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The world has gotten a lot closer with the use of advanced technology and more importantly use of it in logistics. The logistics and Freight service industry has always been at the forefront of serving society and businesses around the world. Many people in the logistics industry are making efforts day and night to deliver material whether in terms of goods, data, etc. within time.

Genetrix Logistics is an international freight forwarding company established in Feb 2011. The company now has 18 driven by passionate employees. Genetrix Logistics processes smoothly from Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Stockholm. The company is a global member of

In an interview with master brains behind the company’s long-standing success, Mr. Kiran Pawaskar, Founder Director, and Mr. Ashutosh Gupte, Managing Director let’s get known about the Logistics and Freight Solutions landscape and what Genetrix Logistics offers to their valuable clients.

•    Tell us about Genetrix Logistics.

Genetrix Logistics is a privately held medium-sized International Freight Forwarding company that started with very limited resources and has emerged as a strong logistics service provider and also weathered the very competitive environment of the logistics market. We achieved sizable growth since its inception in 2011, on its funding capability. Though we offer a full dimensional service portfolio concerning the logistics market we specialize in offering VFM (value for money) along with a high level of customization for client comfort.

We offer all services of SEA/AIR modes on the IMPORT & EXPORT platform with Custom Clearance services across the globe. We are also an accredited member of a powerful B2B networking organization that helps us to manage clients’ needs worldwide   Additionally we offer warehousing/packing facilities. We have also expanded beyond the geographical boundaries of India and our first overseas office has been started in Sweden, Europe.  

Genetrix Logistics also offers Air Charter/Sea Charter/ International OBC (On-Board Courier) service. This is a very unique feature of the company which is the size of Genetrix Logistics. 95% of companies in the market cannot offer these services under one roof. The credit for this goes to the knowledge base of the company and strong teamwork.

•    What were the initial challenges you faced? 

Every business undergoes a lot of challenges during its lifetime of the business. However initial stages are the most difficult and crucial. The initial difficulties are always from finances to human resources. It’s the most testing period for any organization.

The biggest challenge in the Logistics business which will be always perennial is the coordination between various government & private bodies across geographical boundaries and time zones with different languages and work cultures.

•    What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success?

We are happy to say we treat our customers, employees, vendors, environment & technology with equal respect as they are the real driving force behind our business engine. We also treat every customer and job with customized offerings. Never let the gap between our service and customer’s requirement grow. We also give extra concessional prices for the service needs of clients engaged in clean & green technology. We are delighted to host free personal consultation with our Managing Director to potential customers over their supply chain needs.

•    What are the services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Genetrix Logistics mainly provides end-to-end logistics solutions. The following services are offered to clients.

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Global Network
  • Project Logistics

The market has evolved hugely since the introduction of various DIGITAL TOOLS like smartphones and applications, based on digital platforms. Genetrix Logistics has made a Strategic – JV with an emerging young IT company called RdioButton that specializes in IoT & android applications along with Software Development. This collaboration has resulted in two major initiatives namely GeneSMART & GeneQ, (GENE Simple Management Automated Research Tool) a management software. GeneQ (GeneQUALITY) refers to the internal quality standards that we upgrade regularly. These help our company to perform routine and specialized operations effectively & efficiently.  With new digital innovations in place, we plan to offer BOT-based e-quotes as well as service tools to our clients.

The foundation of Genetrix Logistics is based on the VFM concept which allows us to spread our business wings without much threat from competition. Most important is we don’t sell we help our customers to buy. We map the needs of the customer along with a representative of the customer. Based on customer needs we make a customized solution. In any case, we do not compromise on quality, being a service-based organization & many agencies involved in delivery we make sure we absorb the shocks, to deliver the flawless product to end customers.

•    Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

A classic example would be of our clients giving us the readiness date of goods being ready for delivery at the overseas works of the supplier and we can forecast the final date of delivery of the product that involves multimodal & multiagency transfers in stipulated time. This helps the client in charting their production schedule/ delivery right helping them to achieve their business objectives.

We are currently catering to one of the most premier chains of Luxury Hotels in the country. This Chain which started with sample businesses about six months ago the idea of VFM became an effective business tool for them in managing the cost/benefit ratio. We are currently top-rated suppliers for them servicing International Cargo. Our current clients include top-rated retail brands, multinational companies to small-sized entrepreneurs. 

•    Whose business story do you find the most inspiring?

We are guided by the simple business quote “OPPORTUNITIES BEGINS WHERE OPTIONS END” this governs our routine working making it simple in most difficult conditions. We are moved & inspired by the story of Karsanbhai Patel the man behind NIRMA whose small cycle-operated washing powder company, is today 14000 employees run Rs.5500 crore giant. It’s always about perseverance & patience. 

In nutshell, we intend to become HAPPY ORGANISATION over just a successful company of profit & loss.

Master Minds behind the growth of the company.

  1. Kiran Pawaskar –  Founder Director – Kiran Pawaskar has graduated from Mumbai University. He has rich experience of 20 + years in managing the finance & operations wheel of the freight management company. He has also successfully nurtured the business tree of Genetrix Logistics over a period of the last nine years making it a lovely experience for the team. He is also the CFO of Genetrix Logistics.
  2. Ashutosh Gupte Managing Director – Ashutosh Gupte has graduated from Mumbai University and holds 25 years of experience in the Shipping & Freight forwarding Industry. He has worked with top-line companies like Hapag Lloyd, K&N, KWE & ATA Freight Line to name a few at very senior positions and handled a variety of portfolios like multinational account management, oil & gas projects & cement plants, etc. He is also Chief Architect of Product design at Genetrix Logistics.

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