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Amit-Maheshwari-CEO, Founder & MD-Softlink Global

Softlink Global was founded in the year 1992, with the aim to provide software solutions to the Customs Brokers Globally. They started with their first DOS-based software application Impex which instantly became hugely popular among Customs Broker community in India. In the process they successfully proved themselves to be an indispensable ally to the industry by simplifying complex Customs Processes. Soon after the success of the software they realized the challenges faced by the other verticals of the logistics industry and made the mission to Simplify the Entire Supply Chain Industry. Their vision led them to develop Visual IMPEX, Visual AKASH, and Visual SAMUDRA. All their applications were runaway successful. Softlink’s latest Cloud application Logi-Sys is aimed to Digitalise and Integrate End-to-End operation of entire Logistics Industry including   Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Transporters, Warehouse, and 3PL/4PL Operators, CFS, etc. in more than 45+ countries. The highlight of truly browser-based application is its ability to provide unmatched control over entire operations while helping companies to be fully compliant with ever-changing regulations and integrating with all business partners.

The mastermind behind the long standing growth of the Softlink Global is its founder and managing Director Mr Amit Maheshwari. Under his evolutionary and innovative vision, Softlink’s team is making efforts to empower businesses in the field of logistics.

The Inception

Back in the ’90s when the typewriters were predominantly used for business transactions and computers were rarely seen, they noticed that complying with Customs regulations was a big challenge. They realized that newly introduced IBM microcomputers running on Microsoft DOS (Disk Operating System) can automate the cumbersome manual paper works which can simplify the customs clearance process.

Softlink’s idea of creating the software was soon realized and when their initial customers started using IMPEX, other custom brokers noticed computerized documents and started making inquiries, Softlink Global realized the potential of its revolutionary software. During those days, computers were very costly and were considered a luxury. Making them buy a computer and then make them pay 18000 INR (3000 USD at that time) was a herculean task. Their conviction and persistence paid and soon IMPEX became hugely successful and Softlink became synonymous with Customs Automation. From that time Softlink has been innovating and creating Software that became Gold Standard in the Logistic Industry. Their foresight to sense future trends has kept them ahead of the competition for the last two decades. Softlink’s success mantra, EVOLVE has helped its latest application Logi-Sys to become as critical as the operating system to the logistics industry with the potential to bring entire operations of an enterprise on a single platform.

And the growth started…

Softlink Global named its first product as IMPEX the name was coined by reversing EXIM which is an abbreviation for exports and Imports. That was the era of DOS. IMPEX, and they shared the majority of the customs brokerage market. Softlink’s people were ecstatic when they had their first client R S Rangnekar & Co. to use customs software. Since its inception, Softlink never looked back and continually evolving with changing trends in the technology for logistics and supply chain industry. Their flagship product Logi-Sys was developed to transform the operations of the Freight Forwarders, Warehouses, Transporters, and 3Pl/ 4PL logistics operators to enable them with disruptive technologies to efficiently run their business. Softlink now caters to 4500+ clients; in 45+ different countries with over 1lakh+ user. Excellent customer service is the hallmark of Softlink Global that instigates the growth of the company.

Factors behind Softlink’s long-standing success

In earlier times, the logistics industry was majorly dependent on manual operations to move goods around the world, and currently, the industry is registering paradigm shift with automation and dynamic customer demands. 

At Softlink, they believe their success can be attributed to their ability to foresee the requirement of the industry even before the industry starts realizing.

Right from inception in 1992, when they realized that the custom brokers were facing a huge challenge to comply with cumbersome customs regulations, Software can make their life easy they came up with their customs clearance software IMPEX.

Again sensing the upcoming changes in technology and customers’ requirements they developed Cloud Application Logi-Sys to provide a single software solution to digitalise the entire operations of the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. Considering the facts of Business at Go we have evolved their system in such a way that mobility of your business is convenient with anytime anyplace and any device.

Softlink’s employees are an integral part of their success, which put their relentless services in Research & Development, implementation and support to handhold clients throughout. Softlink Global provides its employees the opportunity to grow within the organization where they gain rightful skills, training to always remain updated with the latest technologies. Above all, they believe in allowing their talents the freedom to explore and bring creativity, thus creates belongingness and passion for work.

Definitely, customers are the pillars of existence and Softlink’s support team ensures that they guide them not only during implementation but deliver exceptional customer support 24X7 regardless of the size of the organization. With their constant innovation spirit, they are always technologically updated and keep their valuable customers always ahead in their business with regular training & development programs.

The Quality Offerings

Softlink’s flagship product Logi-Sys was developed by keeping in mind the complexities of the logistics industry. Their emphasis has always been to develop a system to provide logistics operators with a single system to manage end-to-end operations of the logistics industry.

