Google Maps bug may have become an official Android Auto feature

Google Maps Bug May Have Become an Official Android Auto Feature | The Enterprise World

It’s great news for drivers because a prior “issue” that allowed you to simultaneously utilize the Maps app on your smartphone and car display has been fixed in Google Maps’ most recent update. This particular function was initially included in the app at the beginning of this year, but it appears that it was an unexpected behavior.

So, in a subsequent update, Google “fixed” the problem by disabling the option to use Maps on a phone and a car display concurrently. It took Google several months to realize that what had been mistaken for a problem was actually a fantastic feature that Android Auto customers had long since been entitled to.

The phone can’t display Google Maps while Android Auto is running

According to the most recent reports from Reddit users (via Android Police), it appears that users of Google Maps can now use the app on Android Auto and their Android handsets. If the notification “Your phone can’t display Google Maps while Android Auto is running” is still appearing on your screen, the feature hasn’t yet been added to your device. Although the reasoning for Google’s decision to limit Android Auto users to either having Maps displayed on their phones or in-car displays are unknown, safety issues may be at play.

As many of you are already aware, Android Auto only offers a few features on the vehicle’s display, including turn-by-turn navigation, ETA (distance remaining), and music controls. There weren’t many specifics provided since Google wanted Android Auto users to concentrate on driving rather than what was on their car display.

Navigation offers more information

However, utilizing Google Maps on an Android phone for navigation offers more information, necessitating more focus from the driver. That was likely one of the factors in Google’s decision to forbid Google Maps from running simultaneously on Android Auto and Android phones, but this appears to have changed now that the search engine giant has acknowledged that passengers may assist drivers with navigation.

When Android Auto is enabled, having Google Maps on your phone’s screen is especially helpful for drivers whose cars support the feature but whose dashboards lack touch controls. In these circumstances, using the Galaxy phone—or other Android phones, for that matter—while Android Auto is in use is considerably more practical for navigating Google Maps menus.

On June 28, Google made an update to its mobile Maps application. The software was updated to version 11.85.0300 after the release. The most recent version, according to Google’s official changelog, “brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them.” Although the changelog doesn’t explicitly reference Android Auto, the explanation appears appropriate for what has recently occurred with respect to it.

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