Woods Kovalova Group – Rise above everything that stops you

Woods Kovalova Group - Rise above everything that stops you

Human Resources plays a vital role, forming the core of any organization. It has always played a supportive role in the growth of any organization. The Human Resources department should be able to effectively maximize the performance of the employees and also play a critical role for the benefit of the company’s aims and objectives. To help companies grow and help them rise above the hurdles that might stop them, Jim Woods started the Woods Kovalova Group.

Woods Kovalova Group

Legend has it that Woods Kovalova Group was first started in 1998 with a hike in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.  The journey thus stated in 1998. Their first customer on the first day was a Fortune 500 company. The company didn’t have a business card or name. Having started from the ground up by focusing on principles and mission literally, Woods Kovalova Group now works with clients from the US government to major corporations merged with KLC Group from Europe, giving them access to more opportunities. Today, they have customers from every continent. Woods Kovalova Group helps people improve the quality of their lives and organizations drive business outcomes and help people achieve their potential.

Woods Kovalova Group helps clients unlock the power to answer the pressing challenges that many businesses face. People-centered solutions can help the clients innovate better, ensure change programs deliver, even give customer service programs the best chance of success. Overall, Woods Kovalova Group makes your organization more competitive at every point in the economic cycle. They take on your most pressing leadership challenges to solve what matters most.

The company has grown faster than it had anticipated. This required the team to focus on hiring consultants who had experience from some of the top names in consulting but at the same time those who shared their unique vision. Determined to help the companies grow to their full potential, Woods Kovalova Group goes below the surface of the problem that clients experience. They explored the issues of trust, accountability, honesty, and engagement. This led to the growth of not just their business, but of their clients as well.

Woods Kovalova Group’s major offerings are leadership and employee engagement training. However, since the merger, what has separated their company from others is their ability to uncover the root cause of a problem. The company has it all to help their clients – strategy development and execution, teams hiring, training and development, organizational change and optimization, etc. All and more, every case is unique to the organization, and the complexity of service is aimed to help clients to exceed their expectations, improve operations and increase the bottom line.

“If your life or businesses do not match what you believe they should speak with us.”

The Woods Kovalova Group’s customized services allow organizations to develop the leadership competencies and culture needed to meet specific challenges and business realities.

For each client, their approach is consistent but the outcome is one of a kind. Whether developing talent, culture, or the leadership strategy that delivers on your business strategy, Woods Kovalova Group can meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go.

Woods Kovalova Group is the trusted advisors to Fortune 1000 clients to improve their competitive advantage, affirmative action plans, and improve the leadership capabilities of their people with the ability to out-innovate competitors.

“If you are struggling to redefine your success in the ways that matter to you, want more energy and passion, be a better leader, and improve your business skills, we can help you”, is the company’s motto.

Woods Kovalova Group has successfully enabled business leaders and career-focused individuals to improve the quality of their lives and their business. They use video conferencing to raise the awareness of their career coaching clients with unique tools to stay focused, driven, and fulfilled in their relationships. The company provides empowerment to overcome limitations, fear, and self-doubt.

Located in the Denver Tech Building in Denver, Colorado, Woods Kovalova Group is a family-run, minority, and woman-owned company applying the best tools and methodologies of larger consultancies in the nimble environment—and with the personalized attention—of a smaller firm.

 A simple mantra that has worked for the company to keep its services on par is, see the need, get to know the problem, and create a solution accordingly. From the USA to Kenya, the UK to Saudi Arabia, Canada to Brazil, they have worked with each of them to understand their needs, build trust with their stakeholders, solve their most urgent problems and create the value they need to be successful.


The team members push towards achieving the collective purpose. They recognize that their efforts must fundamentally connect throughout the organization to achieve a greater impact. They are adept at working cross-functionally and acknowledge their contributions. You can expect team members to always thrive to achieve beer results. They are passionate, resourceful, and resilient to setbacks. They believe in positively transforming people’s lives and careers through continuous learning. They inspire others to grow outside of their comfort zone. Woods Kovalova Group team members never compromise integrity to achieve results. They support the customer and each other and are constantly mindful of creating a positive customer experience both internally and externally.

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