Praesidio Group- Optimal security, Intelligence & Cyber solutions

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Praesidio Group- Optimal security, Intelligence & Cyber solutions

Whether you are at home or in a workspace, you can never tell what can dawn upon you. You can always take appropriate measures to make sure that systems are secured as best as possible. Technology has surely evolved, but it hasn’t evolved much that it will detect the life threats that might come your way. But it can surely fight with it most efficiently.

Security is especially important when you own an organization, large or small, and your data and general IT needs to be protected, you must hire only the professionals. The same is to be said about the risk surrounding your employees, physical assets, or your Brand it is your responsibility to protect them as well as you can.

And with this intention, Susanne Diemer founded Praesidio Group. Identifying the threats, a system or your organization could come across, Praesidio Group is determined to get rid of them for the companies so that people can work in peace and focus only on their work.  Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Praesidio Group has a global network of associates and partners with experienced capabilities to meet complete security or discreet due diligence requirements.

Praesidio Group

The founder of Praesidio Group, Susanne Skov Diemer, has extensive risk, security, consulting, and management experience gained over her 25 + year career working in Washington D.C. and London. She is the recipient of various U.S. Government awards for her work during her time with the U.S. Department of State – Diplomatic Security. Through her work and high-level network, she has gained a remarkable client base at the top level in the corporate, public & private sectors across the world. She is an expert at the European Forum for Urban Security.

“I could see a need for a company like mine, where confidentiality, decency, and informed professional knowhow were keys”, Susanne Diemer

Due to a need for a professional security company that has the knowledge of various parts of Security, intelligence, investigations, Risk, and Crisis management but at the same time understand discretion and are trustworthy, Praesidio Group was established. It is important to understand, that if there is a security breach, there is often more than one area of an organization where something is wrong. This also includes cyber and IT security – there is often a physical security breach in that connection. It is often either an employee who has failed some of the security procedures or corporate espionage.

Praesidio Group works across borders with a close corporation with trusted partners and ensures speed on a project to solve a critical problem. The business being all about confidentiality, reputation, and access, getting the clients on board, in the beginning, was a relatively hard nut to crack. The only way to expand the client base was through ‘word of mouth’.

But a few assignments and the team never had to look back! Also, because of her long career in this field, she had a well-established network within corporate, politics, high wealth individuals, and the sport & entertainment sector. Like all other people just starting, Praesidio Group was no exception. But by consulting some good and trusted mentors, they have managed it through thick and thin.

Setbacks for any company at any stage are a frustrating thing, but what is important is to not give up on the task at hand. You have to analyze the situation that has occurred and see what you can learn from it. When entering into business, you must enter with a mindset that you are going to face setbacks, but you must never give up on your endeavor.

The evolving marketplace is such that being original, committed, and passionate about what you do is the only way ahead. Susanne is one of the very few women in her business and also one of the few women who manages her projects the way she does. And that is the reason; the business is running so successfully today. Over the past years, Praesidio Group has received mixed responses; namely a request to expand and scale at an uncomfortable rate.  Our business is based on trust & quality, and too many of my competitors dilute this service by scaling too quickly.

“This continues to motivate me to build trust in other markets to ensure Praesidio Group’s reputation does not falter”, says Susanne.

The services the company specializes in are Risk Mitigation, Crisis Management, Corporate, and Personal Security, Staff Vetting, Investigative Interviews, Surveillance Detection, Supply chain security, Counterintelligence, KfR, Residential Security, Cyber Security, Event & Sport Security Coordination.

The company specializes in tailoring its services to suit the specific and individual needs of each client. All the planning and implementation processes are carried out in a manner that risk-reduction is ensured and it is made sure that the clients have security and safety.

They have worked for a President, a few Kings, Corporate CEOs, and Boards, people known from Sport, Music, and the Film industry, and High wealthy families. They have been there through both tough and happy times with clients, assisted on everything from blackmail cases, espionage, vetting of staff and partners, investigations, company due to diligence, business intelligence but also been there assisting on security matters at large events or when the youth of families are taking their first steps out on their own.

When operating in such a classified field, following the code of law, and business ethics is the most important thing. Praesidio Group values ethics highly. Wherever they are working on a project, they make sure to have the deepest respect for the word of law and order, privacy, as well as human intellectual rights.

Being vigilant is always good, and as a part of her job, Susanne Diemer always keeps herself updated with the latest news and happenings in the world. You never know what knowledge could come in handy! She always has a lookout for world news, analyzing the implications, and looking at the geopolitical spectrum.

 The real assets to the company have proved to be their tight-knit teams, their strong reliable networks, clear priorities of the company, a focus on privacy, and all the calculated risks. They make sure that they are sourcing an optimal team required for the task and the one that suits clients’ needs. They maintain a professional relationship with the employees, their contract staff, and the external work partners.

Praesidio Group’s reputation is based on two things, credibility and trust.  Their clients know that their team puts confidentiality first and will not stop until all aspects of information are vetted or a project is solved to the highest standard. They have been receiving a lot of responses from capital funds and external partners with possibilities. And they wish to keep all the options open. Providing better security solutions to its clients is the aim of the company.

“Key to my clients is the values I have based my business on, confidentiality and professionalism, so no matter what I do going forward those same principles will continue to be the DNA of the business. As I have a good thing going – the future will bring ‘more of the same”, says Susanne Skov Diemer.

Susanne’s Vision-

  • Her vision is to manage the projects in a way where decency, confidentiality, and professionalism are maintained.
  • It is important to be professional, up-to-date of specific knowledge, flexible and open-minded.
  • At Praesidio Group, the team earns trust through high performance and consistent action.

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