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In the last years, industries have seen technological development in their operations. These developments have led to the optimization of industrial processes. Thus to keep up breast with the upcoming technological changes in this dynamic world, one needs to keep building various competencies. This is the gap where Quantum Infotrainers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. plays a key role. With their training interventions, they build competencies, supplement education, expand horizons by way of varied study, elevate trainees to contemporary technology and fulfill industry demands of a skilled workforce.

Rapid technological changes and an exponential rise in industry’s demand for a skilled workforce have called for building competencies through training interventions to supplement the efforts of our higher education system.

Industry 4.0 has always been impacting various businesses so has it impacted training. However, for IT Skills, Quantum Infotrainers plans to come up with its e-learning programs. Behavioral programs can only be delivered in non-digital ways since it’s about human behavior. For other verticals, they shall do the same.

“The online content management has proved to be a catalyst.”

Since its inception in 2001, Quantum Infotrainers has dedicated itself to evolving specialized and customized corporate training and learning modules that will impart real-time business skills.

Their Services-

 The company has been engaged in corporate training programs and coaching. The company’s services include the following:

  • IT Skills- Creating a Competitive Edge

For companies today, IT skills have become the most bankable asset for a competitive edge. And so, one needs to upgrade the IT skills to stay relevant. Quantum Infotrainers offers various high-end technology training programs. These programs across IT platforms are designed to leverage professionals with the knowledge to upgrade their IT skills.

  • Soft Skills- To Make You Complete to Compete

Your first and lasting impression is just for 20 seconds when anyone sees you, and there are no second chances to start on a better note. Quantum Infotrainers’ soft training programs will help you to best interact and work with others, to influence others’ perception of you and your work, to motivate others’ actions and build meaningful work relationships and further your career.

  • Life Skills- Know How to Become a People’s Manager

You need life skills to facilitate inclusive work culture, promote equal opportunity and build a better employer-employee relation. These skills will help you to develop capacity and competency and deal with challenges in various situations. Quantum Infotrainers’ training programs will help you learn life skills through experience and practice.

  • Cross Culture Sensitivity- Overcoming Cultural Barriers

The biggest challenge within the global business world and its multicultural workplaces are overcoming cultural sensitivities and work effectively. Quantum Infotrainers’ customized cross-cultural sensitivity training is tailored to the specific needs of the host country. It equips the learners with appropriate skills while also understanding their own cultural biases and behavioral traits.

  • Industrial Skill Upgradation- Enhancing Capability and Productivity

Now that industrial manufacturers are focusing on hiring a skilled workforce, the capability of the workforce can only be capitalized by constantly upgrading their skill levels. The objective of Quantum Infotrainers’ skill Upgradation and updation training programs is to increase industrial capability, capacity, productivity, and mobility.

Their other training programs include foreign language programs, management programs, law, and legal training, hospitality training, finance, and many more.

Quantum Infotrainers carries out all the principles of experiential learning, case study-based approach, and most importantly, thorough research on the client’s needs. Making it most relevant to the client is what the company wishes to do.

Quantum Infotrainers’ Training Methodology can be stated in 3 simple steps-

  • Need Analysis
  • Training Delivery and
  • Post Training Support

With their successful and innovative training programs, Quantum Infotrainers has today served up to 250+ corporate customers with result-oriented and cost-effective training programs. Their portfolio also includes prestigious names from the ITs, FMCG’s, banks, MNC’s and public sectors in India and abroad.

“Quality delivery and responsiveness with fast Turn-around Time are our strengths.”

Their training programs showcase a mix of conventional and new techniques, Confident and vibrant workforce, enhanced Life Skills for Happy and Motivated Employees, ease of communication, thus resulting in Higher Employee engagement.

The company now plans to expand in terms of its operations in various cities in India through channel partners and associates. We have a group company called Quantum Infotrainers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. which has been expanding in the southeast Asian Region (ASEAN Region). Soon the company will do the same in other parts of the world.

Quantum Infotrainers’ Trainers and Programme Effectiveness-

The trainers provide specific project-based training to both IT and non-IT companies, characterized by customization, accurate problem solving, and query handling, to ensure better understanding across genres.

They focus on swift and Robot processes, quality-focused delivery, the highest customer relation, and a happy and productive workforce.

At work, they talk of 4 Ds and 6 Fs as their values-

  • Fast
  • Focused
  • Flexible
  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Futuristic

And the 4 D’s-

  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Delivery ( Seamlessness)

When we talk of an entrepreneur, we always portray an image of a millionaire. However, the basic responsibility of an entrepreneur has to be to create wealth for its company first, then its employees, and then his family. It’s the wealth that drives companies, individuals, and most importantly, employees and IT consultant.

“Businesses don’t have limitations. People have limitations. Often people’s limitations becomes business limitations”

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