Haven’t you signed a family internet usage agreement yet?

Family Internet Agreement

Family Internet Agreement

The COVID-19 forced the world to be sited at home. During the lockdown, the screen time of many increased exponentially. Moreover, there are no limits on internet usage. Whether it was online games, net surfing, watching series, spending time on social media, or spending time on online entertainment platforms, the internet was overused.

So to limit internet usage, some families are entering into internet agreements with each other at home. This agreement is used to limit Internet access.

What is an Internet Agreement?

Internet agreements are made to limit Internet usage. In this, a particular form is filled. All the members of the household sign it after reading the terms on that form. Those terms are agreed upon only after discussions with the members of the household. This agreement sheet is then placed in front of the living room where it can be seen easily. So that the attention of the members should be paid while working in the house and the terms should not be forgotten.

This Internet usage sheet is a form of contract. How many hours a day will you use the internet in it? What will it be used for? How long will it take to go online on social media? What kind of post? These types of questions are included in those forms.

Each member had to write an answer to the question and sign it. Attempts are made to comply with its terms. The internet is an effective weapon. An agreement is reached to find out how to use it. The agreement is used to bring transparency to Internet use.

Penalties to discipline the children

Penalties are imposed for breaking a contract. This includes simple punishments such as not using the internet for a few hours or days or not using gadgets. These punishments are not just related to internet use. In some families, housework is also punished. The main purpose behind it is to discipline the children. Attempts are being made to make this punishment interesting.

Many say that the Internet agreement is useful to control acts such as cyberbullying and trolling. Also, through the family internet agreement, adults get known to if their child using the internet for the wrong purpose. This prevents misuse of the Internet.

Digital Parenting

Currently, the concept of digital parenting is coming up. Digital parenting is about enabling kids to choose what is good and what is bad on a digital platform. This involves making sure that the child does not use the Internet to do wrong things, or that he or she does not come into contact with inaccurate or obscene information while using the Internet. Internet contracting plays an important role in digital parenting. This keeps a close eye on children’s internet usage.

Contracts teach you how to impose restrictions or limit on internet usage at home. This benefits the future. It helps to know how to use the internet by following the rules. This will definitely lead to a generation that uses internet consciously.

Remember, humans created technology to do the right things at right time, not to get addicted to erroneous things on it!

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