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Herrington Technology – Accelerating Technology Business Solutions. SAP is the abbreviation of Systems Applications and Products which is also the other name of the German software product often referred to as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. SAP Software was founded in 1972, and is a system that has a number of fully integrated modules. These modules virtually cover every aspect of the business management. So how exactly does SAP ERP make business processes easier?

So when you think of an enterprise, you can’t simply ignore the core processes in it. These are all conveniently include the finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain management, and many other services of an SAP system. So, what an ERP does is integrate these processes into one unified system.

The newer versions of the ERP systems are now digital. They have incorporated the latest in digital technologies like big data, IoT, machine learning and AI that will provide intelligence, efficiency and visibility among all the aspects of the business.

Founded by Valery Herrington, Herrington Technology is an established name in the SAP Solutions Industry. Founded in the year 2009, the company is headquartered in Manhattan, New York.

The Inception –

Valery Herrington started Herrington Technology with as much as nothing, from the ground up. It was started in the year 2009, which was also the worst recession period the world faced and Valery kicked off the establishment with neither any finances nor any other kind of resources.

“Building Herrington Technology is more of a destination than a journey.”

Throughout the journey there have been many challenges and bad patches. During the crash of 2009, the people faced a financial and socio-economic crisis. The people had a hard time coping up with and understanding the overall impact of the recession. But the Herrington Technology team drove through it and that is where one can find the DNA and the firm roots of the company embedded. Of course it was not a one night success, building this multi-channel technology platform took time and focused effort.

“For that you need to be “in the moment” at all times and working on the next, Valery says.”

Herrington Technology is a SAP solutions providing firm that operates in the competitive ERP industry. Although, compared to other firms with the services and solutions in the same niche, Herrington Technology stands out by the diversity they provide in the SAP ERP solutions than anyone else. This success of the company is fuelled by the expertise of its founder, Valery Herrington. With her expertise in the industry, she leads and inspires the team with real insights and also with her hands on work ethic.

Products and Services –

Herrington Technology’s brand label products and services are homegrown and unique to the company. They have differentiated in solution and service delivery with their brand label PCAAS solution.

The firm provides advanced SAP solutions which can be customized and tailored and the size of it can vary according to the client demands. The SAP Business Software Channel of Herrington Technology consists of the top implementation expertise, software, advisory, integration and extensions/components that promise for the best in class delivery. Herrington Technology is dedicated to directly serve each client’s core business objectives. These include the growth of business revenue and also the client base for the disposal of the ERP SAP systems.

Herrington Technology offers a wide range of services and solutions suited for its customers at a global level. 

  • Enterprise ERP Program and Project Management (SAP Accelerated Implementations).
  • Executive Strategic & Trusted Advisor Services.
  • Enterprise Technology Architecture and Design.
  • SAP Software Reseller.
  • SAP HANA Implementation Services.
  • SAP IBM Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and FIN Tech Implementation Services and Solutions.
  • New and Leading Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity, Data Protection (backup/recovery), Data Storage & Encryption.
  • World Class Telecom Services and Solutions (budget focused alternatives).
  • Herrington Technology Brand Label Services and Solutions: PCAAS©
  • Endpoint protection, business continuity, data protection and cyber security solutions and services (MSP).
  • Data center (Telecom/connectivity, evaluations, assessments, services, facility/infrastructure and support).
  • Specialized SAP Business Software Packages, Deployments and Technology.
  • Win shuttle Data Loading Software and Deployments.
  • Emerging Technology Integration (includes mobile, social media and big data).
  • Technology Software and Hardware Solution Right-Sizing.
  • Quantum Processing Services.

The Company provides their unique tech solutions globally, and some of their customers include the small, medium and large Fortune 90 companies. Their diverse clientele operates across a wide range of industries. This diversity their clientele brings in, lines up with Herrington Technology’s overall approach to the delivery of SAP and other business channel solutions.

“Our customer loyalty program is at the core of our delivery model. By deploying in a customer-centric fashion we are able to achieve a high level of happiness in employment roles.”

There pose a number of challenges in the SAP Solutions industry. In order to make a difference, the SAP Solution providers have to make sure that they leverage each opportunity and interaction with the client to make it count. The reason Herrington Technology has been able to stay ahead today even with all the competition persisting, is because of the innovations it brings to the table. The way Herrington Technology has introduced a number of unique factors and features to the services they provide has been remarkable and has also played a key role in giving them a competitive advantage.

“The industry churn rate is a big challenge today. There are a lot of “moving parts” in terms of industry factors and movements that require exceptional expertise, determination and training to master.”

What the Future Holds –

Herrington Technology SAP, with the innovative services and solutions they provide has a promising future. The company now aims to take its SAP solutions to the next level by helping their clients in transforming their businesses with migrations, scalability, and delivery in digital transformation.

With the introduction of their first brand label solution that rolls out to specific matching clients, the company’s capability in business further expands and gives the clients and the customers in the SAP and ERP space a differentiated opportunity.

The company operates in multiple industries since their channels of operation have grown year to year. We see and experience the dynamics and churn typically associated with new and emerging technology sectors today.

“I wanted to do business differently, using the best of my skills and talents.”

The SAP industry is growing both, organically and inorganically. SAP in Supply Chain Management market currently has a market share of 25%. As much as 74% of the world’s business transactions are in touch with the SAP technology. SAP ERP is a highly developed and sophisticated solution. It is a consolidation platform for reporting and a highly integrated solution for the BEST in financial reporting that is real-time to the financial reports and bookings that drive the industry.

There have been many challenges and struggles to this point. The new challenges will vary by organization. There are too many factors involved to be able to clearly outline every challenge as it is encountered by firms today.

“We are very excited for the future and have many plans in store. The industries we have operated in continue to advance and we are looking forward to it.”

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