FACEPTION – Facial Personality Analytics

FACEPTION- Facial Personality Analytics

The face can be used to read a person, know his personality and behavior. Scientifically, this analysis is known as physiognomy. This term can also refer to the general appearance of a person and its implied characteristics.  According to Social and Life, Science research personalities are affected by genes. Genes play a greater role in determining key personality traits like social skills and learning ability than the way we are brought up by our parents, researchers claimed.

Faception, an Israeli start-up led by repeat entrepreneurs, who have developed real-time Facial Personality Analytics solutions by patented AI technologies. Their single-source system uses video/still from any source enables to identify features of anonymous people while maintaining their privacy. This is the holy grail of many market domains, like retail, smart services, FinTech, InsureTech, HR, Dating, and Security. Located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Faception conducted successful PoC’s with OEMs, agencies, and Service Providers in various markets. The solution is superior on Facial Recognition which is database limited. They have conducted successful POC’s, and in $25M pre-sales projects.

The Company –

Founded in 2014, Faception is a private company, located in Tel Aviv Israel. The team includes world-class experts in the areas of computer vision, face analysis, machine learning, psychology, technology, and marketing.

Faception is a Facial Personality Analytics company. Their breakthrough computer vision and machine learning technology analyses facial images and automatically reveals personalities in real-time.  This technology allows predictive screening solutions and enables Preventive Actions in public safety, smart cities, and homeland security. Backed by Social and Life Science research and proven results, Faception’s ground-breaking technology enables security companies and agencies to be more effective in detecting anonymous persons of interest.

“At Faception, we have successfully addressed a challenge that is as old as humanity: knowing the personality of individuals.”

Their Services –

  1. Provide financial valuable intelligence to support credit / loans and insurance premium decisions, to perform Predictive Underwriting of Fuson Clients/Agents; like:
  2. Creditability [by specific Classifier] and make better pricing
  3. Risk Modeling and reduced noise [better understanding potential exposure]
  4. Reinsurance [less agent dependency, personalized clients]
  5. Underwritings [speedup and reduce premium leakage by predict missing/verify info]
  6. Criminality Potential [by specific Classifier]
  7. Reliability [by specific Classifier]
  8. Trustworthiness [by specific Classifier]
  9. Expand market reach [used personalization and access the “good clients”
  • Provide objective intelligence which can be easily merged/part of other signals
  • Turn “anonymous” into “known”, while making video calls/interviews and Can be part of People authentication process
  • Reduce costs associated with interrogations and interviews
  • Predict risk assessment on people with no credit history/online info

“The ability to successfully compete the lead giants, based on new novel approach and the privacy protection is what benefits Faception.”

The verticals where Faception works are-

Public Safety and Safe City-

We live in a dangerous world, where harm doers and criminals easily mingle with the general population; the vast majority of them are unknown to the authorities. Faception offers a breakthrough computer vision and AI technology that analyses a person’s facial image and automatically develops a personality profile, enabling security companies and agencies to more efficiently detect and apprehend potential offenders or criminals before they have the opportunity to harm.


AI and Robots are rapidly entering our day-to-day lives. In the not-so-far future, they will become humanoid day-to-day companions, ones that can perceive our emotions and adapt their behavior accordingly. Faception offers a breakthrough AI technology that analyzes a person’s facial image and automatically reveals his personality, enabling robots to instantly learn about their owner and others’ personality, and take human-robot interaction to the next level. Faception can analyze facial images captured by the smart camera/robot’s camera, encode the faces in proprietary image descriptors and match an individual with various personality types with a high level of accuracy.


People everywhere need insurance and need a line of credit. Credit companies, Banks, and Insurance companies need to evaluate the risk of providing these services to people and they have developed sophisticated systems and algorithms to do just that. Faception offers a breakthrough AI technology that analyzes a person’s facial image and automatically reveals his personality, enabling financial services companies to get valuable intelligence to support their credit and insurance premium decisions. For example, our technology can indicate whether a person has a high potential of being a risk-taker or not being a good loaner person.

Retail and Events Industry-

An online retailer typically has a wealth of information on his website visitors, allowing him to customize his website and personalize his message down to the individual level. In the offline world [like retailers, events, etc.]  it is much more difficult to create a personalized experience for a shopper. Faception offers a breakthrough computer vision and AI technologies that analyze a person’s facial image and automatically reveals his personality, enabling retailers to get valuable intelligence allowing them to personalize their communication with their customers. Equipped with this type of information, the retail attendant can offer customers products they care about and communicate in a manner that motivates them to buy.

The Vision is to teach computers to understand humans through a single piece of personal information:  an image of a face. They believe that knowing and understanding people is key to improving communications and making the right decisions about the person right in front of you, or on the video screen.

Yet, technology development and deployment in areas such as HLS, AI, and Fintech, etc. is focused on identifying who is the person in the image. Being able to utilize facial images to also answer the questions “What is this person? What are his personality traits? What motivates him?” could revolutionize how companies, organizations, and even robots understand people, and dramatically improve public safety, communications, decision-making, and experiences.

About Faception|Facial Personality Analytics Privacy and Fairness advantage:

1.  It’s anonymous – no need for ID or social profile of people

2.  It’s objective like blood testing, no discrimination by race, class, gender, age, or personal information.

3. No use of Big Data on people.

Also, the images we analyzed are encoded anonymously and not shared – not locally and not in the cloud. We do not store nor share people, our revenue model is based on service only.  The technology is the opposite of “racism by algorithm”. Therefore, we fit with the GDPR and might be a better solution for any smart services.

Their Technology-

Faception is first to technology and first to market with proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology for profiling people and revealing their personality based only on their facial image.

It can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases, encode the faces in proprietary image descriptors, and match an individual with various personality traits and types with a high level of accuracy. It can develop proprietary classifiers, each describing a certain personality type or traits such as an Extrovert, a person with High IQ, Professional Poker Player, or a Terrorist. Ultimately, it can score facial images on a set of classifiers and provide its clients with a better understanding of their customers, the people in front of them, or front of their cameras.

The Process and its Advantages-

Faception offers an API to enable companies in various industries to embed the technology in their applications. The application runs in the cloud, on a local machine, or a video camera is flexible, scalable, and real-time, and can integrate with other solutions such as Facial Recognition technology to provide a full spectrum solution that covers known and anonymous individuals. Faception has no access to the stored/processed images/videos and privacy is well kept.


  • Proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms
  • Analyzes facial images from any source
  • Conduct Image quality analysis and filtering
  • Provides scores and confidence levels for various personality traits and types
  • Scalable and real-time
  • Available as a SaaS solution, on a local machine, on camera,
  • Accessible via API
  • Can integrate with complementary solutions such as facial recognition systems

Its Advantages are-


Not limited to a predefined set of personality traits. If the desired trait or behavior originates from a person’s DNA there is a high probability we could develop a relevant classifier.


Classification of a person according to his facial image takes a fraction of a second.


Our technology leverages machine learning, is data-driven, and does not require any assumptions or rule sets.


Faception requires only the facial image of a user and as such, the technology could be used in retail, casinos, and other locations where the user is anonymous and no data is associated with him.


Faception’s approach is designed to be more reliable and accurate than pattern analysis. With a powerful descriptor, our machine learning algorithm will learn directly from the stimulus (full-face images) in a manner that is scalable and robust

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