Extrieve Sets New Standard with Innovative Work from Home Policy

[New Delhi, July 20, 2023] Extrieve Sets New Standard with Innovative Work from Home Policy, Inspiring Indian IT Industry to Prioritize Employee Well-being

Extrieve, a leading player in the imaging and AI, enterprise document management, and workflow domains, has unveiled workplace policies that serve as a benchmark for the rest of the Indian IT industry. With a focus on balancing the interests of employees and employers while meeting customer commitments, Extrieve’s new policies offer unparalleled flexibility and empowerment.

As part of their new Workplace Policies, Extrieve has introduced both Work from Home (WFH) and Work from Office (WFO) options. The WFH policy enables employees to work from home for up to 60 days in a year. This is much more flexible and employee-friendly than the more common 2 or 3 mandatory office workdays every week. By empowering employees to choose where they work, Extrieve aims to create a harmonious work-life balance that fosters greater satisfaction and productivity.

Notably, Extrieve’s policy empowers employees who need to travel to their hometowns for extended periods. By eliminating the need for unnecessary leaves or disruptions, employees can seamlessly work from home, ensuring work commitments are met without compromising their personal obligations.

As with most other HR policies at Extrieve, the supervisor plays a key role. To avail themselves of work-from-home for any period, an employee only needs the approval of their supervisor.

Supervisors are expected to be the best judges for ensuring work commitments are not compromised and employee motivation is maintained.

As the industry continues to evolve, Extrieve remains at the forefront of redefining workplace flexibility and employee empowerment. By setting a new precedent with their innovative policies, Extrieve seeks to inspire other Indian IT companies to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their employees, fostering a more inclusive and progressive work environment.

About Extrieve:

Extrieve is a specialized provider of document management solutions, offering stable engineered products and tailored solutions to a select group of discerning customers.

Apart from PowerFile – Unique document management system, Extrieve also provides SDKs or technology components related to capture, generation or processing of documents.

The following are some of the major technological components.

For media inquiries, please contact: Email: info@extrieve.com Website: www.extrieve.com

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