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Nucleon Cyber – Quintessential Cyber Solutions

It is the era of Tech-Mech, everything is online, and we can only thank God that the presidencies still carry out paperwork. All the data is now on cloud storage, digitalization has taken over. What we are looking for in the future is robots. So much has changed over the years. But we do have a question now. Paperback, although tedious to handle, could be protected. There are safety vaults to keep the documents and whatnot. But now that the data is on the cloud, who is keeping it safe up there? 

Never worry though! Brainstorming solutions to all sorts of problems has always been the expertise of engineers. A new era demands new technology, and likely, this new technology demands new security systems. The data stored on the cloud cannot be protected just by little passwords. It needs something greater, and likely, the solution was just around the corner- Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity or IT security is the protection of data that is stored in the cloud from any kind of breaches, or theft. This field has a growing importance in today’s world, with the extensive use of IT in every sector. And with this scenario in mind, Nucleon Cyber was founded by veterans in cybersecurity, with more than 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of the cybersecurity market and its weaknesses. The company was started in 2009, and since then it has been researching and developing products that will finally help the organizations deal with the cyber-attacks using the best technology available.

The Trailblazing Leaders-

Yossi Accav, and Roy Heller, all of the experts in their fields came together in 2009 to start with this new venture of Nucleon Cyber. Intending to provide the companies with better cybersecurity solutions, Nucleon Cyber is built on innovative technology that gives organizations the ability to block cyber-attacks based on predicting where cyber-attacks are going to come from and block the threats before they try to breach the network.

Mr. Roy Heller is the company’s Sales Executive. He has extensive international and local experience specializing in the field of Cybersecurity and Information Security. His core professional skills include B2B Skills, Business/Trade Development. He is one of the founder members of Nucleon Cyber and is the Director of Sales there.

Nucleon Cyber is a company that provides other organizations of all sizes with technologies that will complement their security tools with a new layer of cybersecurity that is proactive. Nucleon Cyber uses a wide network of patented technology, called polymorphic sensors. These polymorphic sensors are constantly active and collect information about the cyber-attacks happening all around the world. Using these tools and methodology, Nucleon can predict the threats. Now, all of this data is transferred to a secure cloud, and then sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and some other methods are used to identify the details about the attack.

So, to put it in simpler words, Nucleon Cyber can autonomously learn about cyber attackers and block them before they are targeting the clients.

Nucleon Cyber Clients Use Case-

Well, Nucleon Cyber provides companies and their clients with the best technologies to protect their cloud data. So the large companies, governments, hospitals, banks, and even all small organizations are their easy customers, who seek high-quality data protection.

So is it just for the bigger enterprises?

Well definitely not! Anyone can use threat intelligence, even home users. However, when using new technologies, people need some expertise. This is observed more in the start-ups and the SMBs. So to make the process easier for them, Nucleon Cyber has built a dedicated network called, Cybercure provides simple feeds of indicators that can be used by other firewalls/ids/endpoint security devices and do not require special configuration.

Nucleon Cyber offers all the products and services related to cybersecurity. These include:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds – a constant feed of threats relevant to specific clients and reverse reconnaissance technologies that fit for enterprise networks and other sensitive networks that needs to be highly secured.
  • – a simple, open-source version of simplified cybersecurity feeds for SMB and home users. blog and podcast are very popular due to the fact they bring current subjects of cybersecurity for non-technical people.
  • – ICCIN is a network aimed for governments in which they can participate for free and receive alerts about cyber threats.
  • Threat Predictor – an on-premise appliance that can filter out bad traffic in real-time and make sure the network is safe.

How are they changing the cyber insurance market?

Just as we have health insurance, cyber threat companies provide their users with cyber insurance. Nucleon Cyber has partnered with its European partners and has built offerings that will allow any business size to be insured for cyber incidents and implement sophisticated cybersecurity appliances that will stop threats automatically and be managed remotely. The newbies on the track, the first time users of Nucleon Cyber, are provided a complete package that allows them to in addition to being insured, also get the most advanced cyber software to defend against threats and also have everything manage for them so the businesses can continue focusing on what they do.

Aiming to be a better cyber threat intelligence company, Nucleon Cyber is providing organizations with better protection for their data, using tools based on proactive cybersecurity. These proactive tools will complement the other cybersecurity tools of the companies like the firewall, together making cybersecurity stronger.

  • Name- Yossi Accav, and Roy Heller
  • Company Name- Nucleon Cyber
  • Designation- Yossi Accav- Co-Founder & CFO of Nucleon Cyber, Roy Heller- – Co-Founder & Director of sales
  • Quote- “Organizations worldwide are looking for innovative ways that can help them protect against cyber attacks and stay one step before their adversaries, by providing innovative patented cyber technologies based on proactive approach Nucleon solutions helps organizations to face threats and deal with them successfully like never seen before”, Said Roy Heller, COO of Nucleon Cyber. 
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Notable Achievements-

Nucleon Cyber is now one of only 20 companies on the watch list of the Judges in the Most Prestigious Awards for Cybersecurity Companies Who Have the Potential of Being Valued at $1B. Nucleon was competing against many of the industry’s leading providers of cybersecurity products and services for this prestigious award.  The term “Black Unicorn” signifies a cybersecurity company that has the potential to reach a $1 billion market value as determined by private or public investment and these awards showcase those companies with this kind of incredible potential in the cybersecurity marketplace.  

Nucleon is the first company to offer targeted actionable cyber intelligence services with 0% false positives and reverse reconnaissance products that prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to networks and servers. Nucleon patent-pending technology provides cyber intelligence for organizations of all sizes, complementing existing cybersecurity tools and enables organizations to defend against new and emerging threats based on unique A. I and Machine learning algorithms. Using Nucleon any size of organization can implement proactive solutions that include detection and prevention of the most advanced threats that other tools on the market fail to stop.

“It’s exciting to see Nucleon making it into a very select group of 20 companies we plan to keep an eye on and continue to watch in 2020, receiving the Notable Mention award in our first annual Black Unicorn awards,” said the Judges

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