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Abhishek Parakh CEO & MD - EquityPandit Leading Equity Research Company in India

Everyone knows about the huge earnings from stocks. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Many times even big-giants in the stock market get upset and new players are able to earn great profits. Many people drown their money by following the opinion of here and there about investing.

To secure tomorrow, everyone thinks about investing today. The wealth earned from hard efforts cannot be just invested without proper knowledge.

It was quite hard to find a trustworthy equity solutions company to deal with. In 2005, with the inception of EquityPandit, the search for a trustworthy equity research company to rely on had an end.

Mr. Abhishek Parakh CEO & Managing Director at EquityPandit is a master brain behind the long-standing growth of the company and he is making efforts to help people to boost up futures financially.

EquityPandit was founded in the year 2005 and today, it is the Leading Equity Research Company in India. The company specializes in the business of analysis, information, and intelligence. EquityPandit offers a diversified range of products and services according to the difference in the needs of an investor and a trader.

Series of Initial Hurdles

Nowadays an Equity Research company is not a very new thing to people. But it was not a cakewalk initially. After facing a big loss on his personal investment, Mr. Parakh realized the need for professional investment advice and studied, experimented and paper traded for a long time before getting back to the market. And, here was the genesis of the idea of professional guidance to traders and investors that he was missing in the early days.

Initially, the traffic was low, and it was gaining some traction but not to his expectation. But, the number of followers and readers was increasing and gained huge traction in 2008 when the market saw a sharp fall and people started looking for expert advice.

EquityPandit’s services range from small to big traders and Investors, part-time to full-time traders, short term to long term investors

And the growth started…

The number of followers and readers were increasing and gained huge traction in 2008 when the market saw a huge fall, and people started looking for expert advice. Many investors and traders lost a huge sum of money. Many of Mr. Parakh’s blog readers managed to book profits and were holding cash in hand by predicting the downfall. That was the time when traders understood the need for professional advice. This was the point that triggered the growth of EquityPandit. EquityPandit grew by word of mouth and they saw a sharp increase in the number of followers.

EquityPandit has grown at around 100% per annum since inception. The company was bootstrapped, and now it has turned into a multi-million-dollar company. Today, it is the leading Equity Research Company in India.

The factors behind EquityPandit’s long-standing success

During his professional career, Mr. Parakh met Darpan Shah, a genius in trading and investing and Subhash Dhayal, a technology expert, who co-founded the company along with him. Together, they have faced all the ups and downs of the business and encouraged each other to challenge the norms and making sure that they never forget their values and ethics. Since then they kept on growing and never looked back.

Mr. Parakh believes that honest and professional services are the biggest reason for the company’s long-standing success. They make sure that the services are as per the needs of the clients. Honesty and Integrity build the foundation of Trust. The firm never guaranteed exorbitant profits but what they guarantee is the best services. People at EquityPandit make sure that their recommendations are well analysed by highly qualified and experienced analysts and also they make sure that their valuable customers get the best support, every time.

Range of quality offerings

EquityPandit’s services range from small to big traders and Investors, part-time to full-time traders, short term to long term investors. Basically, they cater to all types of traders and investors in India. What makes them different is that the firm offers customized solutions as per the profile of the clients. Their services are customized based on the customer’s age, financial capability to take the risk, willingness to take risks, knowledge, and awareness so that customers get the best possible returns from their investments.

EquityPandit’s quality services include:

•    Low risk and Fixed Income services

•    Moderate Risk and Capital appreciation services

•    High growth services for aggressive traders and Investors

•    HNI services

EquityPandit has always been at the front in the use of innovative technology. They are working for support automation via support bots and fast track support systems so that customers’ issues can be resolved immediately. Also, they are working on the mathematical models, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Artificial Intelligence for Research Automation. Additionally, EquityPandit is planning to venture into international markets by 2022.

EquityPandit has always been at the front in the use of innovative technology.

EquityPandit’s Key Achievements

•    EquityPandit was the first company to launch 24 hours’ free helpdesk for traders and investors across the Country-Ask the Analyst.

•    EquityPandit has been the first company to provide real-time advice across the globe using its Real-Time App.

•    EquityPandit has bagged several awards like the Best MSME Award 2017, Professional Financial Services of the Year 2018 and Leading Equity Research Company in India by News 24 Channel and topped the list among 25 Fastest-Growing Market Research Companies in India by The CEO Magazine.

•    Feedspot has ranked EquityPandit as 36th most famous Investment advice website on the planet with almost 3 million page views.

The CEO and MD, Mr. Abhishek Parakh says, “I was lucky enough to find a few excellent and capable people around me, to work together. Their hard work, support, and concern for the company has built the brand you see today”

Few of his entrepreneurial achievements are:

•    India’s 500 fastest growing CEO Award 2017 under the SME category.

•    50 Most Influential Financial Services Marketing Professional award by CMO Asia.

•    Named as 100 Top BFSI Leaders by ET Now and World BFSI Congress.

The unique team, driven by passion

EquityPandit is a team of 100+ qualified professionals in different segments including research, sales, HR, IT. The team includes highly qualified and experienced Technical Analyst and Mathematicians, who hold over 5-10 years of expertise in technical, fundamental analysis.

EquityPandit never considered their team members as employees; everyone acts as a founder of the company and gets the same facilities and respect. Every member considers his/her own company and equally cares about brand identity.

At EquityPandit, everyone’s words are precious and suggestions are always welcomed. This helps them to keep the work environment healthy.

Words from Mr. Abhishek Parakh, the CEO & MD

‘Well done is better than well said’.

Mr. Abhishek Parakh says, “Because I am an absolute result-oriented person, this quote inspires me the most. I believe, as an entrepreneur, rather than speaking big, it is important that you plan well, take a calculated risk, execute well and achieve what was planned. The risk-taking quality is something that keeps us motivated to get going despite failures. Any successful business is a product of good times and bad times, so what is important is not to lose hope, and take chances, rather than waiting for the right time.

A strategy is a plan of action, and a plan of action is the need for any business to become successful. And constant vigilance is even more important to us because it is something without which any equity research and the advisory firm cannot sustain in the market.”

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