Here are some points that highlight Emprada Mines and Minerals’ growth until now.

    Financially the company has crossed 12M USD in sales in 3 years with 100% increment YOY for the last 3 years.

•    Emprada Mines and Minerals’ exports crossed 150000 MTS in FY 2018-19. They were recently awarded “Star Export House Certification”

•    They have built 5 manufacturing units and employed 50+ full-time employees. One of the highest in this business!

•    The company is awarded an API Monogram – Spec 13A certification by American Petroleum Institute, USA (Highest recognized certifying agency for Barites in the world) for having the best quality process.

The focus is firmly upon business development, innovation, and providing support for each new emerging international opportunity. They believe in working with their suppliers and customers on an open, honest, and transparent basis which helps to build mutual trust and long term relationships.

Emprada Mines and Minerals’ Mission

•    The company has achieved ISO 9001- 2015, ISO 14001-2015, OHASAS 18001-2015 for our quality standards.

Their comprehensive offerings

Being one of the top companies in the mining industry, Emprada Mines and Minerals has created a significant position in the market with the utmost range of comprehensive offerings. Emprada Mines and Minerals has developed its testing and quality control for delivering the high-standard end product. The company has fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratories, staffed by highly qualified and well-experienced technicians for barite sampling, testing, and analysis.

The company’s R&D teams along with the technicians always make genuine efforts to improve the quality of the end product. The lab is equipped for sampling and sample preparation, chemical analysis, flame photometer tests, sieve test, determination of specific gravity and bulk density, and high-temperature fusion tests. A highly skilled team of Emprada Mines and Minerals does a random sampling of the powder throughout the production cycle to maintain the standards.

The company offer Barite Powder- API Grade (4.10 SG & 4.20 SG), Barite Lumps (4.2, 4.1, 4.06, 3.99 SG or as specified by the client)

Emprada Mines and Minerals’ Infrastructure and Logistics

•    Barite Factory with five high speed 4 roller pulverizing mills

•    The in-house production capacity of 15,000 MT/Month

•    Covered warehouse & open storage area of 270,000 sq. ft for stocking

•    State of the art laboratory practices for superior quality control

•    Laboratory with full testing capabilities as per API 13A

•    Material Handling Equipment like Forklifts, Payloader, Excavator, Fleet of Trucks, Hydraulic & EOT Cranes

•    Manufacturing facilities are equipped with a variety of Customized Packaging solutions

•    Production facilities are located closer to the Port for easy transportation of jumbo bags

•    Tied-up with transporter companies for shipping of material to the seaport

•    They offer FOB from Indian seaports (Chennai and Krishnapatam) and CIF depending on the requirement

The factors behind the long-standing success of Emprada Mines and Minerals

Every business needs to be updated with the latest technologies and transform accordingly to stand strong in the market. Emprada’s team keeps a close watch on the changing industry trends by attending industry conferences as well as following the business magazines. The company keeps mining the data related to exports, geographies, shipping companies, and govt. /Industrial policies.

The R&D in an established business with cutthroat competition is the potential edge that they have over others and they have achieved this by innovation and doing things differently. The company has set up a State of the Art API Certified (Best in the industry) Quality Analysis Lab with qualified analysts to perform rigorous testing on the material to qualify for exports and maintain the highest quality standards.

The Workforce – Company’s Valuable Asset

We all know the famous saying “If you want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far, go together”. Unless you hear your workers out and address their issues and keep them motivated, visions do not turn into reality. Emprada Mines and Minerals provides periodic training to their staff that gives them challenging opportunities and helps them to perform better. Many times, handholding might be required to make them learn and they won’t hesitate to extend this support to upskill them.

If you want to Go Fast, Go Alone and if you want to Go Far, Go together

100% of the employees that the company has been local to the area where the company is located. The company is securing local employment and uplifting its living standards. Emprada Mines and Minerals has been generously contributing to the local schools and helping children to get a proper education.

The company grew from 3 members to 50 members in 3 years. There is always that satisfaction to see locals get employed and guided in the right direction. With the help of regular training and Quality policies, the employees are now equipped with the knowledge and expertise to face the daily challenges and come up with an optimal solution. This inclusive growth is the secret of the company’s success.

A forever promise

Emprada Mines and Minerals commits to the quality and delivery of what they agree upon. They believe in providing effective client engagement, optimal reporting, and realistic market/product insights to the customers. This makes them customers trusted partners.

The company adheres to the highest industry quality standards (API Spec 13A) and globally accepted 3rd party quality analysis companies to test and certify their products before delivery. Needless to say, any client expects nothing more than this. In addition to this,  the global expertise gained from Mr. Vikram’s corporate background is helping to gain the company an extra edge over other existing competitors.

Mr. Vikram Akepati – A Leader with the holistic vision

Mr. Vikram Akepati, President and CEO at Emprada Mines and Minerals, being a qualified Engineer passed out of USNW- Australia and having worked in Fortune 50 companies in the USA for over 15 years in decision making roles, have gained the expertise to handle the clients effectively. Though, everyone sources Barite from the same mine; the clear differentiators are the processes, quality aspects, and rigorous testing.

Further, seamless integration of different departments such as operations, logistics, port cargo handling, and export management gave them the edge over others to provide real-time data and on-time delivery to the end customers. He brought in the technology to the age-old existing process to improve product and process efficiency. Mr. Vikram says Elon Musk of SpaceX and Ritesh Agarwal of Oyo Rooms inspire him a lot. He admires those who have rational thinking and progressive thought process.

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