Binesh Balan- A Leader with Evolutionary Vision

Binesh Balan Oakcapita Advisory LLP

Oakcapita Advisory LLP – Evolutionary Vision

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are quite important sorts of external growth. In today’s globalized economy, mergers and acquisitions are being increasingly used all over as a method for achieving a bigger asset base, for entering new markets, generating greater market shares/additional manufacturing capacities, and gaining complementary strengths and competencies, to become more competitive within the marketplace.

The business world today is dynamic, and to strive in this fast-changing landscape, the companies to attain quality and excellence in their fields of operation. The prime objective of every company is its profitable growth and it is possible both internally as well as externally. Internal growth can be achieved either by the introduction or development of new products or by expanding or enlarging the capacity of existing products or also by sustained improvement in sales.

A couple of years ago, the Acquisitions of American-European institutions by the Indian companies were a rare sight. However, this situation has taken over a sudden U-turn. Nowadays the reports of Indian companies taking over foreign businesses are more common.  To empower businesses with the help of his vast experience in the field, Mr. Binesh Balan founded Oakcapita Advisory LLP in 2015 and since then, the firm has been operating smoothly in the landscape of M&A Advisory.

Oakcapita Advisory LLP is a boutique Middle Market M&A Advisory Firm, rendering seamless advisory services to clients seeking in-depth strategy, investing, and financial expertise.

Antecedent Hurdles

Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.

Zig Ziglar

A journey full of hurdles makes destiny more beautiful. Every successful business needs to go through different challenges and prove them to stand strong in the market. Oakcapita Advisory LLP also faced some major challenges initially.

In the era of rising boutique advisors, striking through the competition and creating a unique place in the market was a major challenge for the firm. Oakcapita Advisory LLP always tries to be ahead in the globalized market and stand out from the rest with its quality services.

Another challenging task for the firm was to secure interesting deals and get in chains to a globalized market as there are many endless opportunities to spread the wings. Global markets are more interconnected due to the increasing globalization of the M&A sector in general, which is the core focus service among other Investment Banking advisory services.

The Firm has faced numerous other challenges to date. But, what kept it going is its constant focus on turning those challenges into capitalizing opportunities. Now the firm has an average of 30% Y-o-Y growth. 

If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.

Thomas Aquinas

Factors behind the Firm’s Long-Standing Success-

The firm is providing many services to its valuable clients with insights, expertise, and experience through each step of the M&A process. The firm selects its deals after due liability preferring quality over quantity. It is investing in developing an upscale human capital to spot challenges and harness them into opportunities by using local and global knowledge to develop customized strategies fitted to each client in such a highly competitive market.

Range of Quality Offerings-

Oakcapita Advisory LLP provides its services in the fields of M&A Advisory, Capital Raise Advisory, and Due Diligence Services. So Oakcapita Advisory LLP can provide a holistic M&A/Capital raise solution.

Holding strategic global partnerships with numerous advisory Firms, the Firm is delivering its clients’ easy access to massive foreign capital markets. With an exclusive network of international investors, Oakcapita Advisory LLP is helping its clients to achieve their strategic intent of growth, expansion, cash flow generation, and profit maximization.

“Oakcapita Advisory LLP plans to have a direct presence in all key global markets. Expand team strength to cater to our ever-growing clientele.”

Mr. Binesh Balan, Founder, and CEO- The Master Brain-

Mr. Binesh Balan is the leading light behind the long-standing growth of the firm. Under his evolutionary vision, the firm is taking steps forward in the landscape of the investment banking industry.

 Balance is the key; however, it is needed to maintain high standards.

Mr Binesh Balan

With a vast experience of over a decade working in the Investment Banking industry; he brings in exemplary expertise across diversified areas including M&A, private equity & venture capital deals, and project finance. He possesses specializations in equity and debt syndication fundraising assignments, market entry strategies, JV’s, strategic tie-ups, and management consultancy specialized in GCC, Asian, and European markets. He is closely associated with leading Family Offices, Business groups, HNIs, Venture Capital Funds, and Private Equity Funds in the Middle East, Europe, the US, and Asia. He executes business operations between the countries of GCC, Europe, and India with the help of massive global market knowledge.

Under his leadership, the firm has risen from being a little-known start-up to a name to be reckoned with in the M&A advisory industry. The firm has been recognized as-

  • “Best Boutique M&A Advisory Firm in India – 2019”
  • “Outstanding Debt and Equity Firm of the Year 2019”
  • “10 Highly Trusted M&A Advisory Firms”

The Happening Work Environment-

A happy and happening workplace is just as essential for any company. Oakcapita Advisory LLP allows its employees to express themselves in real-life business scenarios. They believe the best learning happens with exposure and overcoming the various challenges rather than classroom learning. Key members of the team have risen to be well-accomplished professionals in their respective space/domains.

As Oakcapita Advisory LLP is pledged to deliver quality services to their valuable clients to grow their business, within a lesser time it became one of the top’s most trustworthy boutique middle-market M&A advisory firms.  The firm has quite a several overwhelming client experiences. The firm is highly focused and committed to integrating effective measures for developing customized growth strategies to help clients capitalize from complex challenges.

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