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Mr. Prashant Nagre | CEO | Fermenta Biotech Ltd. (FBL)

Biotechnology, a technology based on biology has always been a lifesaver for human beings. Biotechnology heals, fuels, and feeds the world. India is among the top destinations for biotechnology in the world, with around a 3% share in the worldwide Biotechnology industry. Fermenta Biotech Ltd. (FBL) is one of the leading manufacturers of Vitamin D3 globally, headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra.

Fermenta Biotech Ltd. has become a multifaceted organization with a high degree of focus on research, development, and product delivery in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and environmental solutions.

The company’s operations are headed by Mr. Prashant Nagre (CEO) who aims to take the business to newer heights.   

Fermenta Biotech Ltd.

Apart from Vitamin D, Fermenta Biotech Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture of other specialty APIs, enzyme technologies for antibiotic synthesis and also offers integrated biotech-based as well as engineering environmental solutions. 

Fermenta Biotech Ltd’s manufacturing facilities in Kullu and Dahej are certificated by global accreditations and its world-class R&D center is located at Thane. 

Triggering Point for its growth 

In early 2017, Fermenta Biotech Ltd. had invested in Vitamin D (human and animal feed) capacity building. The investment enhanced its Vitamin D capacity and was soon validated: when the market for Vitamin D3 animal feed revived, FBL possessed the right capacity for the right market environment. Since this rebound was the result of China’s Blue Skies Policy that resulted in a number of their manufacturing facilities having to shut down, Fermenta Biotech Ltd. was able to provide a larger output for a wider market.  

Mr. Nagre admires Ratan Tata – he has built the Tata brand to exemplify not only excellence but also responsible business values 

Recent developments

The investments in capacity building, together with the conducive market conditions, have been reflected in the turnover, which has doubled from 2016-17 to 2017-18 and further grown in 2018-19. The profit and EBITDA margins are reflective of a healthy bottom line. 

Fermenta Biotech Ltd. has also widened its marketing and distribution footprint to cater to more than 300 customers spread across more than 50 countries. 

“Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes a technology” – Ryan Bethencourt

Reason Behind Fermenta Biotech Ltd. long-standing success 

Over the years, Fermenta Biotech Ltd. has undertaken various initiatives for ensuring sustainable growth, as follows: 

    Manufacturing Capacity: FBL has focused on enhancing its production capacities to address the growing consumer demand.  

    Operational Excellence: FBL has invested extensively in strengthening its business across the range of its operations and also in capacity building across different market cycles as well. 

    Functional Improvements: It has invested in cutting-edge technologies to enhance operating efficiency that reflects higher product quality and lower costs. 

    Value-added Formats: It widened the product mix to address the growing needs of customers and widened its presence across a larger number of global markets  

    Regulatory Strengths: It strengthened compliances that enhanced assuredness of supply, quality, and process integrity. Further, it received approvals from international customers and initiated supplies of Vitamin D3 from Dahej 

    Business Development: FBL is engaged in working with a high sense of customer proximity, and is committed to servicing all its customers 

    Logistics Support: FBL endeavors to provide on-time & full delivery. All these initiatives resulted in preparedness to capitalize on opportunities 

Products & Services 


FBL possesses proprietary technology for Vitamin D manufacturing. It possesses a worldwide distribution network for a variety of applications such as pharmaceuticals, dietary and nutritional supplements, food, veterinary, and rodenticides.  


Fermenta Biotech Ltd’s core strength lies in harnessing cutting-edge technology to manufacture world-class quality APIs. It manufactures Phenyramidol hydrochloride and silicon powder (Activated Dimethicone Powder) for its customers all across the world. 


FBL delivers specialized technologies through its enzyme portfolio across the biopharmaceutical product life-cycle for manufacturing beta-lactam antibiotics. Its expertise range from microbiology to genetic engineering, fermentation to enzyme purification, enzyme immobilization to enzymatic synthesis, and polymer beads development to scale-up synthesis. 


FBL’s environmental solutions business addresses national environment priorities related to wastewater and solid waste management and treatment.  

It is focused on clientele from private institutions (commercial & residential developers, hotels, resorts, and dairies) by providing a blend of biotechnology and engineering solutions 

Building on the growth momentum

A.    Positioning as a nutraceutical ingredient supplier 

The Indian nutraceuticals market is expected to grow from US$4 billion in 2017 to US$18 billion in 2025, registering a growth of 21% per annum. 

FBL expects to derive growth through a growing presence in the manufacture of products addressing the growing preventive health sector, by enhancing nutrition affordability the world over. The most effective way of doing so would lie in positioning FBL as the one-stop destination for nutraceutical ingredients such as minerals, antioxidants, and other such products. 

B.    Investing in capacities & capabilities 

FBL has invested extensively in scale during the last decade – supplementing its capacity at Kullu with additional capacity at Dahej and at Saykha (expected to commence operations shortly), completely transforming the base of its manufacturing pyramid 

Mr Prashant Nagre : Profile

Mr. Nagre holds a Degree in Pharmacy along with a Master’s in Management Sciences degree and is a Gold Medallist Post Graduate Diploma holder in International Trade from the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi. 

With a career spanning 26 years, He possesses experience across various spheres encompassing Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Human, and Animal Nutrition domains. 

He has been associated with FBL for almost a decade, leading strategy and overseeing the day-to-day operations of all three business verticals viz. Biotechnology, 

Pharmaceuticals and Environmental Solutions, as well as focusing on further building and developing the various strengths of FBL i.e. Manufacturing, R&D, and allied activities.  

Human Capital: FBL’s strength

FBL has been Great Place to Work-Certified ™, a recognition considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in ‘Employer of Choice’ recognitions and awarded to less than 50% of the participants every year.  

This substantiates the management’s belief that FBL provides a stimulating and rewarding environment whereby employees foster a sense of pride and reinforce organizational values. It reflects the inclusiveness, engagement, and trust that are ingrained in Fermenta Biotech Ltd’s ethos and culture. 

Mr. Nagre’s views on constant vigilance – Constant vigilance should be a part of the corporate strategy – if not practiced, it becomes a need! 

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