December | 2019

The Most Trustworthy Consulting Companies

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Enabling Business And People Proficiency, And Transformation To Industry Leadership

Mr Suhas Dutta and Mr Govindaraj Kozhipurath | Founder | 3nayan

Quantum Group

Infotrainers And Consultants

Quantum Infotrainers

Sagacious Research

A Customer-Focused Organization, Evolving With The Changing Needs

Sagacious IP A customer-focused organization, evolving with the changing needs.


A Global Data Security Solutions Provider

Dr. Heiner Kromer | CEO & Chairman | SECUDE Solutions

Tactpro Consulting

A Revolution In IT Training & Consulting Domain

Chirag Kapadia | Founder CEO | Tactpro Consulting

Leadership Talks

Convenient Construction Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Convenient Construction Consultancy

Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions

Ganesh Iyer Founder Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions

PCS Project Management

PCS Project Management - A Leading Construction and Project Management Pvt. Ltd.

Steinbeis India

Steinbeis India

Triangulas Business
Consulting LLP

Triangulas Business Consulting LLP - Shaping Businesses Worldwide

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The Future Of Work Practices

The Future of Work Practices

Traits That Set Great Leaders Apart

traits of a great leader

Hong Kong- The Fragrant Harbour

Hong Kong, asia's world city