The system is as critical as an operating system for the freight forwarder and logistics industry that can manage sales, operations, financial accounting, Customs Broking and customer interactions notification under a single platform. The technology uniqueness is that it can manage accounting, sales, and CRM, billing, alerts notification and tracking facilities on a single user-friendly dashboard. Softlink’s product Logi-Sys can adapt to the dynamic and complex industry with ease and streamline your business to bring productivity and increase revenue like no other technology in the market. The product is scalable and can cater to the need of all scale of logistics operators from a single office and single country to multiple offices across multiple countries.

Softlink Global taking a step forward with…

Today, Softlink’s Logi-Sys is implemented in logistics companies across more than 40+ countries to digitalize their entire Logistics and Supply Chain operators to ensure an unmatched increase in productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction. Logi-Sys not only eliminates the bottlenecks, delays, and duplication of efforts, but also enables the logistics operators to enhance employee productivity by over 40%, and real-time accurate intelligent business making capabilities reduces cost by 30-50% thus increasing margins and profits.  Softlink is working with its dexterous team to bring more efficiency for Freight Forwarders, Transporters, Warehouse, and 3PL/4PL operators to scale up efficiency and reduce operational cost for any size of operators. They are also sincerely focussing on the expansion of the newer emerging markets of Africa, Europe, Canada and Korea which can leverage their products to operate the logistics and supply chain business.  

Softlink’s exceptional Customer Support is the key differentiator factor that keeps them ahead of the competition. They are always the pioneer in bringing the latest technology in the market to keep their customers ahead in their business that helps them to leverage the recent technological development to achieve maximum benefits at optimal cost.

What the future holds!

Softlink Global always envisioned easing out the process of the logistics industry since its inception and considering current technological scenarios in the business “Digital Fitness” is the prerequisite for every business including the logistics and supply chain industry. They always ensure that they bring the latest innovation in the market that is integrated and bundled with innovative products and offerings. Their most advanced features of Mobile Applications help to track and trace every movement and take instant business decisions from anywhere at any time. Softlink Global provides Customer Visibility Portal to gain access to track shipments, manage daily activities to efficiently run the operations and gain visibility on the ongoing processes and make informed business decisions to seize the revenue leakages. 

A changeover in the field of logistics & supply chain

Currently, the logistics and supply chain industry is recording a paradigm shift in the market trends and customers expect to have complete visibility of their business transactions in real-time and organizations of every scale expect to manage entire business from a single dashboard. Upcoming technologies like shipment tracking system enables 24*7 shipment tracking and monitoring, advanced reporting systems to customers allows intelligent business reporting, and nowadays many devices are WI-FI enabled with internet connectivity which facilitates Internet of Things (IoT) to reduce delays and errors and latest RFID technology helps in real-time tracking and managing inventory of cargo and bring more efficiency in the industry.

Softlink’s advanced software is a comprehensive ERP platform of Logi-Sys is a key enabler to manage Financial Accounting, Sales & Marketing, and CRM modules with additional alerts and notification features to manage entire business in a single system.  Our system eliminates data duplication, delays in compliance to reduce overall manual hours to increase employee productivity by 40% with real-time operational and financial control to gather intelligent business reports and analysis to make critical decision within seconds which would take few minutes for humans thus helps to reduce cost by 30 to 50% for higher customer satisfaction. The future of logistics and supply chain industry will rely on better Management of Credits, Cash Flow and superior customer service with automated technology which provides intelligent business reporting tools and freedom to drive business at anytime from anywhere across any devices.   

Coping with the drastic changes in the industry

In today’s global economy, changes in customer behavior, open markets, competitors and new regulations are causing a high dynamic of changes in the market. Over 25 years of experience have made Softlink that digitization is mandated in every sphere of our life and logistics is not an exception and the growth towards success is to evolve every day.

The core of every innovation is evaluating the customer’s need and creating the opportunity to implement end to end digitization to stimulate growth by delivering improved customer experience. It is important to provide integrated solutions for the successful implementation of future compliant trade processes. Isolated solutions are usually not sustainable and cannot meet the requirements in terms of customer focus and efficient processes. When it comes to implementation, all departments need to work together and technology plays a key facilitator in this regard. Softlink’s robust system is highly orchestrated to enable the LSPs with Sales and CRM, Financial Accounting, Billing with transparency and visibility.

I believe, in today’s scenario we should start accepting that technological adaptation as an investment in the business to reap better returns in future.

Mr. Amit Maheshwari

Constant Vigilant is definitely needed to ensure that the enterprise do not suffer or get backlogged in its business model.  Mr Amit says, “I have seen companies rise and fall, a constant check and strategic capabilities on disruptive future builds a flexible and adaptable organization resulting in improved customer service.  Also for employees to take ownership and responsibility there is a need for constant vigilant just to nurture, value and manage their morale.”

