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The Matrix a decade ago was just a virtual reality film. With gadgets and Artificial Intelligence used on a large scale, a society of that kind was just a dream for people. But the revolution has been such that IoT, augmented reality, cloud storage has become so easy to access that no company can work without them. Cloud storage and cloud computing is a basic necessity of any organization today.

Toby Ruckert’s idea of UIB started as long as 25 years ago when he used speech recognition to dial his friends with voice commands.

While it’s now the norm, back then it was pretty cool. With this playing in mind, he started UIB. At UIB, they solved the problem of how to talk to cloud-connected software, services, chatbots, and devices. UIB provides its customers, partners, and developers with omnichannel messaging solutions using its patented UnificationEngine®, Unified AI®, and SmartContact™ technologies.

Toby is a CEO, founder, entrepreneur, inventor, musician, and keynote speaker, commentator, expert, and thought leader in AI, IoT, and Digital Transformation. His professional goal is to empower people to regain control of their digital lives by creating solutions that help us realize the importance of our attention and manage it with awareness to shape our destiny consciously.

Today we are becoming increasingly used to apps and smart speakers to control our connected devices. So why can’t we just talk and text them directly? With a vision of humanizing the technology, UIB is changing the way all of us communicate with our connected devices and AI-powered assistants. They have invented UnificationEngine Conversational AI platform with Cognitive IoT capabilities to solve the problem of how to talk to cloud-connected software, services, chatbots, and devices. With the explosion in IoT, UIB has sharpened its focus on intelligent IoT messaging. Bringing together IoT, AI, and unified messaging in UIB’s powerful, multi-patented platform will have a profound impact on future generations.   

UIB has created the world’s first and leading conversational IoT platform – the UnificationEngine®. It facilitates frictionless onboarding and seamless communications between humans, IT systems, and machines, such as connected appliances/smart homes, smart cities, and smart factories (Industry 4.0).

Their patented SmartContact® and UnificationEngine® technologies are used by global consumer electronics companies and device/appliance manufacturers in the Consumer IoT (CIoT) space, large enterprises in various industries for Industrial IoT (IIoT) and city councils and local municipalities for Government IoT (GIoT).

UIB provides a secure, intelligent, and connected Unified Communications platform both on-premise and as a Service (UCaaS) in the cloud and makes it easy for humans and machines to talk and understand each other by serving as a universal translator between human language and machine language (APIs).

“Constant vigilance is a culture”, says Toby Ruckert.

We win by defining the race. The customers love that UIB’s platform is agnostic in terms of hosting, underlying AI technologies such as NLP libraries, APIs, and, of course messaging channels. They can also choose where the IP for the intelligence of the AI and subsequently the conversational data and analytics resides (and who owns it!), as our platform is fully encrypted end-to-end and even works on-premise.

Confidence comes from continuing to learn and then putting into practice what you’ve learned. This proves to be an important mindset in the changing scenarios of technology. It is a constantly changing industry where the majority of people are deploying UIB’s technologies for the very first time. This offers both their customers and the company an opportunity and the challenge to “learn fast.” Our mutual growth, therefore, results from our ability to apply these often new user insights to grow our respective businesses. It is game-changing for a company to hear a user directly telling their product, “I wish you could do X.”

UIB’s award-winning technologies help smart home and connected appliance manufacturers, real estate and PropTech companies, hospitality companies, telecommunications providers, museums, airlines, enterprise software companies, government authorities, and others to increase their revenues, decrease their costs, and delight their users.

The ship that carries leaders is defined by their values, principles, constant learnings, and the crew which is needed to sail the ocean, so ultimately it is your team that defines your success as a leader. Diversity — supported by our six values of respect, resiliency, accountability, open communications, smart thrift, and global productivity — is UIB’s edge.

A dedicated team is as important as a leader to achieve the boundaries of excellence. Strong physical and mental health is key. Leaders at all levels of the company often underestimate taking care of themselves in the process of leading others. This attitude starts at the top and I must admit I’m constantly learning to get better at it. For example, if someone’s in a bad mood, it can easily affect others and their ability to make good decisions. If they’re not feeling well, they cannot focus and work productively and effectively. There are numerous challenges leaders face and investing in being both physically and mentally ‘fit’ ensures you’re ready for whatever challenge comes at you next.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) individually have the potential to deliver tremendous value. Today, industry leaders are beginning to realize the importance of deploying these technologies in conjunction with each other, representing a potential trillion-dollar market opportunity.

“My Chief Technology Officer and I have worked together for almost two decades, cementing a track record of successful execution”, Toby Ruckert.

A vision to look beyond the boundaries is always the driving force of any company. With its agnostic and inclusive technology platform, UIB is well-positioned to serve the US$2 trillion IoT market. For the next decade, we will target the sectors with the highest growth potential and most practical use cases for human-to-machine messaging.

“To be an entrepreneur is to overcome adversity and one’s limits, thereby creating opportunities for others”, says Toby.

Toby’s Vision-

  • To find a sustainable vision for new ventures.
  • To leverage fine arts for business innovation.
  • To regain control of our digital lives by creating solutions that help us realize the importance of our attention and manage it with awareness to shape our destiny consciously.

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