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Even for the smallest businesses to grow, one needs to have a good website. With the world going online, a good website is key to attract a customer base. Having a company website is the single most effective and inexpensive way to advertise your company. The top benefit of a good website is you can reach several people very easily. A website is an extension of your company and your brand; you can build brand awareness easily with the help of the website. You can present your products and solutions in detail; in other words, your website sells for you.

Understanding these modern needs of web development is the Mumbai-based company, FluidX Creations. FluidX Creations is a new-generation, award-winning IT Consultancy based in India, which is solely dedicated and committed to providing creative solutions. It is a small team of young professional developers and designers that are dedicated, having expertise in offering quality rich services.

“We believe that it’s very important to develop a website that’s creatively appealing and at the same time informative, catering to the needs of all types of visitors.”

Gaurang Sudra, the founder of FluidX Creations, who is a computer software engineer, has proven experience in the Computer Software industry and Entrepreneurship. He has associated with few start-ups as a team member and active member of few local start-up communities to gain and share insights and is looking at building the best products of tomorrow that can give better human experiences with technology.

When one starts a venture, different from your competitors, you always wish to stand out and show originality in the market and not just a copy of some established brand. The same goes with FluidX Creations, when they started they just did not want to be another agency, they wanted to create a different impact on the market. Their way of working and quality of work has what made them different from others.

And to come to this stage, there are always different hurdles one needs to conquer. As every business faces, FluidX Creations has also faced some challenges at the beginning like hiring good resources to get better leads. Setbacks or failure are inevitable in life, no one is perfect and we all fall into hard times at some point in time. We learn from our mistakes and train ourselves to overcome the challenges we face. It does not affect our growth but we take it as a stepping stone to a journey where we want to be.

 In this competitive market getting trusted retainer clients is the most important thing. The technology industry is constantly evolving, with new products and features being released faster than ever. This has become a very crowded market with lots of competition in the market. From day one FluidX team has started with the goal to be away from this rat race and stand out to be the best in the thing they do. All this change is exciting, especially for the innovative companies behind today’s latest technologies. However, it’s also incredibly challenging to keep up with cutting-edge competitors, cyber-security issues, and a changing regulatory landscape.

In this competitive market, constant vigilance is more of a need that can be strategized properly to make the most out of it. In our daily operations, we face a lot of challenges and threats which need to be monitored and be well prepared for any situation that can affect our growth or productivity.  

FluidX Creations offers custom services based on clients’ service requirements and what is well suited for them. As target clients are small to medium-size enterprises, the team consults with them to understand how getting digital can grow their businesses. 

Fluidx Creations provides services like:

  • Web Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Digital Marketing

Fluidx Creations is the name that you can trust when it comes to building websites with great features and spectacular designs. A Well designed website is therefore integral to anything digital. A good website design needs to be visually appealing; navigation friendly, highly content-rich, and above all, search engine optimized to attract & retain visitors. Fluidx Creations team ensures that your website works for your business. Mere presence is no presence on the web; users should know your existence, visit your website, appreciate you, and translate to leads or sales.

“As an owner I always lead from the front by taking action, demonstrating what needs to be done, and keeping my team organized to make sure we’re all on the same page and contributing equally. I’m great at delegating and finding the strengths of other team members. I try to give each person a chance to do what they’re best at and create a team effort that delivers a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Basically, as an owner my main responsibility is to make sure the company runs smoothly and ensures the growth of the company”, says Gaurang Sudra, the founder of FluidX Creations.

When it comes to creativity, and delivering the best services to the client, you need an equally passionate and committed team. For the FluidX Team, the challenge is not only to build an environment where employees feel happy, encouraged, and accepted but become more productive. They have an open culture that helps in clear communication and forms trust. Also, they don’t follow the corporate employee hierarchy. Another thing is that they have flexibility in a culture that allows work from home or flexible timing which allows them to expand their talent based irrespective of their location while increasing their loyalty.

In the technology industry, you need to keep learning. The FluidX Creations team is constantly evolving and adopting new technology and adding new services to its services catalog. The company is currently working on some in-house blockchain projects and soon will be adding it as one of its services.

Their mission focuses more on enhancing the growth of customers business by providing them with the best possible web solutions, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of FluidX Creations, understanding all of the clients’ needs and providing them with the best feasible solution for their business needs, and to be the market leader in providing better web solution.

With a vision of running the business keeping the business ethics in mind, FluidX Creations team is providing the best web solutions to its clients.

Gaurang’s Vision-

  • As the founder of FluidX Creations, it is his role to provide and strategize the roadmap for the services offered by the company.
  • Being obsessed with quality, he wishes to provide the best services to his clients.
  • He is solely dedicated to providing his clients with the most creative solutions.

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