Mr. Amit Maheshwari, CEO & MD

After completing his graduation in Electronics Engineering Mr. Amit started working for a Customs Brokerage Company and soon he started to understand the complexities and challenges the Logistics Industry was facing. He realized the potential to bring automation to the complex operations and developed the first product with the name IMPEX to automate the customs clearance process. His ‘Eye for Details’, Technical and Creative skills and Commercial Awareness led to Softlink to become successful in every software product is created. Softlink’s windows desktop solution for Customs Brokers, Air Cargo, and Sea Freight operators were a runaway success. Now their Logi-Sys is getting huge appreciation in the global logistics industry. Today Mr. Amit participate regularly in Industry events across to world to share his knowledge and experience and explore new ideas and technology for the future of the industry.

Mr. Amit says, “Softlink is among very few IT company which has created an End-to-End system that can be implanted across the world without any requirement of any changes and that too I’m less than a month. The comprehensive ERP platform can manage Financial Accounting, Sales & Marketing, CRM and alerts and notification in a single system. So far over 100000+ users in 4500 clienteles from different vertical like Freight Forwarders, Warehouses, Transporters, and 3PL/4PL logistics and supply chain operators globally have successfully implemented the system.”

Henry Ford founder of “Ford Motor Company” in the year 1889 came with the vision of making quality cars available and affordable for the majority. Building cars was a tremulous task and with a vision to bring revolution and envision transforming the motor industries he brought assembly line concept which brought down the production cost and eventually the cost of the cars. As Mr. Amit says, he drew inspirations from the ideas and thinking process which he inculcated in his entrepreneurial journey.

Mr. Amit Maheshwari is truly a book lover. He says, “A book, the legendary Godfather by Mario Puzo has a long-standing influence on me, the book and characters narratives of Don Corleone and his influential capacities and policies have always been inspiring for me. Puzo’s writing is natural, exceptional narration, his real characters; the story is unmatched in bringing several real life examples that steers my personal life as well as in businesses.”

Mr. Amit Maheshwari believe that the competition is healthy which helps to strive for the best and evolve every day.

The Key Achievements

Softlink carries the legacy of over two decades of expertise in the logistics and supply chain industry which makes them the pioneers in bringing innovation in the logistics industry in India. Currently, they are responsible for 75-80% of the successful customs transactions in India.  Softlink Global always envisioned to remain a leader in global logistics and supply chain technology solutions which inspired them to work hard and with their dedicated efforts, they now regulatory compliant in more than 40+ countries across the globe. Being number one for the last two decades gives immense satisfaction. Another area where they are successful in creating and nurturing talent. Many of Softlink’s teammates are with them for the last twenty-five years which makes them highly passionate about what they do which is key to Softlink’s success.

The Skilled Workforce

Softlink has always endeavoured on high values and ethics with all its employees and we have laid a strong foundation for high retention of our employees across our branches. Softlink’s employees are highly motivated, creative and informed with the latest technological know-how that brings uniqueness to the product and understands every minuscule detail to bring efficiency in their customer’s business processes. Softlink’s team is always ready to dive into the changing trends and adopt quickly to serve their customers’ requirements with a 24*7 support team.

Overwhelming Client Experience

Unlike other service providers, Softlink shares a very collaborative and regularly engaging relationship with its customers. The partnership Softlink Global forge with them goes much beyond the conventional customer-vendor one. There are several experiences where they have gone beyond the brief in providing solutions to their customers. One such customer needed immediate assistance from their technical and support team in finalising his accounts as the filing of tax records was reaching the deadline. The team put all their resources to provide guidance in achieving it bringing much to the relief of the customer. In matters of regulatory changes, they have taken a consultative approach to customers in deciphering the policies for documentary compliance. Such credible and reliable information transfer has won them accolades and much appreciation from their valuable customers.

Factors affecting logistics industry processes

Globalization and advances in technology have changed the way we do business. Traditional logistics and supply chain models are changing their strategies and adopting technology to provide low-cost on-demand delivery service. To align with the ever-evolving customer expectations companies are shifting their operating dynamics from traditional opaque activities to completely transparent operations. Shippers are no longer satisfied with just visibility they expect full transparency. This requires deep industry expertise, technologies, and vision along with experience to help logistics companies to digitalize entire internal operations while tightly integrating with Shipper’s Supply Chains.

Slowly another technological advancement like IOT Devices, Drones, Robots, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality is becoming a reality. Like always Softlink is continuously evolving to meet the dynamic market changes and customer demands. To take advantage of the new technology it is important that the logistics industry should increase the pace of adaption and embrace new technology faster to stay relevant. Mr Amit Maheshwari believe that the competition is healthy which helps us to strive for the best and evolve every day. In this age of globalization and digitalization success depends on sensing the upcoming dynamic changes in the market and finding the right opportunity to stand ahead by becoming the pioneer in competition. He says, “In my professional journey I have always tried to understand the pain areas of my customers and came up with solutions to keep our customers ahead in their business that helps them to leverage on the recent technological development to achieve maximum benefits at optimal cost.” Customer is the king and delivering improved customer service is Softlink Global’s key differentiator factor that keeps them ahead in competition.

Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently

Shiv Khera

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