Tactpro Consulting – A revolution in IT Training & Consulting Domain

Chirag Kapadia | Founder CEO | Tactpro Consulting

Tactpro Consulting – A revolution in IT Training & Consulting Domain

Consulting becomes an integral part of most businesses when productivity gets hampered. Companies look for training sessions for the employees, but only training won’t do the job. What is more important is the accurate knowledge of the processes. This is where the consultants jump in. The main role of the consultant is to advise. Consultants address various issues and help the organizations to reach the point where they are not.

With over 19 years of experience in IT Infrastructure & Operations with extensive subject matter expertise in IT Service Management, Enterprise Architecture, Cyber Security, Cloud Strategy & Consulting, IT Service Management, Process Quality and optimization domain, Service Delivery at Indian IT/Non-IT giants. And a proven track record as a leader with the ability to build, motivate, influence, mentor, and inspire trust in a multi-functional team, Chirag Kapadia started Tactpro Consulting.

TACTPRO Consulting is an Indian fast-growing company that provides end-to-end consulting in Designing, Deploying, Monitoring, and Improving IT processes using a Systematic Process Management methodology that is completely integrated with ITIL (Best Practices).

“The goal is to secure a position in the IT Consulting segment, by achieving excellence in quality services in line with the vision and mission of TACTPRO Consulting.”

With extensive experience at the complete spectrum of IT starting from IT Infrastructure, IT Service Management, IT Consulting, IT Operations, & Application-Development domain; Mr. Chirag understood that there is a significant vacuum between IT Goals & Business Goals which affects the company’s efficiency and success. And the answer is to have strong IT governance as a formal framework to ensure IT investments support business needs. This made him create a space in IT Governance Domain through a structured approach around basic pillars – Training, Consulting & Technology of IT.

The Company

Tactpro Consulting is a leading Training & Consulting Services company in the most happening state of the country (India) – Gujarat and has been empowering clients around the world to achieve Technology Transformation and Growth through its services that boost process and operational efficiencies.

Tactpro Consulting provides a comprehensive range of Training & Consulting services that covers Quality & Compliance, Project Management Training, Risk & Governance, Audit & advisory services, IT Start-up Consulting, Strategic Consulting, IT service Management, Emerging Technology Training like Blockchain, Cloud, Analytics, AI, etc. and aimed at optimizing business processes for a wide range of industry verticals. Our Target clients are Small Medium enterprises to large MNCs, IT Professionals, or any Individuals from various industry sectors such as Banking & Finance, Government & Public Sectors, Insurance, telecommunications, Manufacturing, IT Service/Software, AirLine, Education, etc.

The company has dynamic, experienced, and authorized trainers to deliver industry-leading practices and framework training. They also have a team of enthusiast consultants who help their clients in achieving their strategic, operational, and business objectives with the use of in-depth knowledge of consulting practices, governance frameworks, and the latest technologies.

The biggest challenge in the current era is the rapid rate of technology and digital advancement which makes the industry react quickly and constantly reinvent the skills, knowledge, resources & technology they have or use. As the world changes; the customer’s perception and behavior change too. And every business needs to stay relevant. TACTPRO consulting is addressing this through up-to-date technology training, Governance Framework training, the latest model of project management training,, and agile development skill training.

We are not limited up to governance frameworks but bringing emerging technology awareness for the industry by setting up certifications paths with industry leaders. Another piece of our services is consulting. Starting from Strategic Consulting to Operational consulting; Tactpro Consulting extends end-to-end support to its clients to gain stability in the market.

The Company’s management team consists of experienced ITSM, IT Infrastructure & Operations, Marketing, and Finance personnel who have worked together in the past.

What makes Tactpro Consulting unique is its different consulting approach, tailor-made solutions, and vision and methodology.

Tactpro Consulting uses a TACTFUL approach which takes care of setting a result-oriented culture at our client’s organization and provides the desired output to the client. Tactpro Consulting doesn’t stick with one method or way but curates its services understanding the client’s requirement and design complete solutions accordingly. Their technical as well as management skills and provide customer-centric solutions throughout the consulting engagement.

“Our Vision and Methodology is simple but effective that delivers the solution as committed and with quality. It builds long-term relationships with our client.”

Their Services

Tactpro Consulting prides itself on its Consulting ability, its value-added services at unbeatable rates, its high standards of quality, and its adaptability to changes in the market. The professionals who make TACTPRO value their vision and mission.

Their Process Consulting is aimed at reducing operational costs by improving efficiency through a systematic approach of Process deployment at the client’s IT Infrastructure. The goal is to evaluate the current state of the client’s IT Processes, determine the gaps between the current state and the industry Best Practices, and redefine the process based upon our healthy experience in IT Infrastructure and support domain.

TACTPRO provides services under three domains.


  • CERTIFICATIONS Service Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Block chain


  • IT Service Management Consulting
  • Strategy & Start-up Consulting
  • Managed IT Service (IT INFRA) Consulting

Blockchain Consulting


  • DC & DR Management
  • Server & Storage Management
  • Network & Security Management
  • Email, Cloud & Backup Management
  • IT Infra Monitoring, Maintenance & Reengineering


Tactpro consulting provides different certification programs that partner with BTA, The Blockchain Training Alliance. Blockchain Training Alliance partners with Pearson VUE globally to deliver secure Blockchain exams. They provide the following blockchain certification programs,

  • Certified Blockchain Business Foundations (CBBF)
  • Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP)
  • Certified Blockchain Developer Hyperledger Fabric (CBDH)
  • Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum (CBDE)
  • Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA)

“TACTPRO Objective is that at the end of the day “Happy Customer” is a prime objective and necessity of any Business Organization.”

What the future holds

Tactpro Consulting is an emerging company and it has a long way to go yet. The company is not calculating their milestones in terms of numbers we achieve or targets we closed, but the values they bring across to the customer’s table. Being a start-up; TACTPRO is not in a position to produces the revenue numbers. However, as of now, the company is targeting the Indian Market. Their target is to expand their geographical reach to all Asian, African, and western countries shortly.

2019 is the crucial year for the company and they have set up the ground by being equipped through a strategic partnership with Quint India for their Training Services, Delivery Partnership with Blockchain Training Alliance for BlockChain Training and Certifications, and internal workforce setup for all consulting and IT Infra project’s consulting. Also, Chirag Kapadia has taken a professional member of the Government Blockchain association by setting up the Ahmedabad chapter as Chapter Lead to establish its identity in the emerging technology domain.

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