JUNE | 2022

Enterprising Companies of the Year

Enterprising Companies of the Year features,

TradFit was founded with a vision to ‘solve inequalities and disparities throughout the world.’ There are always issues to be tackled, they hope to contribute to solving the problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed. 

In their prospects, they plan to continuously contribute to the tourism and accommodation industry, but additionally to the aviation, restaurant, retail, and healthcare industries.

Overly focusing on growth alone would trap us in seeing nothing but sales and cause us to deviate from the ‘three goods’ principle (good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society) that TradFit values.

This is what fuels TradFit and its team’s innovation and dedication to provide products that are not only in sync with just one good, but has ‘three goods’ in them, leading to the overall growth of their clients, buyers, and our society!

In an insightful conversation with Mark Rekveld, Founder and Software Engineer, Marvelution. Get to know more about Marvelution, its services, and Mark’s professional journey. 

“Marvelution started as a hobby in 2007, because I was playing around with open source projects to increase my knowledge of them as they were not used on client projects that I was consulting on.”

Simon Semprini, CEO, and Co-Founder of TourScanner. TourScanner is the latest technological intervention in the Tour and Travel industry.

“TourScanner is the first meta-search engine for tours, attractions, and outdoor activities available in a specific travel destination. It works like Skyscanner and Trivago but specializes in tours and activities. 

Anyone from anywhere can use TourScanner to search from over 1.5 million deals worldwide — the largest catalog in the world and it keeps increasing. To date, TourScanner has more than 1.5 million unique visitors who are mostly from the United States and Europe.

As a passionate traveler, I had a realization that there was no online platform showing all tours and ticket offers for one particular tourist destination. I experienced the difficulty myself from having to jump from one website to another so I could compare prices, or negotiate prices on-site amid language barriers.”

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Opening the Revolution

Marvelution - Opening the Revolution Mark Rekveld

Simon Semprini

Your Travel Partner and Advisor!

TourScanner - Your Travel Partner and Advisor! Simon Semprini