Luciana Corwin- Architect by Choice, a Creative Perfectionist by Nature

AHS Design Group- Architecture with creativity Luciana Corwin

AHS Design Group-Luciana Corwin

Leadership comes with different mindsets. Some leaders enter the race to earn reputation and grow their business ten folds. While some enter the race just for the sheer satisfaction of putting a smile on their customer’s face. Because sometimes, the customer satisfaction comes with the greater good. It does not take much to make someone happy, all you need to do is comply with their demands and provide them with the best services. And there you are! You have earned yourself a badge of excellence already. 

Architecture is one such industry where competition is waiting for you as you enter through. With each individual wanting something out of the box, it becomes a difficult task for the designers to deliver a product that fits their expectations and also deliver a product that’s practical in nature. 

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of Enterprising Women of the Year is Luciana Corwin, a leader who is a creative perfectionist by nature and with her team, always strives hard to bring a big, bright smile on her customers’ faces. 

Luciana Corwin- Leading the Way-

“It is a great satisfaction to see that all the thoughts that were done during the design phase have worked out nice, and it has been built. Also, it gives me a high satisfaction to see my client excited and proud about their house! This is what makes me keep going on every new project!”

Luciana has completed her bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Planning from UNESP and later completed her MBA in Urban Design and International Business from the National University of California. After her formal education, she had never thought of reaching top heights when she began working. The beginning of her career started with a lot of energy, no money, and an enormous curiosity to see the world! She spent around 1.5 years traveling and getting to see other cultures, realities, and interpretation of a residence.

These 1.5 years spent travelling and learning more about the other cultures turned out to be a truly enriching experience for her, the one that helped her lay the foundation of her design house. This helped her open up her mind to new, fresh and vibrant ideas. With one job at hand, Luciana kept working on several other projects and gained new learnings and experiences through each one. 

When she had just started out and was in her learning stages, where all she looked out for was good experience and meeting new people to expand her networks, Luciana also followed job sites, and also worked without any compensation there, with the only intention of giving her best. 

“I comprehended which project had great scope and potential and waited for it to show results.”

Luciana then dove into the business, she did this by converting her designs that fit perfectly and the resultant would look just like any ordinary house. She then also used these project details in her professional portfolio for a number of years ahead and gained the trust of many other people who were then converted to her clients. This also gave her an upper edge in the game and helped her gain many more clients. 

Under promise and over deliver. Depending on your product, you have people’s dreams, life, and expectations in your hands. AHS Design Group’s responsibility is not just material but people’s emotions primarily. So the team has a responsibility to provide a good and pleasant experience in the process. 

“Building a house is not just an investment but it is also, many times, a life dream that we help to create and make it happen.”

Challenges that Built a Strong Foundation-

Knocking down several challenges and looking up to only the opportunities that would ultimately benefit her, Luciana has gained her reputation with every new project she signed. Every new project that came in, came as a great opportunity disguised as a challenge. And all of it needed being on your toes at all times, and bring out quick solutions to reach to the best results in no time. 

What she realized with each project that she took up was that for efficient services and to reap the best results, one needs to value knowledge and competency. There will be a lot of people on the way who will try to put you down, or even take advantage of you, but if you put dedicated efforts towards your work, these set-backs will hardly make a difference to you on your journey. 

Being a woman in this male-dominated market niche was a difficult path to tread on. When she started out, everyone thought of her just as a decorator, but after she started her work in full swing, people became aware of the creative spirit of her after which they understood her true capabilities. 

“I believe that the one who always does the right thing, using his best potential, and keeps faith in themselves, will always gain great success.”

She firmly believes that determination helps you find ways. A determined and a focused mind is always looking out for answers to even the toughest of questions and from the corners of it all, there is always an answer hidden there somewhere. Her strong will power to face all the odds boldly and stand out as an influential businesswoman serves as a true inspiration to all.  

AHS Design Group- Designs that Reflect Passion-

AHS Design Group‘s approach to architecture employs a collaborative approach to identify early in the process the owner’s unique ideas and/or business goals to help guide the design process. Their experiences include architecture and interior design for residential and small commercial projects in the greater Austin, Texas area. 

“Our creative solutions are budget minded and uniquely designed for each of our clients.”

AHS Design Group has been established in Austin since 2010

The team makes sure to go one extra step to please their clients and see a beautiful space/architecture as a result. AHS Design Group puts special attention on each individual project to ensure the best combination of form and function.

The entire team of AHS Design Group understands the commitment from their clients trusting their project in AHS Design Group hands. This makes the team further motivated to make sure they are not just satisfied with the results and the project is buildable with in the client’s budget. 

Today, AHS Design Group provides architectural services to people, mainly for residential projects and small commercials buildings in Austin. The firm has been running for 10 years and about 98% of its clients are referral. 

“The biggest mark of success for us is that AHS Design Group first clients are still working with us!”

AHS Design Group Strong Legacy of Creative Solutions-

“Our job is to deliver to its clients more than what they are expecting.”

At AHS Design Group Designs, it is always about giving the client a perfect home. Remodelling the existing house, or even a new home that they have bought, it is always a big step in their lives, or maybe a life dream. At AHS Design Group, they value their clients’ dreams and how hard they have worked to get the new house/home. That is where the team’s motivation comes from, to make their customers’ dreams a reality, and a rather beautiful one. 

The team takes it as their responsibility to be aware of the importance of each of their projects, work on it, brainstorm the best solutions they can come up with and then deliver it with utmost efficiency. 

“Our only motto is to make our clients happy!”

There have been numerous changes in the lifestyle of people, post COVID, and with it even the house designs have taken a great shift. Including Home Offices, Study Rooms for their kids among many other have now become some of the prime requests for the constructions of new houses. And helping people through it all, AHS Design Group Designs has always been there for their customers, presenting them with custom homes, residential and small commercial projects. 

“I get excited with my clients in every job: small or big. During the design process, I try to come up with feasible solutions that will meet the needs and get them excited about the house. And when I see them excited, I am excited too. There are 2 moments that mostly enjoy: seen the owner’s joy and the project completed!”

How to Lead the Luciana Way!

“Well, I see success because of a passion. I never started my company focusing on the results. I started my company with one project: I enjoy working on this project, fully engaged, and committed to the best I could do. Once it was done, I celebrated the result! Then came the second, the 80th and I still take each of them as a unique experience and that is what get me motivated and growing. The return comes, because your work shows the time and investment you made on each project. So looking for alternatives and strategies are just part of the process.”

Luciana’s Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“Every individual must have an unnerving passion for what they do!”

When you have an undying passion for something, and in entire honesty, something that you really love, work becomes more of an enjoyment, achievement and a great learning experience, than just another job. If you put all your heart in a project, the results of it are always going to be more than satisfactory, and you can always go an extra mile to make it the best and perfect in every way. 

A passion for houses, solutions, environments and beauty are always something different, something that defy the normality. What you must keep in your minds is that not always grand gestures are appreciated, sometimes even a simple design can do the work and also have a great impact on lives. 

Your enthusiasm towards you work speaks everything for you, so you should always keep working and the rightful compensation will come your way, once when people start recognizing your work. 

“The best applaud for my work was when I see my work published somewhere I don’t even know!”

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