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Mansi Rana MD EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings IT Services is a 360-degree Digital Agency based out of Noida & USA. EZ Rankings happens to be one of the pioneering, creative, and most importantly client-friendly digital service providers in the market. Quite unlike their other contemporaries in this field, they work towards the satisfaction of their clients and delivering the highest quality standards. EZ Rankings take pride in their strong portfolio of highly gratified clientele, thus continually driving innovation across industry verticals.

In a candid talk with Mansi Rana, Managing Director at EZ Rankings let’s discover more about the company and her thoughts about the IT landscape.

  • What were the initial challenges you faced? 

Trust Establishment. There is no doubt that it’s a highly competitive domain & you can easily find hundreds of companies at the drop of your hat. So, it was a challenge to gain trust & the opportunity to work with clients.

  • Which was that point that triggered the growth of EZ Rankings?

Personalized & Quality focussed Approach helped us create a niche for ourselves.

  • How have EZ Rankings graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics?

We started with 2 full-time experts. Today, we are a team of 96 experts. With regards to work, we started at Ground ZERO & today we are proudly handling over 500+ projects.

  • What is the reason behind EZ Rankings’s long-standing success?

Teamwork is the one big reason for our success. We don’t believe in the hollow hierarchy; we don’t believe in snobbish attitudes. We at EZ Rankings work in a very close-knit environment that helps us to encourage & empower everyone around us & create a healthy atmosphere for everyone to work. So, if everyone around us is happy and the work quality will indicate the same.

  • What are the products/services EZ Rankings focuses on?

How are your services different from those in the market? As we are a full-fledged Digital Agency. We offer a wide array of products starting from Web Design, Web Development, SEO, SMO, Paid Ads, ORM, Reseller Services, Digital Consultancy & last but not the least, Training too. We are different because we are Quality Conscious, cost-friendly & offer superior Customer Service when compared to others in the market. 

  • How do you decide to take EZ Rankings a step further in terms of your products/services?

Well, there are many interesting products & services that we have on our sleeves BUT before we get the ball rolling, we want to be 100% sure of the time involved, team strengths & target market.

  • Is there any new addition to the list of products/services? Anything exciting you would like to share?

 Yes, we recently introduced our Digital Training institute that helps to bridge the gap before hire worthy candidates & just digitally trained candidates. We are confident that students passing from EZ Training will be more capable to understand practical job challenges & come up with real-time yet effective solutions. Once we record success, we will have another interesting product for release.

  • How has technology changed the traditional way of marketing?

 In a HUGE way! Gone are the days when only big-budget brands had the funds to afford expensive TV, Radio, or Print Campaigns. Digital has empowered every business person to go out & market themselves effectively. The purchasing trend has evolved too. Initially, buyers were exposed to limited products & there were physical limitations to hop from one store to another if one wanted to compare to products. However, today, it’s all available with one click. The buyers have become educated buyers. They know their choices well & they also know platforms to share their experiences. The execution of IT Services has been changed drastically.

  • What do you think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

 Create sustainable employment is one of the most important responsibilities of an entrepreneur. This does not get limited to providing jobs in the country but also plays a vital role in the economy. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have many chances to waste. Decisions have to be prompt & effective. A successful entrepreneur can empower so many around & with the help of the team, they hold a fair chance to build an educated society. Also, being a female entrepreneur, the responsibility to empower women also lies on one’s shoulders.

  • Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

 I have a total work experience of 18 years. I started working in my 2nd year of Graduation as a Call Centre Executive. Later got introduced to Digital Marketing while it was a new concept in the International market so been a part of Digital for over 14 years now. Professionally it has been a great journey – full of learnings & challenges.

  • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey?

 Immense learning opportunities & the ability to never give up are the key achievements of my entrepreneurial journey.

  • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique?

My team is unique because they are aligned with EZ Rankings. They take equal pride in EZ Rankings’ success because for EZ Rankings, it has always been WE instead of ME. I don’t look after them I can proudly say that I am nicely taken care of by each of them. 

  • Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

Day in, Day out, we deal with a lot of Domestic & International clients. With international clients, we don’t just represent as a part of EZ Rankings but also proudly represent our country, India so it’s amazing to see how we can create a positive image for our country in different individuals living in different parts of the world. On a lighter note, some still think that India is a land of snake charmers & cows. It’s interesting to change their opinions & make them believe in “India” that is a prominent leader in IT.

  • According to you, what are the basic factors that a digital marketer should focus on to get better results?

Ethics. Ethics is the most unsaid factor anyone will ever talk about. You can learn everything about Digital Marketing from institutes, online BUT ethics & commitment around results are the most important factors any Digital marketers should focus on.

  • One person, who you admire the most?

No one in specific. There are so many things that we can learn from the people around us. So, can’t name ONE person in specific.

  • Whose business story do you find the most inspiring?

Again the answer is no one & that’s because every business has a different story behind its establishment, every business addresses different areas BUT whatever said & done, every big & small business has its challenges so there’s something or the other to learn from every business around.

  • Which is the most inspiring quote you have read?

 I do love reading Quotes. One of my favorite quotes is “Keep Walking”. Irrespective of whatever situation you are in. Everything will be better if we keep walking & never give up.

  • Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views.

 A Strategy is a proactive approach when compared to a need. The strategy helps the business stay ahead of competitors.

  • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that?

I don’t agree with this. It’s a rat race only if you aim at pulling others down or if you are focused more on your competition rather than improving yourself. As long as you know your USP, your goals are sorted & helps you focus on the bigger picture.

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