Future Proof Food: How to Open a Restaurant in 2022!

Future Proof Food How to Open a Restaurant in 2022

Consumer business has changed dramatically in the past decade. Technology became an increasingly significant facet of daily life; consumer expectations shifted toward on-demand convenience; and – more recently – global events forced customers to prioritize new standards of safety and sanitation. Together, these shifts have had a sizeable impact on what it means to open a successful and future proof food business.

And nowhere is that shift more apparent than in the restaurant industry. The old blueprint for launching a restaurant–sustaining a brick-and-mortar location through word-of-mouth and in-restaurant sales –is risky.

In this article, let’s look at how to open a restaurant in 2022. Here are a few fundamental pieces of advice to help you launch a successful restaurant concept that caters to modern consumers.

Here are 3 Steps To Consider to Open a Restaurant in 2022 (Future Proof Food):

1. Go Digital for a Frictionless Customer Experience

In Deloitte’s survey on restaurant customer trends, the majority of respondents said they preferred to use a digital app to order food for off-premise dining. As more retail options move toward digital spaces, it makes sense that food should follow suit. Further, consumers expressed a keen interest in the ghost kitchen concept (kitchens that only prepare delivery meals), signaling comfort with the digital ordering experience.

Therefore, if you’re opening a restaurant in 2022, ensure that the concept is backed by a frictionless, digital customer experience. You want customers to find, explore and order from your menu easily.

That’s not to say you need to create a custom app for your restaurant (the development of which can be massively cost-prohibitive). Just make sure you have a digital presence through an online food delivery platform.

2. Cater to Convenience

In that same Deloitte survey, they asked customers if they planned on returning to in-restaurant dining after the pandemic; a staggering 2/3’s said they had no intention of going back, citing the convenience of online ordering as their primary reason.

The pandemic didn’t create the culture of on-demand convenience, but it certainly stoked the flames. To remain competitive in 2022, your restaurant needs to cater to convenience. The best way to do this is to partner with an international network of purpose-built kitchens like REEF. They handle all aspects of food preparation and delivery (at no capital expense to the restaurant owner), ensuring that your food gets to customers quickly and conveniently.

3. Prioritize Food Safety and Sanitation

Earlier this year, consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners polled around 600 consumers on their restaurant purchase criteria. Future Proof Food, i.e. Next to “taste of food” and “food quality” (perennially the top two criteria), “restaurant cleanliness” and “sanitization standards” came in at third and fourth, respectively. They ranked higher than “previous positive experience,” “portion size,” and even “price.”

The poll underscores what many restaurateurs already know: in a post-pandemic landscape, safety and sanitation will continue to be top priorities for consumers. If you want your business to succeed, you have to redouble sanitation efforts, or leave your food preparation to a delivery kitchen network that prioritizes safe practices.

Digital experience, convenience and safety are the three cornerstones of a future proof food restaurant concept in 2022. Partner with a global network of delivery kitchens that can help you tackle these priorities and capitalize on shifting consumer demands.

Summing Up:

Opening a future proof food business can open new door of endless opportunities for you. There are certain standards and precautions that must be taken before you enter this domain. You should keep yourself updated with the trending food concepts as well as current marketing trends. Technology integration is going to be the most important factor for food business. Aligning your business strategy with technology advancements can play a key role.

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