Google to expand its marketing team in India

Google to expand its marketing team in India

India could be the next potential market for the growth of the cloud business of Google. The cloud business in India is expected to triple up in the next five years. Google’s first data center in India was set up in Mumbai, just 7 months ago, and there has already been a hike in the customer base. Within the seven months, the customer base of Google has increased to unexpected numbers, which is why; Google is now expanding its business.

The IT infrastructure in India is shifting towards a more efficient storage system of the cloud. Rick Harshman, the MD of Google Cloud, Apac, has said that the cloud expansion strategy in India will be taken forward with the adoption of multi-cloud strategies by large companies and the launch of its new platform, Anthos. Many of the large companies in India are now rapidly shifting they are on-premise applications on the cloud platform.

Google Cloud

“If you just look at the type of companies that are launching on Google cloud, they are very compute-intensive, storage intensive, so there’s a lot of data to process. I fully expect to continue to grow at the rate we are growing at for at least the next 3-5 years,” Harshman said. The cloud has a comparatively small base in the country, adhering to this fact, it is expected that the company growth might boost in the coming years.

“We’ve grown our team 3X in the last 7 months — that’s across sales, partners, professional services, customer engineering, marketing. Each function has more than tripled in size. The higher value customers we engage with, the higher expectations they’ll have. We are investing heavily in building these teams out,” Harshman said.

Google has also reduced the cloud-skilling programs for the Indian market. With its top competitors Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, Cloud is still lagging behind in the Indian market. To increase this market share in India, Google Cloud would have to cater to different strategies, some of which include addressing the needs of the enterprises that are now increasingly relying on multi-cloud strategies.  

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