Ficus Pax – Delivering GREEN PACKAGING to Ensure a Greener Tomorrow

Ficus Pax Pvt Ltd

Ficus Pax – Delivering GREEN PACKAGING to Ensure a Greener Tomorrow

Industrial revolution 4.0 provided tremendous opportunities to organizations to spread their wings across the globe and accelerate their growth. In the quick-moving digitized world, logistics plays an important role to maintain speed in operation cycles. Here packaging becomes an essential part to protect goods from various factors like water, heat, vibration-commotion, and so on that products are subject to in transit or storage.

We all know that the Earth is in danger and it is time to save our Mother Earth by reducing the use of packaging products made up of wood, which results in deforestation, and polymer materials which takes 300 to 1000 years to decompose. 

It is a need of the hour to increase the use of eco-friendly packaging products that protect goods as well as the environment. In this context, a leading packaging company, Ficus Pax, provides a wide range of packaging products made up of 100% biodegradable materials.

Ficus Pax is a pioneer, leading the global packaging market space providing eco-friendly and top-notched packaging solutions to businesses in almost all verticals. Their unique and innovative solutions are not only efficient, feasible but also cost-effective.

Ficus Pax was incorporated in 1999 as a partnership between Mr. Ameen Rahaman and Capt B R Vijayendra with an idea of offering packaging solutions to Indian Exporters with a focus on the niche market of high precision packaging of high-value goods. Their solutions and standards differentiate them from the rest in the market, making them a leader, commanding the packaging industry with their expertise and innovative vision. Ficus Pax is highly-respected among their highly-satisfied clients and their competition.

The Company:

Ficus Pax dominates the industry with its position as a global leader in the packaging space. Their solutions have been proven as most efficient and highly protective as Ficus Pax focuses on mutual growth and go green approach.

Ficus Pax is the first packaging company in India that introduced an alternate to wood packing solution in the form of  HEAVY DUTY AAA CORRUGATED BOARD.

Under the MAKE IN INDIA program, the company has successfully manufactured the AAA corrugated board to world-class standards and all their customers are enjoying the benefit of international quality. Ficus Pax has saved the country enormous amounts of foreign exchange in the process as they have stopped importing corrugated boards.

Ficus Pax is an ISO 9001:2015 total packaging solutions provider to most MNCs in India & world class Indian companies and the Middle East. They have experienced packaging engineers and a very strong marketing team supported by over 1200 skilled workers and staff. The company has more than 450 satisfied customers in India and the UAE. Taking into consideration the drastic changes in the environment, Ficus Pax is now committed to providing Eco-friendly packaging material to all its customers.

Ficus Pax’s industry-leading and differentiated solutions:

Ficus Pax’s solutions assure the best industry practices and standards, tailor-made according to their client’s unique demands and requirements.

The company provides solutions with a variety of Raw material using their design and engineering expertise in GREEN PACKAGING.

  • FICUS PAX AAA Heavy-Duty Boards: FICUS PAX AAA Heavy-Duty Boards having excellent compression strength, has brought about a total transition in the field of Industrial Packaging and has set Global Quality standards in the Indian Industry especially for Exports. FICUS PAX AAA Heavy-Duty Boards is an ideal alternative to wood, steel, plastic, and other bulky forms of packaging while being recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Paper Honeycomb: Foam is not biodegradable and is harmful for our environment as it may take over hundreds of years to degrade. Honeycomb is made of paper and does the same function as foam to protect the equipment inside the relevant box to protect it from any damage in transit from point A to B. Honeycomb is completely biodegradable and is recyclable as the parts disposed off by customers at the final destination can be sent back to a paper plant to process fresh paper.
  • Pinewood & Plywood Boxes and Crates: These Boxes are customized to handle any size and weight. Crates are a cost-effective option for goods that requires more protection yet do not justify the cost of a fully enclosed box. Crates are an excellent option for a lighter, less-expensive box that can tolerate shipping and storage with modest protection. These can be engineered to flat pack for optimization of storage and transportation cost.
  • Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes: Ficus Pax offers Nailless Collapsible Plywood Boxes for clients catering to a wide range of industry segments. The biggest advantage of using Nail-less Collapsible Plywood boxes is that they can be collapsed during transportation and assembled at the client location. Nail-less Collapsible export packaging systems are made of plywood and steel. This combination offers superior performance in terms of strength, weight, and volume utilization. Nailless Plywood Boxes score over traditional plywood boxes because one does not need to have carpenters and nails to assemble these boxes onsite. Nailless Plywood Boxes are recommended for export shipments due to their strength and lightweight design.
  • Pallets:
  • Euro-pallets: A must for European Markets, These Pallets come in 2 variants- Standard Euro and Customized Euro Pallets.
  • Standard Euro Pallets – These pallets are the most preferred in the European Union. Compliant with the Euro Standard and Specifications these pallets are widely used in Logistics, Air and Sea Cargo movement, various industries, and allied Industries.
  • Customized Euro Pallets – These pallets are modified as per the customer requirements and specifications mainly in manufacturing sectors like electronics, automobile, and allied industries.
  • Plywood Pallets and boxes: Plywood is exempted from treatment under ISPM 15. Ficus Pax manufactures and customizes different sizes of plywood pallets and boxes of up to 3 meters in length.
  • Technical Wood Pallets: Technical Wood Pallets are manufactured by compressing wood chips under high pressure and temperature. Technical Wood Pallets are durable with a very high density of compressed wood chips. These Technical Wood Pallets are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Cold chain solutions: Ficus Pax also provides packaging solutions for the cold chain for industry verticals like food, pharma, biotech, etc.
  • Packaging accessories: The company also delivers packaging accessories like angle boards, stretch wrap, air bubble rolls, VCI rolls and bags, anti-static bubble bags, etc. as most customers prefer a one stop packaging solutions partner.
  • Other services: Ficus Pax offers onsite packaging services, lashing services, and design and engineering services to its customers.

The Unmatched Leadership

Mr. Ameen Rahaman – Chairman and Managing Director

A law graduate has been an Industrialist & Businessman of 50 years standing. Mr. Rahaman has rich experience in Finance & Administration. As a seasoned entrepreneur, passionate about his work, coupled with rich business acumen in Marketing, Finance, and Administration, Mr. Rahaman believes that the biggest risk is not taking the risk at all.

Capt B R Vijayendra – Managing Director

Capt. Vijayendra is an ex-serviceman having served in the Indian Army. After retirement, he has helmed various senior managerial positions. During the last 40 years, he has gained vast experience in manufacturing and marketing and designing packaging products. Capt. Vijayendra has accomplished several milestones in the research, development, and advancements in the packaging field, driven to achieve results through strategic planning and professional relationship building. 

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