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In a world full of rush, Digitization made many things simpler and more productive. To improve productivity, every business needs a digital transformation, mastered processes, and proper strategic planning. 3nayan founded by Mr. Suhas Dutta and Mr. Govindaraj Kozhipurath is a niche consulting company that provides Strategy Advisory, Transformation, and Execution services primarily through Digital Transformation (DX), Process Automation (RPA), and Process Engineering to enable Growth Sustenance, Organizational Effectiveness, and Business Transformation.

The Inception 

3nayan believes in trust-based selling, and its sales cycles are intense, because of the nature of services they sell and also because their sales cycle kicks in only after a project is done and dusted successfully. 3nayan stops its sales activity during an engagement, deliberately to give the client all. 

3nayan never thinks that it will ever be a growth story, and they don’t intend it to be. They are and prefer to continue to be a client success story. 3nayan’s work, in many cases, results from references. Ensuring client success, and being able to deliver the outcomes they promised is what gives them joy and a feeling of success. One imagines, they could easily grow, given their client successes, but that is not the trajectory they are chasing.

The company graph has changed concerning the type of domains they have covered, the type of clients they have had, and the exposure they have received. Initially, they started with a focus on SMEs and start-ups only and realized soon after that their services are horizontal. Implying they are as effective, and perhaps even more impactful for larger companies. So, the graph, during its start, showed some smaller-sized companies as clients, and that overall demographic has changed dramatically over time. However, they continue to work with SMEs and startups and their appetite for working in that sector continues to be as strong as ever.

Customer centricity and outcome (not deliverable) centricity are the reason behind 3nayan’s long-standing success. 3nayan continues to do whatever it takes to bring to bear the outcomes that they believe are right for the client. This often means providing more or somewhat different than what the contract initially prescribed, but always in the better interest of the client.

The Services 3nayan

3nayan’s service line has evolved. They focus more on strategy, transformation type of work, to either enable operational effectiveness or growth. These days, this often involves process orchestration, or re-engineering, analytics, Digital Transformation, and automation. 

The 3nayan team keeps itself in tune with the eco-system they live in and thus their services have evolved keeping in mind that their potential clients need today or might need in the imminent future rather than create a service line and then look for appropriate clients. Accordingly, appropriate technology often ends up being a spearhead in the strategies that they recommend. Tech is one of the four pillars of almost any solution that they come up with. The other three, of course, are People, Process, and Data.

3nayan uses proprietary frameworks, instead of fixed processes and methodologies e.g. one of their frameworks, Navigator, developed and matured over time, gets customized for every client and organization that they work with. The ability to be flexible, being able to customize the way they work, and becoming part of the (client) organization while on the engagement has held 3nayan in good stead. 

About Leadership

Suhas, the partner in 3nayan, says” Leadership attributes count not only for entrepreneurs but for any leader running an organization of any type. The crucial attributes, not in their order of importance… One, being customer-oriented or customer-centric. Second, being inward-facing and being employee (or partner) focused. The third, equally important aspect is that of connected leadership. This is a connection with the society at large, in the eco-system that the organization operates in. …and by this I do not mean, indulging in CSR. CSR in many cases and I realize this is a politically incorrect thing to say, is washing away misdoings, and abdicating the organization’s responsibility by paying up and delegating someone else to the job.” 

Professional Experience

The founders are both ex-partners from Accenture. For Suhas, most of the work in the past has revolved around Strategy, Technology, and Transformation primarily in Retail, and Supply Chain. Govindraj has spent most of this time doing technology delivery and in people affairs. People who work with them are invariably seasoned professionals, many of them ex-colleagues. 3nayan has run engagements in various domains including Health and Life Sciences, both payer and provider (insurance) sides, and also clinical research, worked with start-ups, banking software product areas, supply chain among others. Work has been around growth strategy, IT strategy, a bunch of analytics-related work, automation, operational optimization, and of course Digital Transformation.


Suhas believes, every successful project that they have run is an achievement, and is each client organization that they help succeed. He says “The engagements where we have catalyzed transformations and have put our clients on a success trajectory are, perhaps, dearer to us.

Each time, a client shows her /his happiness at the end of a project, it is a highlight. Each time a client, way after the project is done, provides an update, is a highlight for 3nayan. Each time, a client, after project completion introduces us to colleagues, business partners, or others with a sense of pride, is a highlight for 3nayan”. Fortunately, this has happened often, so far. 

More About the Founders

Suhas, being an avid reader, has a large number of favorites which he has enjoyed or is inspired by. He used to love reading Amar Chitra Katha and Tintin when much younger. Still, enjoys them. There likely is a favorite from different periods of his life, or the particular type of mental state that he has been in, or even different subjects. Long back he would be going gaga over Richard Feynman’s semi-autobiographical “Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman”, and equally over Eli Goldratt’s “Goal”.

Currently, he is reading what he believes to be the most definitive biography of Swami Vivekananda, along with Tom Clancy and Gen Chuck Horner’s “Every Man a Tiger”. The latter is the story of the transformation of the US Air force. He is loving both of them. 

Mr. Dutta says that he gets inspired by many people in life. Sri Krishna, his father, and MS Dhoni are three inspiring figures for him. 


  • The first is Alvin Toffler’s, which goes “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction.”
  • The second one is “In reality strategy is very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.” That is a Jack Welch
  • The third one is Peter Drucker’s “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

About the Rat Race in The Market

3nayan has often competed against the super large consulting companies, but 3nayan isn’t in that rat race. 3nayan is a boutique niche and high-value strategy consulting outfit and intends to remain just that. They have minimal scope to negotiate on the price point that they publish.

3nayan does not deploy people pyramids, and they do not pursue sales activities while a project is on, to be able to completely focus on the job at hand. They are quite willing to deliberately sacrifice growth to maintain the level of quality of service.

Their value proposition to their associates and clients is rather different, their motivation and objectives are different. Growth doesn’t feature there. A steady pipeline, of course, is desirable but making clients successful is what they exist for. “It isn’t really about just checking the boxes and declaring a project successful. That is what our clients reward us for and end up becoming personal friends over time.” Says Suhas in conclusion.3nayan believes that it is important to have a strategy and revisit it with data. But, the strategy will not succeed without rigorous implementation nor without laying enough stress on the organization’s culture.

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