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The Most Trustworthy Consulting Companies

The Most Trustworthy Consulting Companies features,

Featuring for the cover story is Intense Technologies. Technology is transforming the way we approach day-to-day business. Pioneering in the domains of digital transformation and customer experience, Mr. C.K. Shastri founded Intense Technologies. Intense Technologies odyssey began with the proverbial handful of dollars and limitless dreams.

Intense Technologies produces software products and offers consulting services for digital transformation through its platform UniServeTM NXT. Their products and services are used globally by Fortune 500s for digitalization of customer experience life cycle, resulting in greater customer-centricity, reduced operational expenses, and improved revenues.

3nayan founded by Mr Suhas Dutta and Mr Govindaraj Kozhipurath is a niche consulting company that provides Strategy Advisory, Transformation, and Execution services primarily through Digital Transformation (DX), Process Automation (RPA), and Process Engineering to enable Growth Sustenance, Organizational Effectiveness, and Business Transformation.

Convenient Construction Consultancy (P) Ltd (CCCPL) is a leading name in providing construction consultancy services due to their work quality and approach to complete a project within time. In a talk with B. Rajesh Nair founder and managing director discover more about the construction management landscape.

With their training interventions, Quantum Group – Infotrainers & Consultants build competencies, supplement education, expand horizons by way of varied study, elevate trainees to contemporary technology and fulfill industry demands of skilled workforce.

Rapid technological changes and an exponential rise in the industry’s demand for a skilled workforce has called for building competencies through training interventions to supplement the efforts of our higher education system.

Steinbeis India works in the areas of Technology Consulting and Transfer for Indian Industry in Renewable Energy, Cleantech, Pharma, Manufacturing and Automotive sectors, amongst others. In a talk with Mr. Vineet Kumar Goyal, find out how they become one of the top consulting companies in the technology sector.

Sagacious IP is award-winning Intellectual Property research and consulting firm which offers innovative solutions and services to the global innovator community. The company has had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of clienteles from over 45 countries, including most of the industry-leading corporations and IP lawyers.

Whatever the property it may be a residential project or a commercial one, only well management can take it to the completion with quality and within time. In a candid talk with Mr. Dipen Mehta (Managing Director) of PCS Project Management, get known to the construction and project management sector and what PCS Project Management offers.

Dr. Heiner Kromer started SECUDE over two decades ago with the singular focus on developing a data security solution. Today, SECUDE is a global security solutions provider offering innovative data protection for users of Enterprise Resource Planning software such as SAP.

Triangulas Business Consulting LLP is a niche boutique Consulting firm, which is both a Business Consulting firm as well as a Legal firm. Triangulas provides Legal, Commercial, Business & Procurement Advisory and all associated Services, in addition to supporting clients in the areas of M & A, Joint Ventures, Contract Management Services, etc.

TACTPRO Consulting is an Indian fast-growing company provides end to end consulting in Designing, Deploying, Monitoring and Improving IT processes using Systematic Process Management methodology that is completely integrated with ITIL (Best Practices).

In an interview with Mr Ganesh Iyer, founder of Iyer’s Pro-Risk; let’s know about their services and views about business. Most of the businesses downed their shutters due to lack of good planning, strategies, visions, bad cash flow management, lack of training, etc. In a crucial world of competitions, it was difficult to find solutions for such problems. ‘Iyer’s Pro-Risk’ Business Solutions gave an end to this solution search.

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Enabling Business And People Proficiency, And Transformation To Industry Leadership

Mr Suhas Dutta and Mr Govindaraj Kozhipurath | Founder | 3nayan

Quantum Group

Infotrainers And Consultants

Quantum Infotrainers

Sagacious Research

A Customer-Focused Organization, Evolving With The Changing Needs

Sagacious IP A customer-focused organization, evolving with the changing needs.


A Global Data Security Solutions Provider

Dr. Heiner Kromer | CEO & Chairman | SECUDE Solutions

Tactpro Consulting

A Revolution In IT Training & Consulting Domain

Chirag Kapadia | Founder CEO | Tactpro Consulting

Leadership Talks

Convenient Construction Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Casting Relationships

Convenient Construction Consultancy

Iyer’s Pro

Risk Business Solutions

Ganesh Iyer Founder Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions

PCS Project Management

A Leading Construction And Project Management Firm

PCS Project Management - A Leading Construction and Project Management Pvt. Ltd.

Steinbeis India

Steinbeis India

Triangulas Business
Consulting LLP

Shaping Businesses Worldwide

Triangulas Business Consulting LLP - Shaping Businesses Worldwide

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