Enterprising Women of the Year 2022 - Vol. 2

Enterprising Women of the Year 2022 - Vol. 2 features,

Luciana has completed her bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Planning from UNESP and later completed her MBA in Urban Design and International Business from the National University of California. After her formal education, she had never thought of reaching top heights when she began working. The beginning of her career started with a lot of energy, no money, and an enormous curiosity to see the world! She spent around 1.5 years traveling and getting to see other cultures, realities, and interpretation of a residence.

AHS Design Group‘s approach to architecture employs a collaborative approach to identify early in the process the owner’s unique ideas and/or business goals to help guide the design process. Their experiences include architecture and interior design for residential and small commercial projects in the greater Austin, Texas area. 

“Our creative solutions are budget minded and uniquely designed for each of our clients.”

AHS Design Group has been established in Austin since 2010. 

The team makes sure to go one extra step to please their clients and see a beautiful space/architecture as a result. AHS Design Group puts special attention on each individual project to ensure the best combination of form and function.

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Tania (Riahi) Amar, Founder, and CEO of CXP Consulting. 

At CXP consulting, the team works mostly with CEOs who want to take their company to the next business level, whether they need to raise funding, expand into new geographies or new vertical markets, or launch a new product. These executives understand that to lead a successful leap ahead they need to delineate a strong business strategy and implement it effectively. 

CXP Consulting is based in Israel, one of the most vibrant technology ecosystems often named the “Startup Nation”, where unique high-quality innovative solutions have the potential to revolutionize the world and even save lives (through hundreds of MedTech companies).

Unfortunately, too often they don’t succeed at making the outstanding impact they deserve. This is why we felt the call to do something about it and to work with these companies to help them reach their maximum potential and make a difference in the World. 

Penelope Przekop. She is the CEO of PDC Pharma Strategy. She is also the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) at Engrail Therapeutics. Penelope has showcased exceptional leadership, unleashing her expertise, and valuable experience in not only creating a successful company but also establishing a leading brand name!

PDC Pharma Strategy is a consulting firm that offers services to the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. We develop and execute risk-based strategies that support comprehensive global regulatory compliance throughout the drug development process and product lifecycle. 

A focus on innovative business and scientific strategies for drug development using technology has been a natural progression for most of the primary functional areas within pharma over the last 15 or so years. This includes finance, human resources, supply chain, clinical trial design, drug safety analysis, and operational processes. However, a critical area left behind in terms of strategic, innovative change has been how the industry documents and ensures regulatory compliance.

Leadership Talks

CXP Consulting

Coursing Your Company’s Future!

CXP Consulting -Coursing company’s future! Tania (Riahi) Amar

PDC Pharma Strategy

A New Dawn For The Pharma Industry!

PDC Pharma Strategy- A New Dawn for the Pharma industry! Penelope Przekop

EyeMail Inc.

Communication, Creativity, Innovation, And Immersion

EyeMail Inc.-Communication & Innovation Lisa S. Jones